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Here is my attempt at Dubstep violin. Let me know what ya think Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize
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I think it's amazing! We've been listening to it over and over here at the office today! Looking forward to more of this from you! :)
That was the first work I saw from you .. instantly hooked me. <3
I'm still waiting for it to be put up for sale on Google Music!
Your music, including this song, is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your talent and hard work. :)
Loved it, I would actually felt like the dubstep was held back a bit, would love to see it pushed even further. I already said this on YouTube but it's more likely to be noticed here :)
+Lindsey Stirling I've been playing this all day long. It is absolutely stunning work, and I hope you take this concept and make a whole album.
+Mark Lane I interpreted that to be a sign of mature musicianship. It kept the focus on the soprano voice (the violin) rather than trying to throw everything at the listener. Music is as much about the notes you don't play as it is the notes you do.
Love the music and the video. The location is amazing as are the ones from quite a few of your videos.
For me you represent artists - as they should be :]
Note, I would love to buy your HD videos on iTunes, but nothing's available...
I would have to agree with everyone about Google Music, and I think you reach an amazing balance with the whole performance both Visually and with you stunning music piece. If you could I would love to see you do something with the Elder Scrolls Themes, with how well you did with the Zelda theme I think you could do some very creative things there.
I posted this earlier today, as someone was actually mentioning Silverthorne and then I saw this. Absolutely stunning. You are so awesome, as Devin Graham.
I think it's absolutely amazing -- thanks so much for sharing your talent
t grey
I feel like the dub-step aspect was secondary with the violin however. I wouldn't call this "dub-step violin", I'd call it "a violin over dub-step". Perhaps experiment applying some of the dub-step type cutting and filtering to your violin parts. For example, play the staccato 16ths as just 8ths and then cut them with a gating effect instead. Small changes like that to tie the violin style more in with the rest I think would add a lot.

I don't mean that feedback negative tho, I really like this piece! Thanks for sharing it.
I came across you through Google+ today. I gotta say that I like your style ^_^
Lindsey, you've just gotta do more. That was absolutely amazing!!! :-)
Amazing, Absolutely amazing.

I wrote something with a link to the video, I mentioned both +Marie Williamson and +Eric Peterson along with a link to the video. It's only four posts down on my stream.
Amazing music. Incredible video. Your passion and movement are electrifying. :-)
first: absolutely loved it! but im with +t grey & +Mark Lane in that it really felt more like violin over dubstep. not to get into a dubstep vs. brostep flame war here but the origins of dubstep were massive PA systems and insane bass that rattles your soul and amplifies the the void -- space between the wubs. [20-200hz for the audio pedants]. heavy bass music is all about what recording engineers call the wall-of-sound and really the frequencies of your beautiful piece wouldn't [or shouldn't if you have a competent engineer!] interfere with some heavy sub-bass in the slightest.
It's a different feel...amazing
Cool!! Keep 'em coming...Thanks for the music!!
This is great! I had to got watch everything else I could find by you after :)... I'd be curious what you and one of the dubstep djs, like skrillex, could come up with.
More please! =)
I love when different types of music are fuzed together; it's even better when it's done well.
Really quite impressed with the video, cool dancing violin playing also :)
Wow you are insanely sexy like your actions and the way you move wow lol
Fantastic sound with an awesome background, very impressive indeed...
I must say that the music is incredible, and the choice of location was just awesomesauce.
Love the beat. I'm not a big strings fan but that was put together very nicely.
Such a relaxing beat, love it!
As we say up here in Boston ...Wicked Cool! Great Video and Song!!
this is amazinggg,, never knew the violin could sound like this lol
Awesome! Beautiful music, excellent video! Thanks for sharing
I am speechless....that was beyond words!!!
Outstanding! A very moving piece and a fantastic piece of art. VERY well done. Now your making me go look for some more on ITUnes.
The best compliments is if you purchase your music from iTunes...and I did.
One of the most beautiful pieces of artistry I have ever heard. Please, continue to create more of this exceptional music. Thank you for sharing.
really nice! couldnt be better
This is really beautiful. The music, the violin, the environment and the cinematography is outstanding. Be proud.
I don't know much bout dubstep. However, you, the place your at, and your music are all awesome. =)
Makes me dream awake, and just after that fills me with energy to make the dream come true.
OK so pretty damn good for your first dubstep... Love love love when the origin of a dubstep piece revolves around the violin instead of the other way around... simply art... BUT... when a true dubstep remix comes out with the kick ass DROP... then beauty will have met the beast
Just a dumb question, what is Dubstep? It is quite pretty and really relaxing.
Really enjoyed this when I ran across it earlier today. Thanks for sharing +Lindsey Stirling ! I have a Pandora station I listen to while I'm working that this song would fit into perfectly, but I can't find you on Pandora.

