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J.J. Brown
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J.J. Brown

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Keystone XL pipeline will not be coming through the U.S., Obama says. Good news for the environment and our public health too.
President Barack Obama has rejected TransCanada's application to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline across the United States. He said Friday that “shipping dirtier crude oil into our country” would not increase America’s energy security.
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J.J. Brown

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I interviewed a real vampire and two doctors for my new article up on Everyday Health. Fear of doctors isn't unique to people with alternative identities, but real vampires do have their reasons. 
People who self-identify as vampires and drink blood need healthcare too, but are reluctant to come out of the coffin.
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J.J. Brown

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Thanks to Lorna Suzuki for the interview on her author site covering the environmental nightmare in my novel Brindle 24!
Environmental disasters, particularly those that are manmade are the worst because, in my opinion, they are preventable. Today's featured author, Jennifer Brown sheds light on an environmental nightmare in her novel Brindle 24. I'd like to begin by having you share a little information about ...
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J.J. Brown

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The difference a film can make; great story on how GasLand, the Josh Fox documentary, changed our US landscape for the better.
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J.J. Brown

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Curious about the new virus called MERS? With 37% fatality, no vaccine, and no cure, it's one to know about and avoid. Here's the new article I wrote for Everyday Health on MERS:
As reports of deaths from MERS climb, concerns grow over this new and little-understood infection. Learn about the symptoms.
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J.J. Brown

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Panic attacks can feel like a heart condition, especially for people with anxiety disorder. I interview the author of a new study here, about how mood and heart symptoms are connected.
People with anxiety or depression are most likely to mistake panic for atrial fibrillation.
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J.J. Brown

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Happy Halloween! Here's a fun activity for that long ride to the Halloween party, or long wait getting up to the parade...
This Halloween, why not tell - or write - a scary story? Writing Prompt A vampire walks into the emergency room... You take it from here. I can't wait to hear what you come up with! If you'r...
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J.J. Brown

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Great new views from Dr. Sanjay Gupta on seeing U.S. violence through a new lens - as an infectious disease that's curable.
I am hopeful as I think of this epidemic of preventable deaths as an infection that can be diagnosed, treated and perhaps cured.
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Hey Jennifer - I really liked your article on the Chinese centenarians!! Amazing article especially highlighting that the differences could not all be explained via genetics.

Included you (and that article) right here:
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J.J. Brown

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"Each individual artist will have their own personal boundaries and comfort level with things like sex scenes and nudity. Know yours,"   ~ actor Lillian Rodriguez in her new blog on the acting life. 
The above photo is as much skin as you'll see in both this blog post and in the film I acted in, EARLY LIGHT. I got cast as one of the lead character's girlfriends in this feature length indie film. I didn't know before I was offered the part that there would be a sex scene in the film.
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J.J. Brown

commented on a video on YouTube.
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New rap commentary from the talented, hilarious Baba Brinkman takes on climate change from an environmentalist and artist's perspective.

J.J. Brown

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I interviewed 2 anthrax experts for this new story, and found out you are more likely to come in contact with the deadly bug in a research lab than in your natural environment. Get the facts:
You are more likely to come into contact with potentially deadly anthrax bacteria in a research lab than your natural environment.
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J.J. Brown

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26 different meds approved by the FDA for men's sex health, zero for women. Time for a change? Dr. Lauren Streicher will speak at the FDA June 4th public hearing on flibanserin; here's her preview:
A women's health expert urges the FDA to approve flibanserin, a drug shown in many studies to help women with lack of lust, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder, HSDD.
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Journalist, writer of books and short stories. Obsessed with exploring death and the meaning of dreams.
Jennifer J.Brown, PhD, a book author, writer of short stories, editor, and health journalist, is based in New York City. Her novel Vector a Modern Love Story and her short story collection Death and the Dream published in 2011, followed by novels American Dream and Brindle 24, children's book Stream and Shale, two novellas in The Doctor's Dreams, and short stories in anthologies as J.J.Brown. She studied science and languages at Duke, at U. Pennsylvania, and SUNY, completing a PhD in genetics. In addition to writing contemporary fiction books, she is a published research scientist author and health news writer
  • Duke University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • State University of New York, Albany
  • State University of New York, Stony Brook
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