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Experienced E&O insurance provider for real estate professionals
Experienced E&O insurance provider for real estate professionals

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Is the real estate market going to crash again? Here's 10 reasons why it may just happen again:

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Looking for a new E&O Policy?

Choosing your Errors & Omissions insurance policy is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your business this year, but you’ve got to ask the right questions before
you sign on the dotted line. Learn what to ask by downloading this FREE E&O
guide to choosing a provider:

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Shopping for E&O insurance?

ALIA is your one-stop solution. Here’s how it works:

- Submit one application, and our agents will get to work sourcing multiple quotes.
- We’ll contact you within 5 business days to go over your coverage options.
- You choose the policy that meets your needs and bind your coverage.

Learn more by visiting

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Best Practices for Appraisal Reports

Whether you’re an appraiser or a home inspector, your highly technical reports are read by non-technical people. Just how well can others decipher what you’ve written in your reports? If your report passes the “Jeff Foxworthy Test,” you’re golden.

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Square Footage Adjustments

If you’ve been making educated guesses about price adjustments for square footage, it’s time to reduce your liability. Here’s why regression analysis is so important for building accurate appraisal reports.

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Happy New Year! Please note our offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 31st and Thursday, January 1st in observance of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We will resume our normal business hours on Friday, January 2nd. Wishing you much success in 2015!

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Happiest of holidays to you and yours! Please note that our offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 24th and Thursday, December 25th in observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will resume our normal business hours on Friday, December 26th.

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Not all states require real estate professionals to carry professional liability insurance. Regardless of state requirements, carrying comprehensive E&O coverage should be on your list of business non-negotiables. Here are 3 situations that could put realtors at E&O risk:

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Mixed Opinions 

Should you use a comparable that closes after you've performed your appraisal inspection? What if it's the best comparable for your subject property?

Check out the discussion happening over at +Appraisal Buzz, then share your thoughts below this post: 


Pre-Sale Listing Liability

As a listing agent, did you forget to inform your client about their option to get a pre-listing home inspection? This accidental omission could get you sued down the road. Learn more about this legal obligation for real estate agents and brokers. Click here to read on »

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