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Comfort Socks
55 followers - - Help us give the comfort of New Socks to Homeless Shelters - Help us give the comfort of New Socks to Homeless Shelters


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Our friends at Mitscoots are growing into a great new direction, and we think marvelous!

It's called "The Outfitting Project". Mitscoots is expanding into a ton of other warm weather gear for the transitioning homeless population. Remember, Mitscoots employees people without a home in their facility, so your participation give s a work opportunity for someone who needs it most, PLUS support a sock charity such as Comfort Socks (because Mitscoots donates socks to us) AND you get a great product or two.

Here's the Kickstarter Campaign Link:

Mitscoots, we are proud to call you friend, and we support you wholeheartedly in this venture.

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Comfort the feet, Comfort the Soul

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Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity. Every step of a homeless person is a painful reminder of their situation. New Socks are a simple and powerful way to show love to someone going through the most difficult time in their life. Help us give comfort, health and hope. Contact Us Today and Help Us
Comfort the Feet, Comfort the Soul.

Comfort Socks has a simple but powerful mission - new socks for homeless shelters. When a person is homeless, their painful steps remind them of their situation. New socks give them comfort and relief from that reminder. We need your help collecting new socks and spreading the word about our work. Please ADD US TO YOUR CIRCLES - LIKE our facebook page - Those of you in media - why not do a story about our work? Join the Comfort Socks family and lets get some feet warmed - For those on the street - a new pair of socks is the difference between a sleepless night and and restful one.. 90% of the need is for NEW Mens Crew Length Socks. Thank you and May the Lord Bless your service

Comfort Socks has always been a mission of faith, in that every pair of socks we give to homeless shelters or the homeless programs we sponsor, we just believe that the sock recipient is going to receive the comfort we long to provide. We do not need to see the fruits of our labors to know we are effective.

The other side of our faith, is in you, our supporters, that you will respond to the promp...ting of your heart and step forward to help us. Just the other day, a homeless ministry requested socks. They were ‘bone dry’ they said. Although their need was greater than the socks we have in our inventory, I told them, Yes, you can count on us.

But we want to talk honestly to you. IWe want you to understand that now is a time like no other, a chance for you, the Comfort Socks family, to really come forward and help us be a place where will not have to even consider asking a homeless shelter to wait for socks. The homeless have waited long enough; many have waited months between sock changes. Can you remember what you were doing a few months ago (say April or May)? Well, some homeless are still wearing the same pair of socks from that time till now. Even wearing the same pair of socks for one week is not a welcome thought. So if this realization does not sit right with you, we are so glad – because we want you to walk our road with us, but this time, a little deeper.

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Did you know that Comfort Socks prays over every pair of socks we ship out to homeless shelters?

Please share our work with others - so we have an abundance of socks to donate to US Homeless Shelters. Thank you -0 Don't forget to like our facebook page

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Even the Wind Wears Socks....
Should not a homeless person?
Please Commit to collect new socks for us today P
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