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Update from the Benefit Auction world.

Compass Auctions was proud to provide its auction services to the St. Nicholas School fundraiser. This video clip shows the bidding for a black lab puppy. The puppy also came with guaranteed training as a hunting dog and housebreaking.

St. Nicholas School provides children the opportunity to discover themselves and reveal their distinguishing character; and grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually. The St. Nicholas philosophy is based on fostering independent thinking and intellectual curiosity in each student.

St. Nicholas School is a private elementary Episcopal school in Chattanooga, Tennessee for preschool through fifth grade. It began in 1958 as a preschool program and expanded significantly in the early 1970s to include the elementary grades.

Compass Auctions has another live auction coming to Soddy Daisy! Keep April 27th on your calendars!

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See some of the vehicles that rolled through Mecum's Kissimmee Classic Car Auction!

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Compass' auctioneer is going to be a featured bid caller in Mecum's Kissimmee Sale. Check the link for more details. 

Q: Is it best to sell real estate at auction?

A: Real estate can be a tricky subject. Auction companies love to sell property absolute, but in the end it depends on why the customer is selling. If the customer needs a transaction completed quickly, then auctions are the way to sell. If the customer has a highly desirable piece of property, auctions allow him/her to sell the property without putting a price cap on it. All selling prices do is put a top number on the asset.

Also, auctions save the seller money. With a standard listing, the property can sit on the market for six months to a number of years. While on the market, the owner is responsible for the upkeep of the house for sale. This means mowing the yard, paying utilities, cleaning, and decorating. If nothing else, the seller needs to check on the property from time to time (and gas prices are no joke). These fees add up over time. And if the house sits long enough, the seller inevitably reduces the price. 

With auctions, marketing usually lasts for one month, and closing typically happens within thirty days. The property sells as-is, so the seller releases himself or herself from many financial obligations. Auctions may bring a lower selling price than a traditional listing, but auctions save time, effort, and maintenance fees. 

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Here's the shortened aerial video of the September 29th Auction. We had a couple of lots out there

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We're branching out. After months of market research and education, we're going to host an Online Only consignment sale. It won't work like other online auctions. If you're curious or interested, let us know. We're always happy to answer your questions. 

In case no one has told you, there's an equipment auction in Tennessee coming up. September 29th. Soddy Daisy. 8840 Frontage Road at 9:00 AM/EST. 

Be there

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Q: Can auctions help any business? Even if I don't have anything to buy or sell?

A: We like to think so. At Compass, we believe that every company can benefit from a live auction. Not only do buyers and sellers enjoy the show, but we offer sponsorship and vendor opportunities. Any business can be involved. We typically have hundreds, if not 1000+, people looking for great finds at reasonable prices. If you think your company could benefit from face-to-face advertising with that many people, check out our Sponsorship Page to learn more.

Q: Can I sell my stuff now? I don't really want to wait for an auction.

A: Yes. Of course. Compass can sell anything you want at any time you would like to sell it. You have many choices when it comes to selling your assets. You can take the time, fill out every form, sign up for multiple websites, complete every data form, or you can have us take care of it.

If we don't have an auction that fits your timeline, then we can sell your items in a more traditional way. We use our connections and online resources to get the job done.
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