More, please!
What an awesome piece, I'd love to hear more. You're music really adds to this style something I have not heard before. Since dubstep is mostly about distortions, you might try stepping your notes and see where that takes you. Also, the style seems to be more ridged so you're next stop could be doing a piece with a lot of chopping; it might go well with the flavor of dubstep. Regardless, you make this look and sound good - stick with it!
If you did an electronica ambient piece I would super love that.
Put them up on your website!!
Best dubsteb + violin everrrr! I like it that you kept it light! It's as cool as the electric + violin one. Rock on Lin! You make awesomeness!
very very impressive and your still as cute as a bunny
wow, my two favorite things in the world combined into an epic eargasm. Just an amazingly beautiful sound and talent. Please, please do more.
Very talented. Keep it up. A very international feel...actually felt otherworldly like somewhere far north !
this is awesome! i don't normally like dubstep, but this is simply amazing
Dubstep doesn't seem like a good fit. I admittedly know pretty much nothing about dubstep, but your interpretation doesn't feel anything like the dubstep I'm familiar with. That said, I really enjoyed this piece despite that. I don't know if that will last, but I admire the experimentation anyways. It might be better to say that it's inspired by dubstep, rather than being a part of it. I dunno. Your videos and your music remain some of my favorite things.
This is just amazing. It's totally my kind of music combination. I was always into mixing different styles and exploring music possibilities.
I love it.
The only problem now is I can't get that tune out of my head ;)
This is beautiful. Thank you. Please put this one Amazon or the Android market so I can buy it!
I love it! It seems that dubstep and violins can go together rather well. I would say that your experiment was a success. Are you planning to do more songs like this?
Please do more of these videos and this music! The combination is wonderful!
Loving your music keep it up
I have to agree with everyone else, I saw one of your earlier videos and was instantly hooked. I wish there was a way to purchase your music without going through itunes.
it sounds more than easy but to access is hard but dats so beautiful
This is amazing. Seriously, keep it up!
Hey Lindsey. I have a Niece with the same name. If this is your first shot at this type of music, I think you have a great future. You are obviously a very talented girl with much to offer and this type of music is great to see and hear. Thanks for changing the image of Violin music. Best of luck, Bob Jordan, from little Plainfield, New Hampshire
Lindsey, Its Bob Jordan again, I watched a few more of your videos and all I can say is "go for it". If you haven't caught the worlds attention yet, you will soon, keep up to good work.
it was pretty good!! more dub would be awesome! Lyrics would be even better!
Scott S
I think I saw you in a coffee shop in Edgewater recently. Should have come up and checked, you're a very talented and wonderful Performer! Great song and routine!
Very cool mix of the classical and modern!
I love this! And it's even cooler because I live 5 miles from these ice castles. Awesome video, love your dubstep, and how much fun you look like you're having.
Discovered your video 2 mins ago and all I can say is WOW!
I have watched this video multiple times and I must say, your talent is totaly amazing. I am going to grab this from Itunes. Now I must ask is the video avalible as well. This would be sweet on my Ipad...
Chan Li
so happy you are on G+
Honestly when I saw the icy background at first, some sort of sparkly "faerie" music sprung to mind. But somehow you managed to fit dubstep perfectly into it instead ^ ^ Keep experimenting, it's awesome ;)
I am thinking more on the lines that you and the ice were as one from the beginning. As the dubstep eased it's way in, you helped it to become in sync and part of. Your sound and moves were as natural and beautiful as they could be. Iam thinking that with proper growth and orientation with the dubstep, it could create a new sound as beautiful as any other clasic sound has. I love it!
Wonderful, melodic and hypnotizing ! ...Keep it up ;-)
Thank you very much for combining Dubstep and Violin, it was very beautiful. I'm tearing up. I hope that you do more.
I loved it, it was beautiful, thanks for sharing your work and spirit
Jason T
You are Amazing, Extremely Cute. I am not in love with you but I love your work. Thank you for being
Hey +Lindsey Stirling you asked for feedback, right?
I really like the dubstep version. It harmonizes great with your violin and you should do more! I really enjoy your music and how you experiment with different arrangements. Keep up the great work it is really inspiring!
Amazing! I'd say you pulled it off.
This gave me chills! I love this so much!! please make more <3 ^_^
Hi Lindsey : thanks for the journey. Love what you do with such a smile.
Incredible Lindsey, You did such a great job. Please do another :)
This made me smile and made my emotions lift.
Awesome! If only all pop music was of this caliber! I hope this album goes at least quadruple platinum! It's definitely on my wish list and I'll be getting soon!

