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I had the opportunity to go to Kenya and it was truly a life changing experience. This music video is my summary of it.
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I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this +Lindsey Stirling fabulously done! Very uplifting! Thank you for sharing!
Awesome video! I can see the joy you bring in the children's faces :)
Eddie K
thank you +Lindsey Stirling for the joy and beautiful music you continue to bring to our lives!
The singer you had in the video was incredible as well! I love this cover way better than the original.
Beautiful performance. Beautiful video. :-) 
Awesome +Lindsey Stirling. It it truly wonderful that you are using your talent for things like this. The look of joy on those children's faces were priceless :)
génial, ça devait être une véritable expérience !
Great job. You just got a new fan. I'm sure my wife will love it too.
+Lindsey Stirling you are simply amazing. You bring the biggest smile to my face with everything you do.

Thank you!!
I love You.................................
Love It... ♥ You are AMAZING :)
I'm not sure which is more wonderful.. you're reaction to the world or the world's reaction to you.. =]
Wow how blessed are you to have had that opportunity looks and sounds amazing!
Jesus Christ, I downloaded a Wallpaper of Lindsey Stirling, without even know who she was, from some simple wallpaper page, It was exactly the image of her profile picture here, and by pure magic of Google, this post just appeared in my Home.... Awesome tracking Google... just Awesome!
Did you get a chance to drink massai's brevage ?
Having lived and worked in Africa, this video really bothered me. "We found love in a hopeless place" just sums up the paternalistic and condescending attitude that so often accompanies "voluntourism." Africa is not a hopeless place, except as viewed by those who think they understand how the world should be.

Given the fact that this was sponsored by VenTribe (which seems to be just another way of promoting consumerism--not actually investing in Africa or promoting development) and that Lindsey has another YouTube video that will get hundreds of thousands of hits, earning her ad revenue and more celebrity, I don't see what's actually in it for those in Africa.

If you want to help people in Africa, don't just go there and have pity on people. Do something. Help start businesses, teach classes, teach public health, help others to start doing that. Provide resources. Don't just take something for your own benefit.

I acknowledge I could be missing part of the story, but if I am, it's not from lack of trying to find something more positive to latch onto in the links or in the video.
+Ryan Fairchild THANK YOU! We don't need that kind of mentality in Africa. I always feel like people "voluntour" in Africa just so they can stroke their egos and feel like good people. They don't get what is going on there, and I often get the feeling that they do more harm than good.
This video is so colorful! People are so happy. Music is great and it touches my heart. Thank you!
Ryan, it seems you may have misheard the lyrics. This group changed the words from "hopeless place" to " a whole new place". I think you owe this group an apology. They did a great job.
Silver. The first 2 times they said it, it was hopeless, not whole new. They did change it in the later verses, but the use of hopeless at all really bothers me. Africa is not hopeless, and this still furthers a paternalistic, "white man's burden" attitude. Like I said, I looked for something positive to latch on to, but this just puts the wrong perspective on very complicated issues.
I left to visit the Philippines as an overworked "Barely Making It" Truck Driver. I came home 2 weeks later realizing I live like a king compared to most of the world. How insensitive we can be, when we just don't see. -Gary
Thanks to +Sheila B. DuBois I heard this song and a few others and I must say you invest yourself into your music and it shows. Awesome!
+Pamela Trotter Can be , but you express your self in bad English. Very sad that any English is so misused ( I am not English speaking so my English can be incorrect, but what is your excuse ? )
Your not just a beautiful on the outside ,but so much more in the inside! The people of Africa ,especially the children ,are much giving and full of LOVE!
Lindsey, you continue to amaze and inspire me! Keep up the good work and can't wait for your next video!
Do more - most definitely do more. You are sensational! I like your music - it is different and very vibrant
Sorry about the caps lock but as for the other comments that's whats wrong with the world. Putting people down and the negativity that pour out of some people. The message was good and i stand by it. If people shared kindness and spread more good around. This world would be filled with love instead of all the hate and anger
I've been following you on YouTube for the last month and starting today, I'll follow you on G+ too :)

Beautiful video, the song was amazing and great camera handling by Devin Graham.

