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This makes my little nerdy heart sing.  "Honey, I just put a TEM on my amazon wishlist....!"  

I just joined lego ideas so that I could support this, which was quite easy.  I found a bunch of other neat project ideas in the works to support too :)

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Having made homemade soap for almost 20 years now, this really saddens me.  The companies that are supporting this bill are clearly frustrated by their loss of the market share and are going after small time (comparatively) soapers (and other cottage industries).  Not everyone wants their soap, shampoo, deodorant, perfume, makeup, etc. riddled with preservatives and biocides, and those of us who don't use that stuff shouldn't have to conform to the same types of testing, labeling, and standards.  Please be sure to read the full article that this links to as well - maybe I'm missing something...

I'm curious if the triclosan debacle has cut into their profits that much. 

Also, are there really that many incidents with homemade products that this is considered necessary? 

Has anyone come across a better link so I can educate myself better about this legislation?  I feel like this just can't be for real.

If this is what I think it is, let's shoot this down before it gains any traction (these companies have so many more resources!) - at the bottom of this article there's a direct link to contacting your representatives.  If that's not your thing, please at least spread this around to your friends (you'd be surprised who solely uses handmade products... a guy at work will only use my shampoo bars after having tried it - I never would have guessed!).

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For those who wonder why I like living Pittsburgh :) Added bonus, it's close enough to NY for your weekend shopping spree! 

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All of this year's kahroo soaps are up on my etsy site at

I've got a wide range of bars this year!  40 different types including blends of citrus, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, coffee, lemongrass, cranberry, and even dirt soap... face, shaving, and shampoo bars, soap for dry or aging skin, exfoliating soaps and sea salt bars... all of which are moisturizing and smell great (some folks even think the dirt smells great).  Some are plain, some are bright and colorful!  

Please visit the site and tell me what you think, and please share the site with your soap-loving friends :)  

(if nothing else but to help the 'buy karen a new laptop' fund since mine died tonight... so much for getting more work done over Thanksgiving!)

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I apologize to those of you who are getting this twice - I still want to share with folks who are not necessarily on facebook.

I opened my Etsy shop a few days ago, and I now have accurate descriptions for all of the soap batches. If you had a hand in gathering ingredients or suggestions for formulations, you just might see your name!

Have a look, and let me know what you think!

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