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Hi all beta tester's
now I publish release version in beta mode. After a week I move it to the release mode, if no error.
Thanks for all reports.

Hi everybody
 now I publish new beta version as PRO version until August 9, 2015.
Whats new?

[PRO] Add filters.
[PRO] Globally add note for selected logs.
[PRO] Globally clear note for selected logs.
[PRO] Option to duplicate founded or DNF log as "Needs maintenance".
[PRO] Adding support variables.
[PRO] GCVotes.
Context menu in the list of logs.
Filters for souvenirs.

Please test it and post me feedback.

Hi all Locus users. One idea, which I think. FieldNotes addons is here for you to save your logs. You don't delete this logs. You will see your logs in the Locus and addon together. It's your logs, which you can see and edit on your mobile or tablet. And anytime. I think, that "Locus Addon  FieldNotes" is wrong name. Better is "Locus Addon Logs". What do you think?

Publish new version as public. Wait for new Locus version.
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