When will you release a CD?
Wow! This is absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Thank you. Much love to the WHOLE World! :)
I lived for +1yr in Kenya and traveled aroud East Africa, and it's a life changing experience! I think, Lindsay, that you see the life with a very different perspective! by the way, your video and performance is Fantastic!!!!
i love natives they have quite a culutre
Pardon me as I have not heard you earlier... and this song just blends with your voice..
I really appreciate the video and your singing :)
It was a delight to see the video
Awesome :) Great tunes, Excellent work.
Ke Xu
justin you are a sick person i should report you but im not cause i dont know you so yeah im not gonna repot you and just incase if you do that again i will repot you. bye now
You are so talented & beautiful love your video!
God bless.
your so beautiful and loving have a wonderful day
What is "hopeless" about that place?! That language really bothered me. Was "whole new" place used later in this song? That would be so much more appropriate. There is nothing hopeless about that place, Kenya. In fact, do you see the smiles of joy on the faces of the Kenyan people? They beam with more true joy and happiness than anyone I see here in America!
Rati Zv
so beautiful. wow.
So much energy and happiness!! i'll be there once, at least!!
loving this, we should support her work, I will be looking for more off this music.
am a Nigerian from west Africa, as a cinematography and non-linear editor am so inspired, this is amazing! good work well done.
its soo heart touching
Wow our people singing.that is awesome for those in need of more videos do contact me.(
Leon V
Completely Awesome just like all the other......
+Hamilton Kultcheski
actually the whole voluntour thing was not a typo, it was meant to describe how volunteers seem to do this just for the feeling of the place and not something productive for these people.
Typing with "UR" is not really okay and it constantly encourages illiteracy as people start to think that it is fine, unless of course your native or first language is not English, typos are fine however as they are a simple stroke of the wrong key and not the basis of someone's grammar/punctuation skills.
By the way, your English is good if your native language is Portuguese.
As a child of the jungle, It´s another story to live there, in Africa... but you look great, the children, and the wild life - on video!
Awesome video! I feel bad for all those kids though :(
Nice video. One of those that makes people feel better. I would just wish we could all feel better about Africa not just because we watched a nice video with a nice song. Africa is really not a happy place with loving people. It is a place devastated by greed, disease and hunger. Much of it caused by Europe and America. And seems like China is wanting a piece, too...
Such an impressive and interesting person!
+Alex Escalante I would agree with you that Africa has been devastated by greed. So what I see are the faces of many resilient people, and yes many of them happy and loving, even exuding a joy rarely seen in spite of their circumstances.
+Lindsey Stirling Could you provide a non-itunes link? I'm not on Windows or Mac, so itunes is useless for me, and I want to purchase this.
I love the way you move when you play. It's like the music sores right through you. amazing job.
Jen S
Awww what a beautiful and touching video.
That was awesome! A lifetime memory for all involved.
i found out about this girl becouse of dubstep.....
The difference between these people here and america is that we Americans have a restlessness that drives us to go out and conquer. I do not see that in the faces on the video, but I do see a lack of ambition. I don't think that's bad, but America is not ready to put down her tools.
holy crap that is funny charles miller
nice to see Kenya I miss my home country thanks you put a smile in my face and I love the music
Charles, that's a horribly bigoted statement. NOT FUNNY. The point of this video is the shared connections and humanity between all of us. Are you afraid of those children in the school, do you really think that out of a video collaboration like this she is going to somehow be harmed? OPEN YOUR EYES CHARLES: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Love more
You need to sell your stuff on Google Music. I want to buy this song but I don't want to use iTunes.
Sooo amazing!!! Looks like a trip of a lifetime
Mental attitude is dependent on environment as any other aspect is, and absolutely nothing to do with which side of an imaginary line on a map you're on.
Easy to be up when you have a roof over your head and food every day.
Take that away and dump yourself down in an environment that has the greatest incidence of AIDS on the planet, amongst a lot of other negatives, and see how you go.

