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Kavita Rohilla
"I want it that way"....
"I want it that way"....

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Well,since the 21-12-12 crap posts are going to soar high everywhere humanly and technically possible;my brain tells me to take a week long vacation from social and not-very-social networking site :D

Saw The Dark Knight Rises...
An Awesome Ending to a Legendary Trilogy by Christopher Nolan...
All thanks to +Tushar Hindlekar ..

Petrol prices to an all-time high,Indian Currency to an all-time low,
seems like the Govt loves to play see-saw with the common public..

Released in India and lucky enough to catch it as well..What a performance by all of them!!!! Robert Downey Jr. Rocks it!!!!!
Simply Awesome!!!!!

Love the all new Google +

Life's gonna change very soon and i am still not prepared for it..
feels like the experience of cooking for the very first time..:)
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