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Elle Scott
To inspire and be inspired.
To inspire and be inspired.


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My very first google+ post. I'm here because I need to tell as many people as possible.

Holy hell, I just got the final design of my book cover. 😱😝😍 Shit just got real!

I'm going to share it on social media sometime next week, but ... you may just get a chance to see it before everyone else.

How? I'm glad you asked. Simply follow the link below, enter your email address and voila - straight to your inbox. I know, I know, this sounds gimmicky and a ploy to get you to sign up to my mailing list.

I'll be honest - it is. I want you on my list. I want to email you to share my exciting publishing news as it comes. I want to email you with special offers, and giveaways, and tell you when my book is on sale. I want to email you because I want you to read my book. This labour of love that went from an aching in my heart, to a plaguing of my mind, to fingers tired from typing.

I promise there will be no spamming whatsoever, trust me I hate that. But I will be gifting on signer upper-er a free signed copy of the book. And that's something right?

Am I done with begging? I think so. Sign up below. Support me. And I hope you love the cover ....
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