Ambition and any other positive aspect will be gone in a fortnight.
WTF!!!! what is this?!?!?! lets better feed those kids!!
This redefines the word beautiful. My face smiled as I watched this but my eyes were full of tears ... . Thank you for doing this.
This is " playing for change " yet again. Now the world needs just a few million more of these movements and then we will be worthy of being called humans race.
You did amazing when you came to my school ( north point ) thanks!
1. cover your mouth with your hand.
2. whisper a wish in your hand
3. post this on three other comments.
4. look at your hand
Someone posted this yesterday. Having subscribed to your youtube channel a few months ago., I knew I needed to watch this. I loved it. Fantastic job on everyone's part.
A message of hope, inspiration and love. Well done.
There are no words to describe this video :)
This is too good not to comment. It looked like you enjoyed being there and the people were enjoying your violin. Loved the colors, the rhythms, the music, and the joyfulness.
Love your music and videos! Your soul shines!
woow ....really i like u .its hard to put a small smile in this ppl life's...good job :)
uma das mais belas apresentações que ja assisti: parabens
Very uplifting. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Life in that way! very nice..u r very it.
What could be there???
(Hmm neverland)
Does this blend of violin and hip/hop have a genre name? I'm seeing more and more people creating music with this kind fo fusion. Anyone know?
So inspirational! Thanks for sharing!
all i have to say is wow. thats all i have to say. i felt the love u brought i admire u.
I have been to Kenya but did not experience the wonderful scene you have. Great video you have and people there are so pure and natural.
One thing I always find great about Lindsey Stirling is how she can't sit still while playing. It's like she loves playing so much she can't help but dance at the same time.

It's obvious that she's very passionate about her music.
OI totally agree with Aislynn
they are total lip singers
Ok so after seeing that and your Skyrim videos I really have to try and get you to come to Tasmania
great music and great video! watching it the third time in two days, because of the luck in your eyes!
Lindsey is such a great violinist! I'm so glad she got the chance to perform for those people who have never even heard the sweet sound of a violin before! :)
Wow! I had not heard of you until now Ms.Stirling. That was beautiful. Thank you.
Fascinating & entertaining video. What beautiful singer & violinist
you must have fun ...Lucky you.
beautiful vdo and song.heart touching.
A M A Z I N G ! did u run the dirty dash ?
; )
wow i was watching Lindsey beginings it was so funny.I really liked it.all the things you and friends were doing...good vdo !
you are a natural, keep at it. Ms Ambassador of the world ;)
hahahaha...strongest nomination for Oscars !!!
You've really touched so many lives in a way which is unimaginable. Thank you!
Peace for all of us. Good. Amazing caring and cultural people in the world.
its real fact you are v good movement are u catch
this is song it will be good CAF 2013 in south Africa. coz they are things dat we need to let it go. this is a blessing song
Lovely and wonderful video. Keep up the good work. God is smiling on you.
Lindsey i'm happy for U, and yes it is life changing. Bless U :)
NB: U seem to be an amazing violinist.
It's so in most parts of Africa-everything wonderful and indeed life changing. It's not all negative as usually insinuated by foreign madia.
hi beauty looking so handsome
Great Sound, great place, great idea
Live near some of your shots. Loved your enthusiasm. :) Loved the music a lot...
OMG I love it better then Rihanna's i swear I am wow wow wow wow
this video is so unreal that it seems to me like fake. It doesn't present the real situation in this country and we are thinking that in Africa life is great and there are living healthy and happy people but the reality is so far away. The people are poor, they don't have what to eat, dress, children are starving, their health system is ruined and we, the rest of the people on Earth don't do anything in order to change this situation. Why? Because we are self obsessed and are interested only in our lives.
Better than Rihana's indeed. ^_^
Please please please add your music to Google Music or Amazon or CDBaby or something like that! It's awesome and i really want to buy it, but i don't use iTunes!
Awesome experinces brings great meomires , Im from Uganda i lived near Kenya .
I welcome you all to kenya whether for "volontourism" or volunteer work, for any visit you make at least you will put food on someones table .. it doesn't matter whether you are the biggest beneficiary. But we would appreciate if you are in a position to help the people of Africa ...then help them. Am a Kenyan and Kenya is not a hopeless country, it lacks opportunities but the people are full of hope
you looked pretty in that traditional costume :)
To the few people that said bad things about Lindsey and the video. Haters Gonna Hate. It's just a music video and Lindsey is just a musician. If you have a problem with how the world is take it up with your government. You people suck.
congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
To the few people who think "bad" things should never be said (very subjective statement there): We do not suck. We have different opinions than you do, but this does not lead to inherent suckiness.

Dialogue and criticism are important, because without that we would not refine our ideas nor our methods. Some people (I would say rightly, but I'm a little biased) think that paternalism is bad for development and countries that are economically developing. I think that this video furthers that paternalistic attitude.

I think that furthering paternalistic attitudes sucks.

To the rest of you who had respectful comments and engaged in dialogue, Thank you. I don't think that Lindsey is inherently bad for doing this. I do think her motives are ambiguous given all the advertisements for VenTribe, tourism companies, herself, and Devin. Music videos are great, but this is at least putting off the appearance of doing something for Kenya. In my mind, doing something for Kenya (or insert other country here) involves more than just playing a violin and lots of self-promotion.

