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Melissa Harden
SEO | Social | Content Marketing - Online Marketing Director at Blue Compass
SEO | Social | Content Marketing - Online Marketing Director at Blue Compass

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Who cares about football? I care about good usability. Which website is should win this weekend - Iowa or Iowa State's?

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Finding the best times to Tweet.
Moz Daily SEO Fix #3: Using Followerwonk to Find the Best Times to Tweet

Finding the best time to tweet is unique for everyone and figuring out what times work best for you is key to maximizing your presence on Twitter. In today's Daily SEO Fix, Ellie shows you how to use Followerwonk to find the best times to tweet so your followers don't miss out on your updates. Now go give this tip a try over on Followerwonk!

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Image sizes are always changing...
Very handy: The 2015 Social Network Image & Video Size Guide

by +Spredfast

#socialmediaimages   #marketingnews  

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Come work with such a fun group of people you feel like you are going to work with a bunch of friends!
Interested in joining a growing team of digital marketers? We're looking for an Account Executive! #career   #jobs  

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SIRIUS: An open-source digital assistant

and provides capabilities akin to SIRI, Cortana and Google NOW.

"Sirius is an end-to-end voice and vision personal assistant. It bundles speech recognition, image matching, natural language processing and a question-and-answer system that executes in the cloud."

It can even accept an image, such as a photograph of a restaurant, and answer a question such as: "When does this place close?". (Not apparent the other personal assistants on the market have this capability yet)

"Speech recognition came from Carnegie Mellon University's Sphinx, Microsoft Research's Kaldi and Germany's RWTH Aachen "RASR" project. The question-and-answer system came from OpenEphyra, which laid the foundation for IBM's Jeopardy-winning Watson. Image recognition came from the SURF computer-vision algorithm behind Swiss tech entrepreneur Herbert Bay's company Kooaba, which was recently acquired by Qualcomm."

"The work was partially funded by Google, ARM, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Science Foundation."

#Sirius   #personalassistant   #opensource   #Siri   #cortana   #GoogleNow  

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Google: Definitely nofollow "site designed by..." links on your website

Whether you are a web design agency or had your website built by one, chances are you are proudly displaying "This site was designed by..." link somewhere in the footer.

If so, this is important.

Google's +John Mueller says you need to add a rel="nofollow" attribute to those links. 

Watch the video below starting at 19:47 for John Mueller's response.

I definitely need to go change my link at +Traffic Generation Cafe ...

ht +Barry Schwartz +Jennifer Slegg 

#seonews   #marketingnews   #linkbuilding  


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I feel like we will be needing this a lot soon. ;)
Whether you’re deciphering a sign in Rio de Janeiro or negotiating with a shop owner in Berlin, Google Translate can be your guide. Starting today, you can instantly translate signs using your phone’s camera and the Translate app, available on Android and iOS:
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I'm actually surprised they didn't already have a responsive design. Why more companies don't help themselves out....I have no idea. 
MTV Increases Mobile Traffic by 92% with a Responsive Design
As crazy as it sounds, many brands have yet to embrace a mobile friendly website. MTV has recently shared the effect of their new responsive website design, and the numbers are quite impressive: 
- 92% increase in mobile visits
- 55% increase in mobile page views per visit
- 297% increase in time spent per visit
- 246% increase in social referrals
- 11% drop in exit rates (all devices)

Of course, not every brand will see the same numbers, but in our experience, numbers like these are not only possible, they aren't uncommon.
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