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Why lie to someone when telling the truth is much more attractive?
Why lie to someone when telling the truth is much more attractive?

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Has anyone had any luck with their local hobby shops in pre-ordering Star Trek Adventures?
I mentioned in June that I left my name and number with my shop for a pre-order. They did not have any information or even know about the game.
I went back to the store last Friday and one of the staff was friendly but did not have any new information. He asked another staff member and his reply was

"If it comes out in August, we will know in August."

The original staff I spoke with seemed a bit embarrassed, the other seemed apathetic.

What kind of customer service is that?? I was a second away from canceling my pre-order and going through the website. 

How often does alcohol come into play when you all are playing board games?

I don't mind everyone having a beer or two but when people drink too much, their attention wanes, the game play stalls, and what should have been a fun evening instead turns into packing everything in early. 😒😒

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Hey, all.
I found Cthulhu Wars Core Set (Onslaught Two Printing) for $160.

Worth the purchase? It seems like a lot for just coren game but Mansions of Madness is close in price for just the core.

How does it compare with other Lovecraftian games? MoM, Arkham and Eldritch Horrors?


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Today is the day we find out those prices for the Borg Cube bundle! Tomorrow is the pre-order. What do you all hazard the damage will be? 

I understand the pre-orders start this Thursday but when is the actual release date? This year or next year?

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Finally unlocked this damn card back. Only took a month and a few emails to Blizzard and Tespa but I have it!
Only seven to go! 

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A new RPG for Star Trek that comes in a Borg Cube.

Assimilate at your leisure. 

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A new Star Trek RPG? Covers all the series? Comes in a Borg Cube? Am I pre-ordering it?
Is Gagh, best served live?

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I saw this cool flyer in a bar in Boston yesterday.

Alas, my friends are non gun owners.

Did I say that I found this in Boston?

I would be curious to see how citizens stack up against professionals. (assuming veterans and retirees do not fall under Division 1).

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I out together a simple book case for my books and games. I was able to fit everything on there. Not sure what I am going to do when all my summer Kickstarters arrive! 
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