Instead of saying that Haters gonna Hate and saying that some people suck, why don't you join the discussion and come up with some arguments to counter or refine our points.
Adorei o sorriso das crianças mostra o que a musica não importa o tipo faz com a pessoas.
Incredible! Simply magnificent. Lindsey is always making good stuff anywhere she goes. Keep it up Lindsey!
Super cool jam with the vocalists and the drummer. The videography is wonderful! I <3 your music.
Oh well... i will watch it again, maybe i missed something. This is really cool! Congrats for the sound and the filming!
wow is very nice and is only once in a life time that experience congratulations
Wow Lindsey. This is why we love you. Because you are not only great entertainment and music, but mainly a great person exploding with loving energy. Just PLEASE dont actually explode. I would die without your music.
Amazing how the meaning changed with video and intonation.
i'll collection your music Lindsey ;D
may all ur wish come true thats fantastick, by putting smile on this peoples face is wanderfull keep it up and remain bless u make my day thank u.
Ok, Lindsey Stirling, you have got the secret of the world. Show it continuouslly. Jorge Pérez (Seville, Spain)
how were you able to go to Kenya? That's amazing!
Yes, your gorgeous!!!!! I Loved this video, in fact, its the first one I saw you in. LOLz, i met you in this vid. ^^
I saw the rest of your videos and they were awesome!
Congratulations on all your accomplishments
LOLz, i learned about you today as a matter of fact! (5/10/12)
Yah, I hate to ride on other people's success, and I hate to post something like this, but I'm super into what she is doing here. I love it. I made a song that is similar in style. I'm asking for help to get Lindsey's attention, so hopefully we can collaborate. All I'm asking for is 4 minutes and 35 seconds of your time.
If you like what you hear, spread the word. If not, go about your life and completely ignore this comment. Thank you for your time.
Sometimes it is good to stop and listen and think about it,
where it leads us our hurried lives. It is good to stop and listen and see that not all are in the same situation as we (I).
Very nice movie very nice song +Lindsey Stirling excelent work...
I've lost track of how many times I have listened to this song! :) I absolutely love it!
Juan SC
You are amazing
you are truly a good singer and may god bless you
Hello Lindsey,
Just to say you are amazing :).

SomeOne from Morroco
I am sure this is going to get flooded and lost in the mass of people who say stuff like this all the time, but here goes. I want you to know that I had a high level of respect for your before this video, and now, I have an even higher level of adoration for the person that I have seen in these videos. I hope that you go far in your life. Best to you.
I'm so happy I saw your works on youtube!!! Spectacular!!! A whole new dimension to strings!!!!
Amazing. Love Africa, since born and grew up there. Loved ur video. Grt work and continue doing so. All the very best.
Absolutely amazing music...a wonderfully musician on the rise listen and enjoy thee great melody she brings from her violin to our ears....pure sounds of life AN EPIC ANGEL...Lindsey Stirling....DREAMS KEEP MOVING!!!
Ali R
I like it..
hi lindsey! I am from Chile....i like that you maybe come to visit us....PLEASE!!! i am your fan number one!!!
moving, inspiring, touchy... keep up the good work
I play the violin myself. I have the Spontaneous me music sheet but I can't play the fast part well.
Sadly - I cannot give this more than +1 ...
Love her work! Amazing Music and violinist! Bought Her music on I tunes, can't wait for more from You. Please keep it flowing!
Very nice job! Congratulations and thank you !! :-)
Hermoso video, felicidades.
Awesome vid Lindsey and BTW glad to see your spot in the Just Dance 4 advert video... movin' up in the world you'll be regular dinner table chatter before you know it ;)
you are just amazing and i hope you dont change your style for money :) love yy
Having been there, I understand how it changed your life.  Great music to go with the video
Love this song so much more than the original! <3
I realy love this video ^_^ it's so full of joy and love _

Thx a lot for this post
you've made my day better ^_^
A beautiful video. It was nice to see Kenya's people enjoying the sweet violin's sound! 
Wow, violinists never really had my attention but she....
+Lindsey Stirling She really is something special.

I've never seen a violinist dance like that... not only is the music nice, she dances, like a passionate flower in a wind blown of love and peace. It does something with me...

