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How to add in Google Authorship info to your WordPress site.
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+Sarah Arrow use the Structured Data Testing Tool to check if your site is verified:
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Michael Martine

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Do you write blog posts in advance or at the last minute? What stops you from writing in advance?
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Customize your WordPress admin area for better productivity & efficiency. It's a wee bit old but this stuff all still works the same way in WordPress 3.5.
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Michael Martine

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Thanks for the invite, I hope I'll be able to help others and benefit from this community. :)
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Welcome +Michael Martine. 
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Michael Martine

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When I saw this tweet all I could do was laugh and think: "But I'd like to live for more than just four hours!"
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Latest post is up. Comments welcome, share if you find it valuable. :)
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I know nobody ever likes free ebooks but I'll post this here anyway. What the hell...
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Awww. how kind of you :)
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Michael Martine

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Thanks for the invite, Denise. Looks very promising. :)
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+Michael Martine Thanks, Michael!
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Blog Coach & Consultant, Writer
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    Blog Coach & Consultant, Writer, present
Blog consulting at Remarkablogger, marketing and media at Headway Themes.
Blog coach & consultant at Remarkablogger. Marketing for the awesomest WordPress theme ever, Headway. Having a wonderful time, wouldn't trade it for anything. Love sci-fi, fantasy, Rift, Minecraft and Terraria. Witch magnet. Shit-disturber and crank.

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