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Beat the Dow and Nasdaq but barely got beat by the S&P 500. My buys this week were all negative today but I'm still confident in my choices.

I've sold off high p/e stocks this week. I sold SBUX, EL, GLD, and CRM. I bought COF, MS, and AMGN. I based those buys on reading the reports from analysts and looking at p/e and a dividend yield > 2%. I'm pretty happy with the decision to adjust based on actual research. All the company stocks I sold were purchased because I spend money with the company. I sold GLD because it erased gains and I would rather have a nearly guaranteed dividend yield versus hoping it appreciates. I'm tracking my sells and today they're down -1.34% versus my portfolio which just barely beat the market at 0.65%. I'm excited to see how this plays out moving forward: research versus random.

Happy with selling CRM and SPG today. They were down yet again and I'm glad to stop the bleeding on those positions. Beat the S&P 500 and Dow but Nasdaq beat me yet again by 0.01%. Trying to narrow down my next purchase based on actual research this time. I'll probably make a buy of one of them sometime this week or next.

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I am really liking how this Google+ is evolving. I am especially enjoying Google hangouts.
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