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Teens aged 13-17 were asked to rank 122 brands based on how cool they are. There's a lot going on here but some quick observations:

- Google, Netflix and YouTube are outliers in cool. It's wild to me that teens view Google as being this cool.

- Xbox cooler than PlayStation, although PS has slightly more awareness.

- Pizza Hut cooler than Facebook 😂

- Doritos cooler than Apple 😂😂

- When did Oreo get so cool?

- Chrome seems super high on the cool-o-meter for a browser!? Wow.

- Whatsapp is for old people I guess? (Obv, this skews American though)

- Teenagers don't know about Vice, but the ones that do hate it. 😂


First time doing Fran

Today's Wod "DT"
 5 Rounds for time RX 155#
12 reps deadlift
 9 reps power hang clean
 6 reps push jerk
 21:52 ---- 135#  phc killed me...need to drop weight and work on form

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