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Immersive Commerce ​

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Immersive experiences roundup at MWC 2016
A quick look through my favourite virtual experiences at mobile world congress 2016. So the single best
thing for me at MWC 2016 was the fourth of Nokia’s OZO demos by a
Finnish band called Husky Rescue .  Forget the GearVR chicken wire, and only
30fps capt...

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Pact and Nespresso pods review
So I broke my espresso
machine.  The baskets handle had already
snapped off discouraging its use and the pump decided then to give up the
ghost.  I looked how expensive a new one,
well a new step up new one, was going to be and put it on the back burner,

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UCC & Make Decent Coffee: I don't think that they get social
So I feel a bit sorry for Matthew Kay at Klood, he'd done a good job at managing me, getting my review , and then coming straight back and following up when I wrote it. I'm not sure UCC really get social though - this was the reply from Dan McGrath the Mark...

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Pact Coffee Visit: musing on startups and social business
So back in
February I reviewed Pact coffee’s subscription service, and was pleasantly
surprised in March when I got a phone call from Stephen Rapport  the founder, thanking me
for the review and asking whether I wanted to come down, try some coffee and

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Dropping the nose-to-tail from the blog
So I've dropped the nose to tail content (the blog posts are there, but now un-indexed) of the blog.  We are still cooking nose to tail, the brawn is still waiting to be done, and I did some great potted cheek and oxtail recently, but the writing didn't wor...

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MakeDecentCoffee: A synthetic social brand for UCC
Review over four packs of the MakeDecentCoffee service, 2nd in the series. Writing had recently completely stalled, and so I am making a concerted effort to restart and catch up. Unfinished Hasbean, and Two Day Coffee reviews, and a Pact follow up on-site i...

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