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Smooth Subversion to Git Migration
Smooth Subversion to Git Migration

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SubGit 3.1.0 is released and along with this release comes new licensing scheme based solely on the number of Git users of the Git/SVN mirror. Free 10-users license is also available as well as free licenses for academic and Open Source projects.

We believe that this change will widen SubGit audience and will let more users enjoy zero-downtime company-wide SVN to Git migration.

Download new version at

Enjoy :)

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SVN Mirror Add-On for Stash 3.0.0 released!

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SubGit 3.0 Early Access

Today we've published first 3.0 Early Access build for you to try out. New build is available for download at page.

New version brings plenty of features and bugfixes, in particular new version supports:

- single-directory Subversion projects;
- explicit only branches mappings without dedicated "shelves" directories, so that translation of anonymous Git branches could be skipped;
- wildcards in branches mappings, e.g.:

  branches = branches/project✱/branches/✱:refs/heads/✱_project/✱

- dynamic authors mapping with a custom script;
- Subversion credential being provided by credential helper;
- single shared background polling process for multiple repositories.

Give new build a try and let us know how does it work for you and what else would you like to see in 3.0 version SubGit.


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SubGit 2.0.2 is out!

This is a minor bugfix release of SubGit. 

Besides bugfixes there are new inexpensive licensing options for teams with up to 25 committers that choose smooth Subversion to Git migration path:

45 and 90 days license options for 600 and 900 EUR.

Enjoy :)

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Stash SVN Mirror Add-On 2.0.8.

Add-on now supports authors mapping import from existing authors.txt and we've reduced 25-users license price -- you may now get it just for 499 USD (3 times less than before).

SVN Mirror Add-on is an easy way to get writable mirror of your Subversion project in Atlassian Stash. One-time import is also supported in case mirror is not needed.

Enjoy :)

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Dear SubGit Users,

For those of you who prefer faster migration pace and do not need perpetual SubGit license, we've introduced budget-friendly time-limited registration options:

Registration for 45 days costs 600 EUR and that for 90 days - 900 EUR. These options are for teams with up to 25 committers. You will find more details at page or feel free to contact us at 

SubGit registration is free for Open Source and Academic projects and for teams with up to 10 committers.

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SubGit 2.0.1 is out!

First minor bugfix release for 2.0 version is published.

In this version we've updated SVNKit library to make SubGit support Subversion 1.8 repositories in local mirror mode, added support for SSH agent based authentication and also we've improved support for on-the-fly branches mapping extending.

Download new build at page.

Give it a try and tell us what you think! 

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