[edit - Oops, I thought you had an entire album with this song on it. I'll download the song to my iPod now!]
That was quite possibly the coolest and most beautiful thing I've heard in awhile.
I prefer more electric than electronic, but sounds really, really good. Place is awesome, and that way of playing... Is an excellent job.
fell in love with it....purity at it's zenith..:)
I love "Shadows" you are incredibly talented, are you the choreographer?
Incredible! Great music and amazing filming.
I say YES to more dubstep! That sounds awesome!
This was so mesmerizing . I have never seen such remarkable talent. The video has so well captured the beauty of the ice castles combined with your extraordinary talent. What a gift! I loved the beautiful soothing sound of your dubstep violin. Keep our Amazement going.
Such a sick sound! I couldn't help but stop what I was doing and just get lost in it. really cool :)
Great music! I've been through everything on your Youtube channel and I love it all.

I'm looking at learning to play the violin when I get back from Afghanistan, any pointers as to what to look for when looking at instruments?

I hope you do some more work with dubstep, it's great for genre mash-ups. I would suggest however, adding more "wub wub" (the bass synth wobble). The most prominent example I can think of is shown here: Skrillex - Syndicate [HD] at approximately 0:35 and 0:38 the first couple of times.

Keep up the great work!
Unfair. You need to fill in your profile Lindsey! :) ... For starters, how long have you been playing? :) (you probably got that question for the first time in your life hehehe) ... great creativity with the instrument and I wish you all the best
This HAS to be the next level of dubstep, my god.
Lindsey you've gone viral! I'm so impressed with you. You're outstanding.
Close your eyes and listen. Mesmerizing...
I like your music and all your videos so much! You're really good! (by italian follower) ;)
Lindsey, you are very good!
I love this, definitely do more!
Your combination of outstanding music coupled with equally stunning video is absolutely beautiful!
Xin Li
Keep it up!! both of these videos are awesome.
You are Wonderful! I have not any words!
I hate dubstep, but this is absolutely beautiful. Hope you do a lot more of this!!!!
Naman A
+Bobby Hamid , I completely agree!

Dubstep sounds more like tires screeching and screaming, but this is amazing!
+Emmanuel Dauphin get the violin out! ... it did make me get mine out ... and I bought the music for this track off her site and had a great afternoon, with some dancing thrown in! Thanks so much +Lindsey Stirling for the awesome inspiration and help to wipe off the dust .... (mind you, the 'marcato' will take quite a lot of practice lol)
Awesome music. Wish you had your music on amazon music instead of just iTunes.
lindseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!!! greetings from a turkish boy,i love you <3 :))
i've only just heard about u and ur amazing!! i always wanted to play the violin but now u inspired me to truly try to play.
Wow. That was sheer awesomeness. Definitely want more...I'd buy a whole album of this. Love the mix with dubstep.
Wow... that was pretty damn fantastic.
Thanks to this song (among others) you became my all-time favorite musicianal musical masterpiece maker of my time.
i dunno. i like it but was wondering if u could try doing something like stand behind the music by anjulie or somebody that i used to know by gotye or something by adele - that kind of music.

