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The East-West road that passes our home has a major North-South road at each end. Tonight each is closed which means a motor accident somewhere in that system

In turn it means my wife can't make it home yet

Thankfully this type of jigsaw-lock does not happen often


I am glad to say I've left 'The Wisdom' group- I do not want a site to thrust porn at my grandchildren. Next, I'll probably leave Google+ ... they have done nothing about this scourge in spite of multiple notifications and complaints.

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Merry Christmas to all my Google+ friends


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New social commentary at

OMG. Hillary Clinton is demeaning herself in public through her attacks on 'the man' instead of 'the game.' She is a disgrace. Live now on CNN

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People like +Fiona Hayes (Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres at Telstra) are doing a great job. My last 2 interactions with Telstra, my Telco in Australia, have been exemplary, and the people, fantastic. How amazing it must be to turn a sloppy company around and make it smart, intelligent, interactive, and helpful.

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Seven Network Australia - Thank you for bringing us an unspeakably brilliant coverage of 'The Cup.' Your producers and floor managers and script writers are the best. What a great afternoon I have enjoyed in my home, my wife and my little 'birdcage.' Your presenters, including 'delicious' are also the best.

I really like Google Circles, especially my very dear Japanese friends. Just seeing the pics that are posted make me feel so sad. I should be living in Tokyo. I love the food shots - please don't stop. I love Alfie's images, such a brilliant snapper. I don't get back until late next month, and boy, I can't wait. My little challenge is I have to write a keynote address for a pretty significant conference, sponsored by the Australian Embassy. I hope I can do it, but I better start working on it ... 
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