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android, app, development, wp7, windows phone, user interface, experience, launcher7, wp8, windows, statusbar, zplayer, wp7lock, messaging7
android, app, development, wp7, windows phone, user interface, experience, launcher7, wp8, windows, statusbar, zplayer, wp7lock, messaging7


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Check out #noyze on +Google Play, it's a free volume panel replacement for #Android that doesn't require root or XPosed. Just activate in Accessibility and enjoy!

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#reClock is now live & free on The +Google Play Store!
That's it, #reClock is official on the Google Play Store! Keep in kind that it is the first version and bugs way still be present. If you run into issue please send me an email and I'll do my best to fix it ASAP. Thanks to all my beta testers!

It's about time that this be brought up, but +The Seven+ Project as it was known is long over. +Launcher7 and +ZPlayer  continue to be updated, and #Launcher8 is out as well, but aside from continued support by their respective developers, that's about it. I, +Thomas Barrasso have long given up on bringing the Modern (Metro) UI to #Android . Lately, I've been getting a number of emails and messages regarding this, so allow me to clarify.

When I started +The Seven+ Project I was in high school, and I was a senior. I had a great deal of free time, and was still (and still am) learning #Android and general mobile development. I had some background prior, but that's it: some. I was by no stretch of the imagination an expert, just a hacker. After #WP7Android fell apart, I didn't want to be left developing alone. It's quite difficult for an app to get the attention it deserves. I convinced previous members of the team to "work together" under the umbrella of a new project.

But that's just it, "working together" was merely an illusion. As much as everyone wants to work together to cross-advertise and get more attention to their and each others projects, they don't want to sacrifice what makes their development independent. There was never more than one person working on a given project, and seldom if ever sharing of more than a source code snippet.

I'd attempted to build a library of the #WP7 UI, like a mini-SDK wrap-around for Android that would make it easy to turn normal apps into Modern UI ones. Given my lack of expertise, and what turned out to be minimal return on investment, that too soon fell apart. Few developers were willing to share revenue in exchange for my source code, and other developers just couldn't be trusted. It was a wash, and the only thing left to show today is #OpenMetro on #GitHub although that is now outdated, inefficient, and not comprehensive enough to build a truly immersive, Modern UI experience.

Since the library I had released the #WP7Calculator (now open source) and #StatusBarPlus (acquired on +Apptopia), neither of which have seen updates in a while, nor will they likely any time soon. I am fortunate for the later because, in spite of my mistakes, it proved to be my most successful app to date both in terms of the size of the user base and the money earned. For that I have the image of +The Seven+ Project to thank, as well as +Temitayo Odesanmi and +Luke Rodriguez for encouraging me to release an app when I didn't see it's potential. It had never occurred to me that non-root users would be interested in customizing their status bar.

Fast forward well over a year, and here I am today: a rising sophomore at #UMASS Amherst, employee at #PlanGrid , and independent developer. I can say with certainty now that my in spite of my fortune, a focus on WP7/ Metro/ Modern UI was my biggest mistake. It limited the appeal of my apps to a small niche community. For this reason, as well as a loss of interest and demonstrated failure with +Windows Phone I will not be developing such apps anymore.

My latest side project is #reClock , which is free & live on Google Play. I have ideas for future apps as well, but given my limited time and commitment to my education, they'll move at my pace and I'll choose them based solely on personal interest and perceived earning potentials. It is a much less haphazard approach to development, and given my limited time and need to fund my own education, I'd argue both are perfectly reasonable metrics.

So I'll continue to post just as irregularly as I do now on this page, but follow the respective developers of the apps that interest you for their updates. Their won't likely be much, if any, Metro/ Modern UI news here.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this will solace the curious and give a more personal perspective on "our" development and The Seven+ Project.

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So about two weeks back I started on a new app meant as a simple, few-day project and a break from my long-term app (+Badger) and my consultation job ( #PlanGrid ). For now I'm calling it #reClock , and much like my projects tend to do, it's become more complex than originally intended.

Here are a few screenshots of what I've got working. As of now, the algorithm works quite well, and the widget resizes automatically on JB+. For ICS- users you will simply get a 4x1 widget without the option to resize (since there is no way on older than JB to know a widget's size).

Technical details aside, allow me to explain my otherwise irrational concept. Most users want an app that makes their life easier, simplifies a task. While #reClock  is in no way designed to complicate your life, it is meant to combat Avidya; seeā_(Buddhism)

Have you ever turned on your smartphone to check the time and been distracted by some new email, text message, or calendar event? We're so rushed and our mind wanders so rapidly that we often forget the very thing we set out to do.

#reClock  won't prevent mindlessness, but it will pressure you to focus more on simple interactions such as checking time. It displays the current time using words and references a random time (in the future or past). No longer can you glance at your smartphone without awareness and be able to know what time it is! You'll be forced to read the text on your home/ lock screen and perform a mental calculation!

I'd love everyone's feedback, and if you're interested in being a translators please let me know. Also, a big thanks to +Graham Macphee for assisting me with graphics! We both intend to release this app 100% free with a donate option, simply because it's something we want ourselves!
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Anyone interested?
Since my last launcher concept is already being developed by someone else, would anyone be interested in a #WP8 #Android Holo UI combination launcher? I don't have any mock-ups yet (and now I'm hesitant to release any), but it would be based on live tiles but with more options. Grid/ list app drawer, any accent color selection, slide-out widget selector, etc. It would be well-built using the latest APIs, but only available for ICS 4.0 and up.

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As of tonight, it is official: StatusBar+ is no longer part of +The Seven+ Project collection. It will be missed greatly, but our lack of time meant neglect, and we believe that this sale will be in both our and our user's best interest. Thanks again for your patience and support.

PS: Our website and list of apps just feels incomplete now, but don't worry: we'll be working hard to bring new updates and new great apps!

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Yesterday marked the sale of StatusBar+ on #Apptopia . With both pain and pleasure it will become some else's pride and responsibility. But rest assured, we will continue to work on new projects in the future. We'll post more info as we get it, and look out for the changes on Google Play soon. Thanks again for your understanding and support.
StatusBar+ is finally about to be sold on #Apptopia ! $10,500 was the final deal. It is now off of my hands, both a curse a blessing. A TON of time and creativity went into it's development, but as I start college I don't have enough time to support it the way it should be. Hopefully they will do right by it and I will be able to move onto new projects as well as continue working for #PlanGrid .

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Make sure to share this with all of your friends!
Guess what guys, #Badger is almost there! We've got some more work ahead of us... and a website/ blog to design, but we are on our way. We'll continue work on the app and website so that we can open up beta testing soon.

We'll be looking for ~100 trustworthy individuals of all skill levels and with any #Android device. A form will open up and if we choose you we will send you an email with the necessary information. You'll be given access to time-sensitive APK files and ask that you report feedback to us for each build. Watch out for the information soon if you're interested.

The goal of our beta program is to ensure that all major issues are worked our prior to launch. We still have a ways to go, but we know that with your help we will be able to release #Badger as soon and stable as possible.
Make sure to share this with all your friends and thank you for your support!

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Check it out guys, +ZPlayer version 3.5 is soon to be live on +Google Play!
ZPlayer 3.5 will be out today. Please do not forget to leave feedback, if you had issues which have not been resolved after the update.

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To all of our Mobile App Developers (+Android, #iOS , +HTML5, or what have you): Pivotal Perspectives is looking for your insight. It's a quick survey with the intention of gathering information that could reshape the mobile industry. If you have a moment definitely check them out, you might even get something out of it.
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