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Pinky Mayfield
SAHM of 2 girls, 3 day walker, Krazy
SAHM of 2 girls, 3 day walker, Krazy

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One day to go!!!! Dani's read-a-thon fundraiser ends tomorrow!! This is the final push! Please help her raise money for books in her school's library! $10 minimum donation is all it takes!

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Dreams? Do you follow them?
When you think about your dreams, are you pursing them? Do you just hope one day to be able to do something or do you make it happen? Is your dream somewhere out there or something you have made a roadmap too? When I got pregnant with sister hubby and I dec...

Have you taken a second to follow my businesses page? +Something Special Bottlecaps has custom keychains and magnets for everyone! If you don't see what you are looking for please let me know and I can create something for you! 

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Do you answer RSVPs?

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+Ben Dyer Have you seen this?
Because it is not possible to find missions at the Ingress Intell Map currently, I started to create my Ingress Missions Intel Map.

This map will start to grow if agents start filling in a form (see below) with basic information (name, amount of portals, location, transportation).
Because I don't know where the mission are global: I need you to enter the mission data.
So you can put with this form Ingress missions which are already live into in a database, so other agents can see these without the use 

of their scanner (or see missions which are out of range) and plan a city trip to other missions :)

With this form you do NOT make a request to me for a new mission. I can't create these!

Input: userform:

Output: map:

Suggestions? Contact me:

For now: it's time to build this map.
+Anne Beuttenmüller 

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Gamer Mom?
Gamer Mom? Do they really exist?  Well, I'm glad that you asked because we do! And we aren't all neglectful to our kids.  In 2010, a mother killed her child for interrupting her Farmville game  and in 2014 a father was arrested for suffocating his son so he...

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I am now listed on Bloglovin'!!
You can now  Follow my blog with Bloglovin !!!! Come on over and check it out! 
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