but i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeely like the setting and watnot - its cool =D
First off....the violin playing is absolutely wonderful. I'm grateful to G+ for introducing me to you. You just about outdo the ice castles in beauty too =] So I'm not much of a dub step fan since it sort of lacks structure and....yeah, just not that appealing imo. However, this is the first time I have probably ever enjoyed a song with dub in it and that was mostly due to your brilliant playing. I can listen to a whole album like this.... It can definitely expose the younger generation to beautiful music along with their favorite dub aspects. In a nutshell....LOVE IT and I definitely wouldn't mind hearing more ^___^ d actually gets stuck in my head at random times throughout the day xD
Lindsey, you're great and I love your dubstep violin. I think you should try it more. My name is Ann and I'm all the way from Guyana. You're amazing and so is your dubstep. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic, Lindsey! Shared on public comment also.
Pretty amazing, I can't wait for the mp3!
Not bad, it's really good. Needs a little heavier of a drop, but hey, that's just me. Seriously though, where do you find these locations for video shoots? Someone has a serious eye for production locations
Lindsey - love the music, and you are hot!
I discovered Lindsey on G+, i totally love this dubstep violin sound
Please do more! There's too much Dubstep without a leading melody. IT leaves the genre SOOO dry. Please do this more!
Awesome, please, yes, do more, many many more!
Magic - Your music is beautiful and you are delightful.
Every time I put on your music, I find myself reaching for this piece to go first in the playlist.
I think this sounds amazing. I was just recently introduced to dubstep, and your music as well. I think the two sound amazing together. Please keep up the amazing work!
Amazing sound and dance. The scenery is also something coming from a fairy tale. Thanks for all your music.
Bow down to you Lindsey. Great work! ;)
it's incredible... keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to your next.
Really, really like it. Fantastic, keep up the good work.
this song is HOT! please please please make more violin dubstep and keep them coming.
=D =D =D =D =D =D =D

U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely perfect! O know this song very good, but this version is also awesome...
seriously, this is awesome. you did a fantastic job!
just one thing. have to come to Venezuela XD you'll love the landscape, it's just a suggestion for your next video. I love your videos, play incredible, I'm your fan Venezuelan X3
That's an awesome song, I love your dancing to the sounds of dubstep! That really made my day.
Wow nicely done! Sounds great and nice area where you made this video! You are a great violinist! And please make more of this dubstep music!
Definitely need to do more. Love seeing you have so much fun with this. You are an amazing artist.
When I heard this song I had to watch all your videos and you are just amazing!! I would love to see you perform live some day :)
El primer tema que escuche fue "Spontaneus Me" apenas 1 semana atras y desde entoces escucho todas tus temas todos los dias. Me Fascinan. Si queremos mas Dubstep. Ya quiero aprender a tocar el violin jaja. Saludos desde Los Cabos México. You are awesome.
I have not heard electronic with violin and I must say this rocks =)
..nice..really, really nice... beautiful sound..
Brilliant - I have just been watching "Shadows" as well - unbelievable and such a great fluid dancer too :-)
+Lindsey Stirling your dubstep is inspiring and my 6yr old daughter has fallen in love with the violin because of your inspiration. Keep up the great work and I agree with many of the others that you need to get your music up on google music. My daughter is begging me to get all of it for her. ;-)
How Ah
I love love love your music!
Great music , you so cute )
i think ur next video should be an avril lavighne song!
any one i would mostly reccomend,"when ur gone" its a very slow song
Absolutely amazing, you are such a great artist.
Thanks for making violin sound so cool :) You always invent smth interesting in your music, I hope your great ideas will never end! Very positive and warm videos. Thank you!
quel talent!!! bravo d'avoir rapproché le violon vers une musique actuel
i love all of your videos and i wish i could play the violin that well. and while DANCING?!
that would be impossible for me!
Amo el Dubstep y el violín.
I'm not much of a fan of dubstep but that was awesome!
Dubstep with the classic touch. You have been my favorite artist since your audition on America's Got Talent! I know you probably won't read this, but I think you are amazing. You should've won. I routed for you all the way (still am today). Keep up the amazing work.
Nate A
You're just about the best thing ever Lindsey. Don't ever stop.
Yay, it is really nice to see the ripples of so popular post. Have a look

Beside, good work with the music videos! Not only this one, but all of them.

