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Micro-gardening Project

The aim of this project is to enable some degree of self sufficiency through learning the fundamentals of plant growth whilst requiring very little space and no expensive resources. The starting point could be to analyse diet and think about whether it is balanced or not. Micro-gardening is very water efficient and can be used to supplement diet in times of drought.

Micro-gardening can take the form of sprouting seeds such as beans to eat in a plastic bottle. What are the best seeds to use and conditions? Mould can be a problem so we might need distilled water which we can get from the distilled water project – alternatively boiled water or UV treated using the SODIS method

Germinating seeds is effective using self watering plastic bottles and then the bottles can be used to protect the seedlings and water the plants

Soil with nutrients will be needed and if compost is not available then making compost in a bottle is possible but slow – although it allows lots of scope for experimentation. Normal composting systems are recommended and can easily be made from any large container. Burying the compost container can reduce the problem of flies and vermin being attracted.

Plants can be grown in plastic towers of bottles with a top feed bottle and a bottom collecting bottle to ensure water efficiency. They can be attached to posts or downpipes to protect from pests such as rabbits.

Full hydroponics systems can be set up like this one in Brazil full details of methods will follow in a blog but there is a nice summary here of methods

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