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Our Mountain
It's amazing how frequently this missionary life leaves me speechless! I'm a writer and a preacher. Words are my thing. Yet, time after time, I fall silent, speechless, awed by the story we live. Our family has been on a challenging journey over the last ye...

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Ezra Surgery, We Wait With Hope
Many of you have heard Jade and I
discussing the health of our son Ezra over the past couple of years related to
his epilepsy.  During our time here in the States we have been consulting
with Riley Children’s Hospital to assess the problem and identify a pl...

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A Collection Of Emotions
Thank you, Church! Because of your generosity, we purchased our plane tickets to Uganda! We leave 3 months from today on July 19th.  🇺🇬 When asked the question, "How do you feel about leaving?", this is what each of our responses are....

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Easter 2017
H appy Easter From The Metzes! We love you all! 

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WOW! My two favorite events on this earth are births and rebirths. Last night, Jade and I met with Jeremy  and his wife. The conversation began with curiosity about Christianity and moved toward inner peace, new life, ears to hear and the love of Christ dwe...

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Commissioned By World Gospel Mission
This morning was one of the most important events in our family history. If you would have told us five years ago that on this day we would be commissioned to full-time missionary service by  World Gospel Mission  we probably would have  laughed. God has tr...

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International Women's Day
My favorite dress is white, knee length, v-neck with lace at the collar. She has a favorite dress, too. My favorite soda is an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle. She has a favorite soda, too. She has a favorite song, with a favorite dance. She has a favorite ...

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Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday 2017:::  The day of Ezra's spiritual birth! His older sister Sophie tearfully shared the salvation message with him. In a circle on our living room floor, with his family surrounding him in prayer, Ezra confessed his sins, declared his need fo...

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A Doubly Full Heart
'A doubly full heart' by Maddix (age 11).

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There's this great new book out....
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