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We provide our clients with a full range of IT services and we partner with IBM to offer today’s most effective strategic solutions.

Our IBM solutions include:

Digital Experience:

-WebSphere Portal Server
-IBM Connections
-IBM Sametime
-IBM Forms
-WebSphere Commerce Server

System Integration:


Cloud Technologies:

-IBM Softlayer
-Hybrid Cloud (IBM Bluemix)
-Blue Works Live


-IBM Mobile First Platform
-Native Apps (iOS and Android)

BI & Analytics:

-IBM Cognos
-Social Media Analytics

We provide strong expertise in IBM products and technologies focused on cost-effective and industry-specific IT solutions through our intimate client relationships and a culture of continuous innovation.

To learn more, contact us at / 860-247-1400


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We are hiring for an HR Administrative Assistant!

Location: Headquarters, South Windsor, Connecticut.

Provide a variety of day-to-day office and clerical tasks. The HR Administrative Coordinator will be an integral part in ensuring that our office operations run smoothly and are successful in supporting other business activities. An excellent office coordinator is, above all, an organized and competent professional with phenomenal communication skills. You will be comfortable dealing with people and able to effectively carry out administrative duties with accuracy and speed.
The goal is to ensure that office operations are efficient and add maximum value to the organization.
Duties and responsibilities:
Design office workflow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity
Develop effective filing systems and maintain all files and records
Support other teams with various administrative tasks (redirecting calls, disseminating correspondence, scheduling meetings etc.)
Greet and assist visitors when they arrive at the office
Perform bookkeeping activities (e.g. inventory, data collection and entry, and reporting)
Assist in vendor relationship management
Monitor office equipment inventory and place appropriate orders
Deal with employee requests regarding human resources issues, rules, and regulations
Conduct initial orientation to newly hired employees
Assess employee needs by conducting organizational psychology surveys to find out what motivates and engages employees
Assist in payroll preparation by providing relevant data (absences, bonus, leaves, etc.)
Manage and calculate taxes and deductions
Calculate the correct amount incorporating overtime, deductions, bonuses etc. with assistance of a computer system
Keep track of hourly rates, wages, compensation benefit rates, new hire information etc.

Email your resume to to apply!

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We are now an Investor in the MetroHartford Alliance...

We are excited to announce that VLink is now is now a MetroHartford Alliance Investor!
The MetroHartford Alliance was created in 2001 for the future development of the Hartford Region. Over 1,000 start-ups, SMB, and corporate business and organizations are members of the MetroHartford Alliance today.

For more information: 860-247-1400

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What application development trends to be aware of in 2017.

As web application development advances, old methods will not address the requirements of today’s modern business. Soon, those who keep up with the changes will have an advantage of others. Here are the next steps in enterprise application development.
1. Mobile application security needs are rising:
With the increase in cyberattacks, security of applications is becoming a top priority. Most applications still have vulnerabilities with authentication, confidentiality, and more. Developers must have a vigorous application security feature, such as multistep user authentication
2. Connected devices are growing and Cross-platform apps are gaining attention:
Simply, the Internet of Things. Connected devices are growing as we speak. As of today, there are already health, fitness, and music apps which will continue to grow. The market is now customer-centric where users want tasks to be completed here and now. To keep up with this, cross platform applications are affordable, simple, and quickly deployed to satisfy customer needs. Soon, we will begin to see cutting edge application development that will combine IoT, cloud, and big data.
3. User experience will become more important:
The shift towards client side development is growing. User experience is a crucial step for mobile application. Designers must try new layouts, colors, font styles, in order to keep the user attracted.
4. Enterprise mobile app market will grow larger:
Enterprise mobile solutions create better employee engagement and optimized workplace. Employees can now remotely submit reports, timesheets, and request. Tasks are now quicker, easier, and more convenient.

For more information on Application Development, contact us at: 860-247-1400

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How VLink's IT Staffing can benefit your company

The need for IT candidates is not limited to IT companies, every company requires IT candidates to fulfil their IT projects. Most IT projects require very particular skill sets that may not exist on your current staff. By utilizing a firm that specializes in IT staffing, you are getting customized expertise to accommodate your hiring requirements.

Benefits include:

More Skilled Candidates – If your organization is in a competitive industry where it is difficult to find qualified candidates, IT staffing can give you access to skilled candidates at lower cost.
Ongoing Staffing Support – each candidate is backed by the support of IT Staffing provider.
Flexible Professional Staffing – When you have particular needs, utilizing IT Staffing services makes sense since you pay for what you need and when you need it as opposed to paying a full-time staff for regular or seasonal needs.
Allows you to Focus on your Company – by hiring through IT staffing, it reduces the time you need to focus on the hiring process. This reduces the time needed to post a job listing, reviewing resumes, and screening and interviewing candidates.
Wider Network of Connections – We have a deep network of resources to be able to find your company just the right person to complete the task at hand.