Greetings from Poland. ;)
Mi preferencia musical es el Blues, pero tu música me fascina, te sigo. Sigue en la línea, no te vuelvas comercial.
Once again great music and great moves!
It's great! Excellent work! :D Keep jamming out =]
I did not see this available on your site as of yet? I assume there are plans for that...
so beautiful, i love every second on your lovely music and video, thank you, im looking on to buy your songs
You are absolutely amazing!! I have your songs on my iPod. I wish I could play as good as you.
This song is absolutely lovely! I hear it again and again and never get boring. You're really a good player and a good performer. I like your music because it's something different ad it's amazing the perfect mix of every sound.
Outstanding! Your passion and excellence is inspiring Lindsey!
This was released a week after me disovering "transcendence". I hate dubstep and still do, but this is just incredible, violins are my favorite string instrument, I just wish there was so much more music like this. Awesome stuff!
This one is my favorite. Great job.
This piece is awesome!... but how can i buy it? I don't want to pay Apple/iTunes. I want to pay YOU. Give me your Paypal email or so, please.
I don't know how to say this gentile.... or in a way to say it gentile.... but..... I finlally saw where they found the most awesome'est caracheter inspiration fom to American pie.... because.... the phrase; One time, at band camp.....; got me to thinking....
If she can do that to a flute.... ;)

Sry I dont want to be rude! just tell me to shut my piehole. I'm use'd to that! :)

Nonononnononononoooooooo.... EDIT!!!! What I meant was that.... sight nvm I just followed someone like you on the dancefloor (the only one that keept my beat).......

What I wan't to say In anyway is!: Keep Going! Love youre work so far!!!!!
Love from Sweden!
I just bought this song and went running with it. It was pretty awesome. Definitely like it. Do more of this stuff! Great music.
you should definitively do more dub step it was good
MORE! thats what i thought listening to this
ill tell you this .... i have been working on music for over 13 years now. i have never been a fan of dub step. what you did here is great!!!! also dub step is blowing up. this may be a direction you should be looking to go. at least for a bit.
Incredible fusion....completely changed my mood and kept me upbeat all day.
I really, really liked your work. The music in this genre, your dynamics and energy simply vohischayut.
A theatre of fire and energy in a land of ice.. What a burning heart you have Mrs Stirling!
Just amazing, great combination. You should keep on doing this, Lindsey. Greetings ! ! !
Absolutely stunning! Fantastic combination. <3
Definitely do more. Possibly adding some vocals. Don't stick with just one thing, keep us guessing, wanting more.
Impressive... You made me remember how beautiful a violin sounds...keep at your experiments!!
Fascinating. I could listen to this one all day.
Impressive.. beautiful sound...
absolutely awesome. I would like you to perform at my conference, the #1 tech conference in Europe, LeWeb, trying to reach you. Email me loic at leweb dot net if you read this?
I like the Dubstep Violin...
Wow, this one really blows my mind. Love it.
I think it turned out really good! Keep up the good work!!
Kicks ass as does Skyrim - loving it - v talented
Just want to vote for this sound.
I reshared, saying that this is the sound i've been looking for in some new music for my work soundtrack for a long time!
+Lindsey Stirling Wow. This is epically awesome. I always love violin being incorporated in various types of music, and I'm a big electronica fan -- so this is the perfect marriage for me. I'm definitely going to be checking out more of your stuff :)
I've never heard of you before and had no idea what Dubstep violin was until a friend shared this video with me.