To be honest her dance moves and lovely smile just simply melted away my masculine fuses as if they were made from butter. And you have to be a good performer to pull that of with a video clip ;)
travel in other places around the world
Lindsey can you perform Duel of the Fates from Star Wars soundtrack (John Williams) please
it could be amazing!
I would like to know how to play! Do you think you could teach me? Lindsey your really good!
you are the greatest musician i've ever heard

stay so kind :)

Greatings from berlin/germany...
It's such a fascinating atmosphere, full of fun and love to the children! Amazing, and congratulation! Wonderful! How did you take the energy from?
Also greetings from Southern Germany
Sail He
very nice ! 
where in kenya did you visit because i am kenyan?
You're amazing! And you're music is great too.
Лучшее что может быть в одном человеке, за это мы тебя и ценим!
Thank you for this unbelievable piece of friendship and love to all people! How do you get such a lot of life an love?
This is truly a masterpiece!  I can't wait to see her next video!!
I love your videos and your beautiful music!! And this is my favourite song. You're a very talented violinist
Absolutely everything she does is a completely unique masterpiece. <3
That ist your greatest Video... i love your.musical !
I love it to , nice job and what a nice thing to do for people who have never heard a violin . Your awesome Lindsey.
first, sorry for my very bad english xD
you music is beautiful for me and of course you dance too, this video is awesome.
I hope to see more videos of yours you are amazing
Today I have been looking for a place to post this for you where it might catch your eye because I thought that with this video that you made you might have some stills that you might want to add to this wonderful project so I hope that you take a look and consider it because I think that this video and the people in it are perfect examples of the "Proof of Your love" (your being God.) :) Thanks for taking the time to read this and look into it :)
aah I love all your videos so much I want to be able to play the violin like you some day!!!
Sooooo awesome!!!!  Discovered your music 1 week ago.. and I love you :)
epic! so beautiful :,)
THE VIDEO IS AMAZING ! Come to Bosnia Lindsey i want 2 meet you, best wishes, you'r Zoran,
Should back to Kenya for a Concert. :)
OMG!!! what a beautiful song!!! beautiful smiles, beautiful people,... how sweetly!!!
+Lindsey Stirling This by far was one of the most humbling videos I've seen yet.. It looks like you had a great time. Best of luck on your tour , Sorry I missed you here in North Carolina, was a 6hr drive :(  Look forward to hearing n see the result of the tour..  Keep it up !!!
awsome violin beat and cool videos. love your music
Great Video Again Lindsey You're So Nice 
love it!!!!!
shes really good :D
once in a while a true performer with great cause appears. you are very impressive lindsey. be the change this world needs now.
hey pls can you play indian style music in your instrument ...
Magnifique, la voix de la chanteuse ... et lindsey toujours au top   ;)
wael da
Music that plays very exciting and wonderful I have an idea , why do you not put the Eastern music with one of the your track will be a great mix 
I LOVE IT!! It's a great video; very nice :D
Yes, it's really awsome! ^^
Dana K.
Awesome Lindsey!! Great Video!^-^
YOU are a wonder girl Lindsey! ;3
Wow, this is very moving. You are a great inspiration. Thank you!
is this the real lindsey?!? cause if you are, you inspire me!!!
This is the best video ever. It really changed me and inspired me to play violin. Thank you Lindsey
I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! It is one of my favorites!!
Lindsey!! I can't breath because of you... AMAZING!
i love this song this is the best song of the world!!! :-)
Wow, this is a truly amazing experience!
lindsey :)
i saw your video.its aweson
i find you so great :)))
please answerd
i will you meet 
Always evokes memories of my work in Africa, kind people great continent, unfortunately with many problems
Thank you for your arrangement!
lindsey its an awesome video :)) the way--- from where can i get that t-shirt evolution of running its nicee :)) like you so much ;)
will you ever made video's like this again? in South America Maybe?
Karibu Kenya again....You did this good...and that is the word!
I knew it was done in Kenya... Am a big fan, when you come back holla
+thestarfire NO! NO! NO!  Whoa up there, ace.  We want Lindsey to come back from her tour.  That guy running North Korea is a nutcase!!!  She might never get out of there.  He doesn't know a violin from a violet.
Karibu, good morning +Lindsey Stirling
We love Africa, its nature, its landscapes, people and its wildlife,
We live in Tanzania for 20 years, but these places and these scenes still continue to thrill us,
Thanks for the wonderful song, congratulations, exciting.
Greetings from Tanzania!
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