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The +Scripps Research Institute, the +Harvard University Clean Energy Project, the +The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation are just a few of the esteemed research centers using +World Community Grid to study #AIDS , #Ebola , #solarenergy , #cancer and more. Please read - and share - this great article by +The Independent, profiling these projects and the amazing scientists who work on them: #worldcommunitygrid #gridcomputing  
What do doctors, alien enthusiasts and you and I have in common? We can all play a crucial role in discovering cures for diseases. While some of the above may not have the expertise – or, indeed, brain power – to make scientific discoveries for themselves, all of our computers and mobile phones can help researchers while we sleep.
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Google[x] announces a new company for its mission to improve cities.
Many of you are reading this post while living in a city. And you can probably think of a ton of ways you’d like your city to be better—more affordable housing, better public transport, less pollution, more parks and green spaces, safer biking paths, a shorter commute... the list goes on!

Many cities around the world have already made a lot of progress in some of these areas—for instance, developing dashboards to measure and visualize traffic patterns, and building tools that let residents instantly evaluate and provide feedback on city services. But a lot of urban challenges are interrelated—for example, availability of transportation affects where people choose to live, which affects housing prices, which affects quality of life. So it helps to start from first principles and get a big-picture view of the many factors that affect city life. Then, you can develop the technologies and partnerships you need to make a difference.

So I’m very excited about +Sidewalk Labs​, a new company we’ve announced today. (The press release is at if you want to read more).  Sidewalk will focus on improving city life for everyone by developing and incubating urban technologies to address issues like cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage. The company will be led by Dan Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor of Economic Development and Rebuilding for the City of New York. Every time I talk with Dan I feel an amazing sense of opportunity because of all the ways technology can help transform cities to be more livable, flexible and vibrant.  I want to thank +Adrian who helped to bring Dan on board.

While this is a relatively modest investment and very different from Google's core business, it’s an area where I hope we can really improve people’s lives, similar to Google[x] and Calico. Making long-term, 10X bets like this is hard for most companies to do, but Sergey and I have always believed that it’s important. And as more and more people around the world live, work and settle in cities, the opportunities for improving our urban environments are endless. Now it’s time to hit the streets and get to work!
We're on the brink of a historic period for cities around the world. By 2050, the population in cities will double, intensifying existing socioeconomic, public health and environmental problems. At the same time, innovations in technology can be used to design communities that are more efficient ...
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More research to be crowdfunded:
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I knew about this a few years ago.. but I only knew a little until now.
Internet pictures can hide code that leaves you open to hacks
You might want to be more cautious the next time you click on an internet image link sent by a stranger -- much like the pirate cat photo you see above,
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Upcoming encyclical from Pope Francis will "bring a theological lens to the politicized climate conversation...and it will reaffirm that the burden of climate change or attempts to deal with climate change...should be shouldered by those to whom the most has been given."
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+The Independent reports on the 10 year success of +World Community Grid - check it out! #worldcommunitygrid #gridcomputing  
What do doctors, alien enthusiasts and you and I have in common? We can all play a crucial role in discovering cures for diseases. While some of the above may not have the expertise – or, indeed, brain power – to make scientific discoveries for themselves, all of our computers and mobile phones can help researchers while we sleep.
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That's nearly the death count on 9/11.
Deadly Heatwaves Hitting India

So far, almost 2,000 people have died in heatwaves that have struck India, including 44˚C (111˚F) in New Delhi on Thursday.

Severe heat often occurs in India this time of year prior to the onset of the monsoon, and also later in the summer during monsoon break periods. My research group at +Stanford University has worked on this topic, including recent work by +Deepti Singh showing that monsoon break periods have become more common in recent decades:

We also published a paper (let by Moetasim Ashfaq, who is now at +Oak Ridge National Laboratory ) predicting that high levels of global warming will cause a delay in the onset of the monsoon over India:

The photo is from this +TIME article:

#climatechange   #globalwarming   #science   #sciencecommunication  
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From Internet balloons to self-driving cars, Google's top 10 moonshot projects are set to change the world.
From internet balloons and self-driving cars, to Minority Report gesture controls and touchscreen clothing, here are the most exciting projects the tech giant
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This Week in Science
Printed Human Skin, Maintaining Memories After Being Cryogenically Frozen, Turning Blood into Nerve Cells, and More!

Had a crazy day today, and almost missed sharing this - but its okay - because Science sharing isn't only for Sundays. #ScienceEveryday !

Memories emerge intact from cryogenic resurrection machine

Blood turned into nerve cells by Canadian researchers

NASA Orders First Ever Commercial Human Spaceflight Mission from Boeing

L'Oreal to start 3D-printing skin

Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind the highly touted sodium-oxygen battery

MIT researchers pioneer technique for mass-producing graphene

#ScienceSunday   #Science   #ScienceEveryday   #Health   #Medicine   #Technology   #Cryogenics   #NASA   #Space   #graphene   #Materials   #Engineering   #3dPrinting   #Skin   #Beauty

I've added this post to a new collection called "Science & Technology" ( so if you'd like to subscribe/be notified, click through to follow the collection and turn on notifications using the settings gear.
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Millions die and suffer living every day -things may never be perfect.
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I can't live without a sense of fraternity.

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Anthropogenic Climate Change 
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Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics

~Life is ever-changing~
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Flow Hive Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive

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Type of Systems - Backyard Aquaponics

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CDC Urges Measles Vaccinations as Number of Cases Exceeds 100 – The Vacc...

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FRONTLINE’s Most Impactful Moments of 2014 – Inside FRONTLINE - FRONTLINE

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*** Google Play Games Sale ***Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula

Climate Change Science and Negotiations

Humanity has just about run out of time to address climate change. Scientists have pointed out that a rise in mean surface temperature of 2º

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Service, Calizones
Food: Very GoodDecor: Poor - FairService: Good
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The workers I've seen we're nice and they can get downloadable content via computer - receipt unlike other GameStops I've been to.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: GoodService: Very Good
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Has a good selection of things that you'd otherwise have to order online. The floor people can get talkative, which is okay as long as they're explaining, but not if they're trying sell you something. I do NOT recommend the rocketfish brand, though.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: Very GoodService: Very Good
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22 reviews
Great food, fast cooking, friendly service and beautiful dining area!
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
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The food was pretty good, atmosphere is amazing, a bit pricey for the amount of food you get
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
Food: GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Good
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reviewed 2 years ago