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Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo

This month's Superstar Awards for June are -

Student of the month = Mr. Drew for his hard work and knuckles pushups at 4 yrs old!

Competitor of the month = Mr. Richard and Mr. Dhanne for their 1st places finishes at the OC Open karate tournament.

Who will be Novastar's Superstars next month?
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We all know mothers have a SUPER hard job, so starting May 1st, Novastar Martial Arts will be having a “Mommy’s Workout” every Saturday at noon. This is the day mothers get to enjoy a fun workout at Novastar Martial Arts. Whether you need a good workout or need to relieve some stress, come for our SUPERNOVA workout. The SUPERNOVA workout is a high energy interval workout incorporated with kickboxing exercises (punching & kicking punching bags). Along with this workout, we will work on flexibility and attacking the “popular” target areas (arms, abs, and gluts). Even if you aren't a mother, feel free to enjoy this stress relieving workout with your friends. Contact Novastar for details at (949)860-7827 or email
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Hello Novastar family! Every month, Novastar honors a "Student" of the month along with a "Competitor" of the month. Our goal is to recognize hard work and progress here at Novastar. For the month of April, we would like to announce that the Student of the Month if Mr. Vasi Stavros for his excellent progress in classes. The "Competitor" of the month goes to Mr. Madou Moore for his performance (3rd place in sparring at his VERY first competition) at the BOB WHITE Invitational. Congrats to this month's students and you could be next! Check out Novastar's news on our website also. Stay tuned for our SUMMER CAMP details. Summer is right around the corner.
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Mark your calendars! Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo will be holding FREE CHILD SAFETY/STRANGER DANGER seminars on March 28th. There will be 2 sessions at 11am (ages 9 and under) and 12:30pm (ages 10 and up). The seminars are open to anybody in the South Orange County area. Please contact Novastar to reserve your spots. Call (949)860-STAR or email at
Thank you for making Novastar your TOTAL Martial Arts experience in Orange County!
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Congrats to Josh Eilhardt, Michelle Eilhardt, and Sensei Doug for competing at the 2015 COMPETE Internationals Karate Tournament in Ontario. Extra congrats to Michelle Eilhardt for being Novastar's first "Competitor of the Month." Let's keep training and get ready for the next tournament!
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Hello #CapistranoUnifiedSchoolDistrict! Novastar is in your winter booklet. Check us out and contact Novastar for our FREE Uniform offer! Call us at (949)860-7827 or email at
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We want to send out a little reminder cause we know how places get filled with reservations.

NOVASTAR is having our "PARENTS' NIGHT OUT" on February 13th from 530-930pm. Go out and have a good time with each other while your kids have a good time with Novastar. We will have an evening full of games, crafts, movies, and even pizza. $35 per child and $25 for siblings. This event is open to anybody. Contact Novastar for details! (949)860-7827 or
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Kick in 2015 with some high energy fitness classes at Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo.
Need a workout before work?
6am "ALL OUT"Cardio Blast with Randy Rubenfeld ( T-Th )
7am Kickboxing circuit with Doug Walter ( T-Th )
Then finishing the evenings with Randy for fitness workouts at 8:30-9:30pm ( M-Th )
We didn’t forget the weekend warriors, we have an 8am fitness class on Saturdays also.

Also, Novastar has brand new classes ready to start for 2015!
Drop the kids off at school and join us for a morning fitness class at 9am
And for the lunchtime workout warriors, we have fitness classes at noon.
(Contact Novastar for class availability)
With up to 5 classes per day, your schedule won’t be the excuse.
Personal fitness training available also
Contact Novastar for all the fitness details.
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Last chance to sign up for Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo's FREE Bully Prevention Seminars on Saturday, December 13th.

We will be holding 3 sessions. Contact Novastar for the details.

Call (949)860-STAR(7827) or email

Space is limited, reserve your spot!
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“Bullying” is in the news way too much.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 students report being a victim of some type of “Bullying” behavior while 70% of students witness “Bullying.” Roughly 160,000 stay home from school because of fear of “Bullying” Let’s help children feel safe at school and in the community.
Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo is having FREE Bully
Prevention Seminars on December 13th at
10am ( ages 4-9 )
12pm ( ages 9 -13 )
and 2pm ( all ages )

Seminars will discuss what “Bullying” is and how to handle it without a physical confrontation.
Novastar will also show how “Self confidence” can go along way with “Bully Prevention.”

The seminars are FREE for everybody. Bring your family and friends.
Let’s keep the schools and community safe from Bullies!

Space is limited, sign up to reserve your spot.
Contact Novastar for more details.
Email :
Call : (949)860-7827
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