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Mikkeller Tokyo
Mikkeller is back in Japan. After numerous pop-ups they are back in a premises of their own and back in the heart of Shibuya. Although this time it's a quite different part of Shibuya, over the other side of Bunkamura to the old branch, in what is a very 'u...

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Brewin' Bar Monde
Brewin' Bar Monde is a place that has been open for quite a while but has gone under the radar of most beer lovers it seems. However, it has recently caught the attention of a few people, including myself, because it has started brewing. Brewpubs are still ...

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Good Sleep Baker
Today a quick post on somewhere that had previously appeared on my digest post but now has a full entry on here. Good Sleep Baker is a bar with bakery upstairs in an area that I didn't really have anything on my Tokyo Beer Drinker map. It's within about a 2...

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Cafe & Craft Beer Asaya
Today, the other place that I went to in Fuchu. You can check out the post on Beer House Ken here and I would recommend that if you're in the area, you do both of these places in a mini crawl. Much like Beer House Ken, Asaya doesn't have the largest selecti...

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Beer House Ken
Today, the first of a couple of places I visited in Fuchu. Beer House Ken has been on my radar for a while but I have never had the chance to visit until now. It's another one of those beer shops where you can drink on site, which I always find quite fun. U...

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Craft Beer House Kiwi
Post by Iain This
one man operation has six counter seats facing the street for people
watching, plus ten table seats. There is a ¥200 cover charge and
beer-wise, the selection is given as Wheat, IPA, Barley Wine, Extra,
Edelpils, but in practice Wheat ...

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Sendai intermission part 5: Tazawako Beer Sendai
Today, another place that we managed to visit on this year's Sendai trip. It has been open less than a year and is an interesting addition to the city's beer scene, being I think the first brewery taproom in town. Tazawako is from Akita, so not even that cl...

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Sendai intermission part 4: Delirium Cafe
A new football season means that I am revisiting cities and consequently getting to some new places that I either missed last time, or passed over. I was torn about adding this place, as it was by no means mind blowing, but in the end, decided that a place ...

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Mitsuya's Liquor
Almost immediately after starting my digest post about places that I wasn't getting time to go to, and adding Mitsuya to that post, I found myself in Asagaya, so was able to revisit the place. I went there a few times a few years ago, but for one reason or ...

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Donation button
Just thought I should post something explaining my reasons for adding a donation button today. As you have probably heard me complaining previously, due to the crazy amount of new places opening, it is very hard to find the time and the money to cover every...
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