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Phuong Stony
Azon Bundle Review - Business intelligence from online product reviews
Azon Bundle Review - Business intelligence from online product reviews
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Poke your way to 1st-page rankings?
Know how you’ll rank before you get started?
I wanted to let you know about this software this guy named Peter Drew just released… He’s been making incredible SEO and Marketing software since 2007, one of the leaders in his field.
He calls it a “Google Poking Software…”

Basically, this software allows you to check in “REAL TIME” whether your keywords will land on the 1st page of Google, before you do any work to start ranking them…
Launch Information:
Lite: $17 Once Off
20 Day - 600 Keywords/Live Events Per Month
+ 1 Youtube Account.
1 Computer License

Pro: $37
50 Day 1500 Keywords/Live Events Per Month
+ 2 Youtube accounts.
2 Computer Licenses

Agency: $67
Unlimited Keywords/Events Per Month
+ 2 Youtube accounts.
5 Computer Licenses
(Speed is relative to how many YouTube Accounts you have in the software.)
It’s pretty simple…
You supply the software with a list of keyword phrases you’ve organized for a project, and the software will show in you in less than an hour if your videos will land on Page 1 of Google

Really, the best thing to do is watch his amazing Demo video of this thing in action… (It’s a game changer)…
Follow these links about this product in the below:
To your success!
Azon Bundle Review

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Graphitii Review - The Following Level Of Visual Marketing & Advertising... Creat Cinemagraphs, Dynamic Living Images Inside Your Browser In less than 10 minutes!
Item: Graphitii
Vendor: Joey Xoto el al
Official Internet site: Click here to go Graphitii Official Site
Release Date: 2017 - goal - 14 At eleven: 00 EDT
Front-End Cost: $47 - $97
Specialized niche: Computer software
Graphitii Review - The facts?
Graphitii is the next generation of image Branding and Advertising that will help you engineer cinemagraphs, dynamic living images in simply a few clicks, right within just your browser. With Graphitii, You no need for a fancy super-computer, there isn't a need to covering out for Photoshop, it can all in the foriegn... and there's nothing to learn.
Create Cinemagraphs More quickly Than previously - Graphitii allows absolutely anybody to create beautiful, dynamic cinemagraphs with simply a few simple clicks of your mouse.
Zero Complicated Software To Set up. 100% Web Based - Graphitii is 100% online meaning that there's no complex oftware to mount and you could access work from absolutely anywhere... Yes, even your mobile phone!
Enhance Your Boring Videos In Stunning Cinemagraphs - Graphitii allows users to publish their own videos into the web software and create fully customised movie theater graphs to your preference.
No Technical Skills Essential. No Outsourcing Necessary - Graphitii has been created to be incredibly simple & quick to use. That means absolutely anyone, regardless of technical capacity, may use Graphitii to make beautiful cinemagraphs. That also means you can influx goodbye to expensive freelancers!
Follow these links about this product in the below:
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