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Jan Franco

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I took this in front of my bus stop. A new barbershop that does not clean up when they close up. How do they expect to run a respectable business if they are this lazy? 
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This drives us crazy - Scott loves watching that show with Tabatha Coffey which is like Kitchen Nightmares but for hair salons.    So many places just have no idea how to run a business. 
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Jan Franco

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Let's go shooting.
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Jan Franco

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Hey guys, I want to make a shaman tank for the Horde. Does my choice of race matter at all? Thanks. 
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Unrelated question: Is there a simple key shortcut for a tank to target the mob that is targeting another player?  I know there's one to target the target of another player but that isn't always helpful.
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How much have you guys spent on Hearthstone?

All in all, this game has me for $300 exactly. 
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I have spent a little under $100. Considering how close I am to having an entire playset of commons, rares and epics as well as about 10 legendaries I'm pretty happy. I purchased the 40 pack bundle and the rest was spent on arena runs. I am currently sitting at 1500 gold and an 8-2 arena run so I believe that money was well spent considering the knowledge I gained through arena to where I can average 7 wins and pretty much go infinite. 
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Jan Franco

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Are you ever one loss away from three in arena and you just want to end it, so you play crappy and end up going on a six game win streak?

Makes you wonder the caliber of those other players. 
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진지하게, 실수없이, 현명하게

... 그냥 최선을 다해!
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Anyone heard anything more on this?
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I don't doubt it. The NRA will "compromise" our rights away just like every other big group just at a slightly slower rate.  For all of the true guns lovers out there the NRA is not your friend and does not have your interest at heart. They are a lobbying group that often, but not always, have their interest align with yours. Know the difference.
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Jan Franco

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Good morning all. How did you all wake up this morning?

I thought of +Shaun Thomas when I saw this picture. I like it. A fine way to start the day. 
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Well there's a thing lmao

There are worse things that I remind people of
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Jan Franco

Ask a Gunnie  - 
Can you order ammo off and have it sent to an FFL or is it only straight firearms? 
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Illinois resident. I've bought ammo online from two places, and they just wanted a scan of my DL and my FOID.
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Jan Franco

General Discussion  - 
How long do you grind matches for?

What is the longest you have grinded?

I usually play for an hour, longest would be a few hours. 
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Jan Franco

Ask a Gunnie  - 
Does anyone know of any long term physical problems associated with shooting? I was thinking about it when looking up recoil figures for a 30-06. We have the butt against our shoulders. Does anything happen after a thousand shots? Ten thousand shots? 
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Good question. I know a Mosin rifle will bruise your shoulder after 20-30 rounds, and the ballistics of 7.62x54r are similar to 30-06. I believe that repeated bruising has some long - term effects, so that could be an issue if you're not using some kind of recoil absorbing device. (I have a slip-on limbsaver on my mosin stock)
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Have them in circles
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I called this store looking for this incredibly popular rifle. They had one left and were kind enough to place it on hold for me until the next day. When I came in, there were plenty of customers about and I was immediately greeted and helped. They have a whole other room next door with more goodies. The prices were great and the customer service was friendly and very helpful. I even got a discount for being a first time shopper there. I will be returning here for more purchases.
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