What do I think? Simply amazing. Everything about it was exciting, entertaining, and truly inspiring. Now I just need to find a non-iTunes way of buying your music!!
Amazing combination! I like the way you dance with your violin :)
Lindsey changes it from dupstep into dubstomp. (yes its a joke about the "stompon") Point being she makes it into a real art!
Dear Lindsey,

it's SOOO awesome-mega-heavy-great-awe-inspiring-ingenious what you are doing with your violine and your whole dancing alltogether I got so excited when a friend introduced your video to crystallized to me here in Germany - I really freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I immediately bought the song :D haha
Wow, you are SO precious, never forget that it is YOU and NOT what you do or can do!!!!!!!!!!! God loves you, because He loves you, because He loves You, because He loves You, because He loves You, because that is what He is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be blessed so much dear Lindsey!!
Yours faithfully and sincerely in Christ

(hope you read it somewhere and may it touch your heart from heaven & little me ;) greetings from Germany :) )
K Mai
I love! Great work. :-)
Тебя внимательно слушает, как минимум, один человек в России ッ
J'aime beaucoup
wow amazing. +Keith Barrett turned me on to your work before one of the Vidcast network hangouts. Have you ever thought of doing hangouts? I know there are some singers that do hangout concerts. Something to possibly explore down the road :)
You are my new favorite performer :-)
Since I saw this on one of Jessi June's posts I cant stop listening and can't wait to hear more from you !
thanks for sharing this, +Lindsey Stirling. This sure is outside the box ;) ... truly creative. You really should do more with remixing dubstep - it naturally fits your performance. Why not create a four seasons story.
Very well done Lindsey. Fantastic videoclip, amazing music and dance between ice castles. :)
je ne connaissait pas cette musicienne mais j adore bravo continue
Your attempt is friggin brilliant!!!!
we need more dubstep Lindsey Stirling stylezzzzz
Great song, great presentation, hope to see more songs in this style in the future :)
Enjoyed this a lot! I let it play in another tab while browsing around, and was amazed at the feel of it.
amazing --- ! violin sounds make me happy -! It's great and beautiful thanks for your performance in the ice berg -! nice ^^
Very cool... You killed it, girl! Good work.
Awesome mix! Why can't I +1 this more than once?
you are amazing really good vibe from you're track here in the morning office time :-)
Lindsey... looked you up in Google play to buy some music... not much there.
I've seen several of your videos! You're simply awesome!
Will you marry me? This is gorgeous...or fabulous, can't decide the right word.
Fantastic stuff! I love listening to your music. Keep up the great work
Amazing presentation.
Found you randomly I'm in love with your music, you are amazing
+Lindsey Stirling This is the very 1st video of yours that I watched and from then onwards I became your Fan :) Thanks for Sharing Your wonderful Creativity.:)
amazing!! you outdid urself on this one lady. Great job! keep on pushing the boundaries of music genres ;-)
would plus one this over and over and over again if i could
Yesh she ish ^^
I loved this video as well (which one didnt i love??)
Yah, I hate to ride on other people's success, and I hate to post something like this, but I'm super into what she is doing here. I love it. I made a song that is similar in style. I'm asking for help to get Lindsey's attention, so hopefully we can collaborate. All I'm asking for is 4 minutes and 35 seconds of your time.
If you like what you hear, spread the word. If not, go about your life and completely ignore this comment. Thank you for your time.
Mark Carranza...If you were really trying to succeed you would go and put yourself out there by creating profiles that make impressions. Try posting something and putting a photo up man. Don't advertise yourself on other peoples stuff, advertise through yourself. If you're any good then get your stuff out there and work hard and you'll do fine on your own.
2 words: BEST VIOLINIST EVER KNOWN TO THIS UNIVERSE OR ANY OTHER UNIVERSE. Oops, used 17 words and 4 numbers...
Amazing, please make more. After hearing this song I viewed your others, then began to search for tickets to the closest of your tour destinations... just amazing work. Thank you!
y'r a beautiful artiste, plz do more......
Hi from Venezuela!! ur Amazing!!
This is pure unadulterated EPIC AWESOME. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Lindsey.
fantastic video, your work is fabulous beyond incredible! Congratulations goes on like this! You're super!
you are so clever
Hey Lindsey, i remixed your song I would like you to here it. love the violin work brigs chills to me. when i here it i add some more haunting bass with kiss of electro synth to it if you would like to here it let me know and i will send you copy asap ;)
one musician to another .. Charlie 
OMG, I LIVE IN CO =DD <3 your music!
I listen to all your music, especially this one on the way to work and to school!
You play really well violin. How you came close rock(skirt) violins music on the idea.I am not sorry if it is quite correct. I use a translator... mainly ;)
Lindsey, you are fantastic and an artist without equal! I'm Portuguese and I wonder if you do "concerts" in Portugal.
liked to answer your ...
hey lindsay you came to my school one time north point in lehi
I am a huge fan ur amazing
Amazing talent and unique combination-I really enjoyed the music mix.
Outstanding! Must be seen as well as heard!
this is the first song I heard, and I am filled with emotion, your smile while playing is beautiful, and have an excellent way to compose ... sorry for my English. Greetings from Argentina
I love it when classic meets modern music. Any chance you will be using an electric violin anytime soon? I think this might be great for some Hard-Rock-Metall-Badass-Apocalyptica-Lindsey-Eppic Mashup/Crossover ?!
Lindsey can you perform Duel of the Fates from Star Wars soundtrack (John Williams) please
it could be amazing!
Dubstep Violin kicks @$$! keep it up!
soooooooooooooooooooooooo               cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllll
Very good. I love dubstep, and in your execution of it becomes an unforgettable experience. Thank you!
i love it so much it is a blessing
eF Ka
just awesome, very epic, wobbly basses and violin fits very well together
+Lindsey Stirling , I'm quite sure that this message will never reach you, but this song inspired one of my photography. Of course, it will be dedicated to you as soon as published..Ciao!
Hypnotic stuff +Lindsey Stirling. Definitely need to do more dubstep or whatever else you think is a good idea. You have the Midas touch. 
Hey Lindsey, just got back from Afghanistan after a year deployment and I really want to thank you because your music is actually helping get through my PTSD and saving my life. :) Keep up doing what you are doing. And I also have to say that you are gorgeous. :) Okay, later.

