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+Arlen Tsao +X Rellix +Renaud Janson +Noel Yap 

I heard that all cars (could be just cars in the USA) can run on Ethanol fuel but the software is what prevents our cars from running on it efficiently (this can easily hacked & changed).

And Ethanol can actually be made in abundance, cheaply, without consequence..

I haven't read up on it much
I watched a documentary called "Pump" on Netflix
....but I heard that the only reason our cars aren't running Ethanol is because our governors/government have been corrupt for decades.?

Has anyone heard about anything like this?

By the way, I don't necessarily need a discussion if you're busy.. just thought I should bring this up if it's helpful :]
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"And Ethanol can actually be made in abundance, cheaply, without consequence.." 

Ethanol has hidden costs and hidden environmental costs. part of this is simply because Ethanol has less power than gasoline.  
That means the transportation costs with transporting ethanol over gasoline are going to be about double . Gasoline is a very good store of fuel. Its 8x more explosive than dynamite. Its an efficient way to store and transfer energy.  
But It actually takes fuel to make ethanol.  Thats right, its cost fuel. Growing food uses a lot of energy. It takes a lot energy and petroleum to make the fertilizer farmers use, and then power tractors and equipment. 
The government heavily subsidizes farming already . 

The documentary tried to argue that Ethanol is already in abundance...
Check the date it was made. 

 Corn Farmers have been desperate to get the government to pay for Ethanol for 50 years. finally in the 2000s The succeeded, because they argued it  was renewable, inexpensive m good for the environment and would make the US Energy Independent. which are all massive lies . 

After the government have iowa billions of dollars for ethanol, massive amounts of human farmland was converted to ethanol production that drive up the cost of food. This is win-win for farmers , because they make more money on human food commodities when the price goes up. 

There are ethical issues with this since arable land is now used for ethanol instead of growing food.  This effects us less in the US . 

Are you old enough to remember when the price of pizza skyrocketed? 
that what happens when wheat fields are turned to ethanol. 

"Because it's a byproduct of the process when corn is turned to animal feed." 

Ive thought hard about this. I think this is a deception. Think about it. How is ethanol made? Its fermented sugar. All ethanol in the US comes from corn. By pulping the corn you get cornstarch. This is chemically treated to make corn syrup . This has to be fermented with yeast to alcohol ( ethanol ) 

So where is the so-called animal feed? It isnt in the corn!

"The substance is primarily used as the food for cows during the winter season." 

"In addition to the stalks, leaves, husks, and cobs remaining in the field, kernels of grain may also be left over from harvest. These left over kernels, along with the corn stover, serve as an additional feed source for grazing cattle. Over time, the stalks will decrease in value as feed, so it is important to graze the corn stover as soon as possible after harvest. "

They are talking about corn waste. 

""Because it's a byproduct of the process when corn is turned to animal feed."  

Do you  see the deception?
NO ethanol isnt a byproduct of corn stover. Thats ridiculous.  That like saying apples and apple juice is an abundant wasteprodict from growing apples cores. Its upside-down. 

The stover ( pulped as cheap animal feed ) is a byproduct /waste of growing corn. ( which is shuttled to make ethanol ) . 

But what of the corn stover is used to make Ethanol , instead? 
Then it actually would make economic sense. 

( I doubt farmers were  really  growing corn just to throw the corn away. Just, so they can  feed the stalks to Cows.  A little skepticism reveals this to be ridiculous propaganda.  You can just feed cows plain grass ) 

_Another use for corn stover is cellulosic ethanol however with current technology, a large part of the energy potential of cellulose is wasted due to the strength of the glycosidic bonds that pair chains of D-glucose units. Biomass ethanol is “ethanol made from non-grain plant materials known as biomass.”[4] Biomass ethanol would use the corn stover from the corn crop produced in areas around ethanol plants. Corn stover, due to the relative close proximity of the corn grain produced for ethanol production, “is by far the most abundant crop residue readily available today.”[4]


The free accessibility to corn stover makes it a prime candidate for biomass ethanol production. A new DuPont facility in Nevada, Iowa is expected to generate 30 million gallons annually of cellulosic biofuel produced from corn stover residues, its projected completion is mid-2014

Which i think is till not open

more here:

ethanol from cellulosic waste is brilliant and might one day make sense. ( when economically and commercially viables ) .  

Ethanol from food is wasteful and produces more CO2 than gasoline. 
But President Bush promised Ethanol from Switch-grass is right around ;the corner, yet its been 10 years, and maybe, just maybe the Commercially viable first Cellulosic ethanol  plant might be ready to open soon. 

But if it hasnt even opened, we dont know if it will have unforeseen manufacturing problems. 
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Brisbane con vista Universo - Photography by Antonio Amati #australia #brisbane #night
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Weather like you've never seen it before - check out this incredible time-lapse video:

#weather #wunderground #yahoo #storms
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Our projects tackle problems that afflict a lot of people: #cancer, #AIDS, #malaria and more. But unsafe #water is as big of a threat; killing a million people every year. Our Computing for Clean Water project has just published a major breakthrough in a leading nanoscience journal, Nature Nanotechnology: they’ve discovered how to use a novel material to make water filters much more efficient, potentially saving lives worldwide.
Writing in Nature Nanotechnology, scientists used IBM's World Community Grid to ID a way to move water through carbon nanotubes 300% faster, potentially making filtration more efficient.
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I guess this is the Amazon zgaming list (+ electronics deals).
Unfortunately, you must have Prime membership and catch these items because they only go on sale for a short period today.

Yes, I'm tracking Walmart.. but I'm about to leave for work. Walmart's deals don't look that amazing yet. Haven't seen any "atomic deals."
NOTE: Most of these days aren't live yet. Stick around and you'll see them introduced. In the meantime, buy yourself a Husqvarna lawnmower.
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Well, not entirely true..
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+Adam Reveal
John Oliver is a comedian btw & I love him!
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If you have Amazon Prime or have never tried it before and want to use the trial - Amazon is touting that Prime Day will be bigger than Black Friday.
Only on July 15th.

I think I'll look for a Sony PlayStation Gold Edition Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Costs $80 normally :).
Prime Day is a one-day event held on July 15, 2015, where Prime members can find more deals than Black Friday.
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Thanks man. I saw thier banner when I almost order a bunch of monitors so I decided to wait and see. 
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Service, Calizones
Food: Very GoodDecor: Poor - FairService: Good
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The workers I've seen we're nice and they can get downloadable content via computer - receipt unlike other GameStops I've been to.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: GoodService: Very Good
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Has a good selection of things that you'd otherwise have to order online. The floor people can get talkative, which is okay as long as they're explaining, but not if they're trying sell you something. I do NOT recommend the rocketfish brand, though.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: Very GoodService: Very Good
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22 reviews
Great food, fast cooking, friendly service and beautiful dining area!
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
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The food was pretty good, atmosphere is amazing, a bit pricey for the amount of food you get
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
Food: GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Good
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