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Jan Franco
Why lie to someone when telling the truth is much more attractive?
Why lie to someone when telling the truth is much more attractive?

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Morning, all.

A friend told me that Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 is on sale on Amazon, $38 I think.
It is worth buying it or waiting for Season 2 to be released later this year? 

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A friend of mine sent me this link regarding suggestions of RPGs for new players/GMs.

Mouse Guard looks interesting. Would it be a good start for my friends and I before jumping into something heavier?

I found the box set on Amazon, fair price for 2nd edition.

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My limited edition copy arrived! Looks great! Planning on ordering the pdfs off Drivethruepg. 

Anyone have any suggestions for encouraging others to try this game?
I am psyched for it because I watched the whole MASH series and loved it. If I ask my friends about the show, they will have no idea what I am talking about.

Any suggestions? 

Holy crap, someone ended up buying that knife $200-something knife I posted! I did not think someone would actually buy it. 

Not sure if this was asked, but with the news of classic cards going to wild, Slyvannas, Azure Drake, and the like, it was said we would get a full dust refund for them AND still be able to keep them, right? My question,

If I craft a Golden Slyvannas right now, I SHOULD get a full 3,200 dust for her later, while KEEPING her for wild?

So, any of us can craft one of these cards, golden, for free? Since we will get the whole refund?

Last night, I was participating in a focus group. Was paid $150. I decided to buy Scythe with all the extras, a la carte.

I tried grabbing a CE off Ebay but lost.

In the end, I spent about $170 of my own money to get everything. Let's hope it was worth it! 

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Hey, all. I just started playing CS:GO a few days ago and I got this knife in a gamma case.

Do I keep it or sell it? Starting at $218.50.

Being new to the game, if I sell it for this price and it is purchased, do I get this money in Steam funds?

This is all new to me


Afternoon all.

I played Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk last night with friends, it was great! We used someone else's base game and my expansion.
One of the guys I was playing with popped all the little pieces out from the expac. I was counting up and I have 75 pieces. The sites tell me the game comes with 76 and others say 78.

Is there a website that shows you EXACTLY what the game is supposed to come with? Thanks!

Morning, all

Are the cards for most board games the same size? I am looking to invest in card sleeves and I want to make sure I grab the right size. Thanks! 
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