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Assessing - Implementing and Managing Safety Programs for Business Owners
Assessing - Implementing and Managing Safety Programs for Business Owners


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With the recent harmonisation of the safety laws in Australia, (well some of Australia anyway), safety in the workplace is once again under the spotlight. Like most of these types of events, the impact this will have on increasing safety in workplaces is likely to be minimal.

This may sound a little negative, but history has shown that the people who are currently working towards a safer workplace will continue to do so under the new legislation, and the ones who are ignoring it will continue to do so until they are pushed. All we can hope is that a number of these businesses will get caught up in the swell and begin to develop and learn to implement the first elements of a safety management program. It is our job to encourage this as best we can.

From the discussions I have had with some SME’s, they think the cost and work involved in improving safety is daunting, and many think once they start the process they have to be compliant overnight. The reality is that every move they make towards developing a safer workplace is a bonus for them and their workers. Once they have a steady, measurable program in place it will take no time for the culture to change, making milestones that much easier reach.

Over the coming posts we will discuss these elements of workplace safety and implementation.
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