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Since my website is now old enough to drink I figured it's time to redesign it. Stripped it down so it's basically just a brief plug for my mapping, but it now has a small store section. Check it out at

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About half-way down the page - RedSoloCup, don't taunt me so! #Ingress

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Our accomplishment from Saturday.
Operation Watershed Situation Report

Having succeeded -- with necessary and invaluable support from a score of intrepid clearers -- in fielding Washington D.C. during the Abaddon anomaly, DMV ENL agents aelfadl, Deaf1, and Lockleaf (all names in this report are listed alphabetically, not hierarchically) decided to do it again, bigger and better. They brainstormed a plan, without a clear idea how they would handle the north end. Agent Lockleaf announced a date, a scant three weeks in the future, and amazingly, the very next day, PHL/NJ agent wi1dbi11 contacted them on Comm. It seemed the Shapers wanted this field to happen!

Agent wi1dbi11 connected the team to north-end talent and helped refine the plan, all agents from the previous iteration were requested, and operators in addition to the previously sole-operator, agent Deaf1, were recruited. The serious work of recruiting and assigning all of the clearers necessary to field such a large area then began, and progressed, and was completed, all in less than three weeks.

Agent aelfadl travelled to the Philadelphia area to transport keys farmed by the capable team there. Agent Lockleaf made arrangements to be on Tangier Island, Virginia. Agent jhspyhard took a team on unplowed mountain roads in the snow, deep into a national forest. Agent aelfadl returned to New Jersey.

Early in the afternoon on January 30 2015, with all agents in place, The Operations team “pulled the trigger,” and the clearing began. The operation encountered some fierce resistance, notably from RES agents Dendrob8sAzure, FriendlyTarget, JohnSteed1969, jwn7474, MrMeanBossLady, Ramb1ingGhost, Riptides, and SteelToad.

Cycle 103 Checkpoint 8 passed but the team persevered, successfully fielding most of the population of the Chesapeake watershed, including Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. The field was eleven layers deep and touched five cells, as well as five states and the District of Columbia.

Having missed checkpoint, the New Jersey anchor team dug in to defend their layers until the park closed at dark. They succeeded for over an hour, until RES agent Absolvent1 -- the fourth RES agent to arrive on the scene -- arrived and ADA’d their previously-inoculated portals.

Later in the evening, agents Deaf1 and Meredith ran a child-operation, as agents Sentyx and tidnab returned to the West Virginia anchor and re-threw one of the 263-km links to Tangier Island, blocking a RES BAF that well-sourced intel indicated was planned over Southeast Virginia for Checkpoint 10.

Total Mind Units captured in this operation was 51,489,672. Each of the eleven layers was worth 4.68 million MU and change - more than enough for an instant-onyx Illuminator medal per layer.  All nine of the throwers who closed fields attained ranks of 1 through 9 respectively, on the leader boards of all five of the cells that the field touched. New onyx Illuminator badges were attained by agents digimetal, encoder, Hydron, Sentyx, Watrg8, and wi1dbi11.  In all, 82 individual ENL agents participated in this operation.

Field Designers: aelfadl, Deaf1, Lockleaf, wi1dbi11

Operators: Aneristic, Deaf1, F1ightRisk, GreatNorthern, Meredith, Webqatch

Clearers and Defense: 3ArmSally, 3philosophes, AbsoluteZero, aggieart, Agtesque, aktbar, ArchanAlias, AsunaYui, craftymtnweirdo, cuzIwasInverted, diamondgir, DMullz, DOCT0RWHO, Edgemaster1, encoder, FDKFourWheel, Galileo23, HydeTormented, Ikezera, JasonCF, jennasun, KareokeDokeyMan, LifeOnTheShore, lilrebecca6027, lockeandloaded, lunarvapor, maggwat, metalmike21, miergen, minoc2, MrPoofyPants, MrsBabaYaga, Mytzar, Nefert1t1, nincriky, NKRHINO, NotoriousJWC, okpensfan, orcacherman, OUSooners, phantom6294, PiningForFnords, PinkBulldog, priorose, ProfNinja, purplestorm, RealityAllergy, Repmnjak, Revenche, Rotfoot, RubyDiva, rujo74, Scorp1us, Shmeeves, SnipeHeero23, SweetViolence, TeleBomb, thebandet, ThornBlackHeart, Torrejon84, trumaster36, UltimateWeenie, uzumaki1979, VonderVoman, Wanderer77, Wristie

Throwers: aelfadl, crikeybooyah, Digimetal, encoder, Hydronn, jhspyhard, Lockleaf, Sentyx, watrg8, wi1dbi11

Key Farmers: aelfadl, crikeybooyah, Lockleaf, lunarvapor, mojojojo163, wi1dbi11

Miscellaneous Thanks: Armstrong30, CliffM, DCPoker, dirtyjrrz, IceFalcon, ThecrazyIrish, Wyattfox
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I really hope Ingress re-opens portal submissions at some point.  Today I find out that Boyds of all places has a Zoroastrian Temple (!?) and it makes me sad I can't make it a portal.  #ingress

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New public art piece in Brunswick. #portalworthy

Ok Internet, Ziva David vs Jaqen H'ghar.  Make it happen.

Ok +NIA Ops,  I get it, no more portal submissions.  Parks, historical markers, war memorials, public art, cemeteries, tourist attractions, all no longer of interest, even if in towns without any existing portals. 


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Thanks to an unrelated post by +Casey S. I've learned with great sadness that this is not a portal. (Zero meridian at Greenwich).  #ingress #Nianticfail
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