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In all the games that I have run, I have finally have a Cleric with the Knowledge/Lore Domain. This lead to a rules question:

Does the effect of this domain allow this character to exceed the +5 restriction on backgrounds?

I am back in the DM Seat and running with a large group in a half-baked setting and because I feel like sharing. Here's my Player's OUTs: 

OUT #1: My Character has eyes in the back of his head LITERALLY. They see in hues not found in nature and allow me to see things in ways that I could not otherwise.
OUT #2: I am a Triple agent, secretly siding with the Titans over the Gods or the Icons, while being a double agent for the Gods against the Icons.
OUT #3: I am the last of the 1st generation of The Iron Souls(Forge Born). I was sacrificed as a pact between the Mad King of The Earth and The Lich King. The later got my body, reanimated as a Death Knight, while The First got my soul which was encased in a body of dwarven steel.
OUT #4: I, involuntarily, learn a single fact, that I do not know, about anything the first time I touch it. It is really off putting to find out that the person who made your meal has sneezed on it.
OUT #5: The Souls of every person, I have ever killed are forced to haunt me preventing them from anything else. Those with sensitivity to such things are generally freaked out as it isn't a small number of souls.
OUT #6: I ate a Soul Eater and things started getting weird after that...
OUT #7: I am fated to destroy Fate, which is incredibly awkward because I used to date the goddess of fate. I also flirt with death, who thinks I'm a tease because she wanted something more permanent.
OUT #8: My Draconic blood is neither Chromatic or Metallic but something older and much more primordial. I tend to garner interesting reactions from Dragons and the Dragon blooded.
OUT #9: My shadow is an extra-dimensional space but I don't know how big it is but it has a city, a dead god and the missing second moon is stuck inside... I have no idea how or why.
OUT #10: I am Heir apparent to every throne of power, including the ones that I don't know about, and, from that, I have more enemies and "friends" than I know what to do with... 
OUT #11: I wasn't born, I simply came into being fully grown and naturally able to do things. The real problem is that where I came into being keeps popping out things. 
OUT #12: I stopped aging 23 centuries ago but I suspect it is related to the Shattering of the Shattered Realm.
OUT #13: I instinctively know the drift of the Shattered realm, making me the greatest Wayfinder of The Eternal Currents.

Feature Request: A filter for child friendly content. I am working with a few ypung players in a group and that requires a measure of protection against more mature content if they are going to be using the site.

Feature Requests:

Text Formatting in the Description Field. 
The ability to use Bold, Italics and Color/Colour text  allows to convey further information.

Character Birth and Character Death Fields shouldn't be limited to our Calendar because the setting where the Campaign could use a different timescale or reference rather than our calendar especially when its post earth or on another planet or another culture.  For example a Person could be killed on the 1st Day of the 2nd Winter of the 4th Dynasty during the reign of Most Honorable Lord Thomas the 15th in the 257th Year of The God War as opposed to death: 1/7/2015. This request was inspired by my last game of microscope which followed the history of space travel for sapient birds descendant from corvids in a reality where humanity never evolved. They used a point of reference for the beginning of history as PS and BS rather than BC and AC and had a fourth column to the date for 10,000 years.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the third one:

In 13th Age system, it has powerful NPCs called Icons and they have a game mechanic based around your character's relationship to this Icon.

How would Scabard handle a GM less game like microscope?

Bug Report:
I can't make two groups rival each other if one of them is already a rival of the other in The Hocus Pocus of the Locus Focus.

BUG REPORT: HTTP Status 500 - type Exception report. I get this error message when I try to edit the character: The Lawbringer in the campaign: The Hocus Pocus of the Locus Focus.
UPDATE: Fixed. I had to recreate the Role called Icon.

BUG REPORT: The stats for several characters have disappeared in the aforementioned campaign. 

I have used the Overworld in several ways in the past:
As a physical place up in the sky
As a separate plane similar to the ethereal plane in D&D
As a Shared Dream world accessed through the meditating Wizards or by dreaming Sorcerers.
As physical places where there are high levels of Magic

My question is: How has everyone else used it?

Feature Request: Stay Logged On Tick Box.

I am having connection issues and having the option to have it default to being logged on saves so much hassle.

Feature Request: After a failed attempt to implement languages using Groups. It is my request that a new concept for languages and two new connections that connect to it to cover what languages they can read and speak.
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