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Thomas Gavin
Natural historian, gardener, traveler, writer, tutor.
Natural historian, gardener, traveler, writer, tutor.

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Academic editing for those whose first language is NOT English (or, for anyone else for that matter)
Dear International Students, Faculty, and Scholars: I edit documents for students, faculty, and scholars whose first language is
not English. My goal is to make your document read like it was written by a
native English speaker. Most of my clients have been...

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Occasional Holiday Letter #6 from DrTom and Robin for 2017! Friends, enemies, even Republicans: You will have to excuse this group letter, but it is the only way to
go. If I were to send each of my FB friends a letter in the mail, it
would cost about $65...

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Are you more afraid of Muslims or teenagers who text while driving?

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Probablities and the perception of danger
There is now a petition in Parliament to prevent Donald Trump from entering the UK (, citing his “hate speeches” as the reason. And, sever...

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If I can’t write like Steinbeck, why bother?
For the past couple of years, I have been reading some of the classic novels of the 20th century. Did you know that you can go online and find what the literary experts in this country think were the best works of fiction published in the 1900s by any auth...

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Just another little irritating thing
Near the top of my list of irritating things these
days are those tiny plastic stickers found on fruit that you buy at the grocery
store.   There is nothing new about this;
these stickers have been around for years.   I try my best to use fewer plastic bags...
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