What differentiates VLink from the rest is our people are backed up with education, experience, and knowledge. Our clients see us as an extension of their own human resources departments. We manage every step, from the first interview through the negotiations. It is a sharply focused approach that reduces the time, complexity and cost of recruiting for niche talent—and delivers better ROI.
Every candidate we recommend has to deliver on VLink’s promise: The right skills, the right chemistry, and the right results—on time and under budget.

For more information on our Strategic Workforce Management Services,

Contact us 860-247-1400

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VLink IT Services helping the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is experiencing a noteworthy change. Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical organizations confront the test of enhancing efficiency, the general nature of patient care and the cost structure of their services. We help healthcare organizations to convey more powerful, efficient and affordable healthcare Services through our Healthcare industry IT Services.
By aligning people and processes with technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations can use data in new ways to deliver more effective and affordable services. From independent and group physicians to community hospitals there is an abundance of opportunity to accomplish these goals using innovative technology to enhance performance and reduce costs. We join our Services to help our healthcare customers tackle complex business issues.
The healthcare industry is being overwhelmed with more profitable data from an abundance of sources – and our specialists can help your organization, comprehend and gather more insights from that information, using software intelligence and other advanced analytics tools.
We set digital technology and analytics to work. Our experience shows that advanced business processes and operations can create a huge impact on your organization. They help healthcare industry customers control cost, fortify market engagement, bolster organizational change, and manage risk and compliance.

Our healthcare industry Services include:

• Implement and customize Services according to your needs
• Deliver end-to-end service offerings
• Enhance your technological process
• Project visibility across your organization
• Improve customer experience
• Reduce Costs

VLink can help you build a more sustainable healthcare it system. We empower healthcare organizations to build and implement technology to upgrade mind conveyance, improve clinical procedures and quicken advancement in social insurance. Increase the delivery of care, quicken innovation within healthcare, and to enhance the clinical process. With our Services, you can access the full use of your data to improve, support, and engage your business for your healthcare consumers. 860-247-1400

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As 2016 is coming to an end, we at VLink would like to wish you a very happy holiday season and a joyous, prosperous new year.

Happy Holidays, 860-247-1400

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VLink’s first Agile workshop turned out to be a great success covering an immense amount of information. This was a 2 day course instructed by two of VLink’s own SMC certified trainers. The following are a few words from our trainers.
“Thanks to our talented and widely experienced Agile trainers who kept the class engaged with real-time examples, case studies, valuable activities and worthwhile well-researched content. A scrum-like structure of the course made it interactive and fun while providing quality delivery of Agile and Scrum framework. A great resource content, we provide fundamentals to help individuals and corporations for an Agile transition.” – Gaurav Yadav
“A workshop is successful only when the audience is full of enthusiasm to learn. This workshop was full of experiences, questions and inputs that made the session extremely interactive and collaborative, everyone practiced the values of Scrum as they learned it. Passing a certification is just a formality once the individual believes he is confident of performing and guiding others on the topic. Thanks to all who believed in us and made the event a great success.” – Monika Acharya
The result of the workshop is a 100% success rate- all trainees are now Scrum Master certified!

We plan to hold more workshops in the future, for both VLink employees and external participants.
To learn more about this possibility, contact us at 860-247-1400

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VLink 1st Agile and Scrum Workshop
We are very excited to announce Agile and Scrum Workshops as a new VLink service offering.
Our 1st Agile and Scrum Workshop will be held on December 17-18, 2016 at University of Hartford for
only VLink team. We will soon announce the upcoming workshop schedule for 2017.
This workshop will cover contents from both SMC and SDC and attendees will be eligible to take the exam for SMC and get certified.
Course Outline:
• Agile and Scrum Overview: Agile Overview, Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Agile Methods, Scrum Overview, Scrum Advantages
• Scrum Roles: Core Roles, Non-core Roles, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team
• Scrum Project Phases: Initiate, Plan and Estimate, Implement, Review and Retrospect, Release, Inputs, Tools, and Outputs for each process in each phase
• Scaling Scrum: Scalability of Scrum, Scrum in Programs and Portfolios, Scrum of Scrums (SoS) Meeting, Transition to Scrum, Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum, Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement, Importance of Executive Support
We highly recommend Scrum methodology when a project is Complicated, Complex or Anarchy in nature. We help companies learn, adapt and transition into being Agile without disrupting their business as usual. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us! 860-247-1400

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