SGT Tobias, Christopher
I love this video because of the pretty scene. Also very nice music, dubstep and violin go good together here...
This song is amazing. I live in Colorado so I really want to see it!
F. F.
Coming from Colorado I love this even More
F. F.
EPIC is all i can say and being #500 on posts :P
Un pur son de folie !! Très très très bon !! :D
Esta es la primera musica que escuche de ti y desde entonces soy un fanatico tuyo.  Excelente trabajo linda.
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Very very; Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at a LOST OF WORDS, BREATH TAKING LINDSEY !!
Awesome. Keep the music and dance coming. Greatest artist of this century!
I am flat, blown-away speechless by your onslaught of talent. Keep doing everything you're presently doing and you will go far!
Your videos are sooooooooo great, I like them so much! You are one of the best violin players I have ever seen! ;-D
What is good music? when you listen to it you feel the goose bumps, and it happens when I listen to your music
co to jest dobra muzyka ? gdy jej słuchasz jej czujesz gęsią skórkę, i to się dzieje gdy słucham twojej muzyki
where did you get the vest ? Please ^^
amazing decision of where to shoot the video
I think you did a damn good job! :) 
Love your music :)
it's not just an attempt!! it's truely amazing!! i would call it a dubstep revolution ;) keep doing your thing lindsey!! you ROCK!!
lov it lov it!!! keep gng! lots f luv nd luck!
Best Dupstep video if ever seen your music is so amazing.. love it :)
i luv the wy u murder not kill it murder it

got that from lindsey time from phelba
Hey Lindsey! :-)
Keep on making making more. Not only more of this sorts but in generally  more of it all that u do. Love ya!
Greetings from Holland. :-)
j'aime ta music, si tu viens en suisse, passe me voir, même si on ne se comprend pas, ça peut être drôle ! tu parlera avec ton violon...
А я по русски напишу)) Спасибо за хорошую музыку,Линс)

I think having 2245 likes answers your question!
i fall in love of your music and of you ,..., holy awesome 
You did awesome! Love your songs. :)
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