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Dear Santa,

It was a long year of coding (just like any other year for all of us developers), right decisions,
stress and happy project endings. I live in Siberia, where programmers magic is all around, in the
snow and the ground, in the dancing bears on the streets. Until previous year I didn't think I would
spend any money, earned by the sweat and tears, on any software I like, instead of just using the 
old and free ones.
But then I saw PhpStorm and fell in love with it. I braced myself up, brushed off
the snow from my credit card and made my first software purchase, with a great feeling of 
satisfaction growing inside me.
Dear Santa, I want to grow up my skills and keep it up as a good boy (and a good developer) this 
year, so please send me one of your wonderful PyCharm copies to make my New Year yet more magical.

Sincerely yours,
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прям так разрекламировал... что скачаю, посмотрю пожалуй )
=) Посмотри, ага, у меня периодически случались приступы перебора редакторов/IDE из-за того, что то одно не устраивало, то другое, phpstorm у меня как-то сразу встал и остался
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