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Make sure you are getting a Quality Installation!

According to Energy Star, "Nearly half of all heating and cooling equipment in U.S. homes never performs to its advertised capacity and efficiency due to incorrect installation, which means homeowners are paying higher operating costs over the life of the equipment." They estimate that you can save in the range of 18% to 36% on your operating costs with a quality installation that meets the Air Conditioning Contractors of America's (ACCA) HVAC Quality Installation Specifications.

These guidelines ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is:

 - Correctly sized to meet your homes needs
 - Connected to a well-sealed duct system
 - Operating with sufficient airflow in the system
 - Installed with the proper amount of refrigerant

Here is an example of how much an improper installation can cost you:

 - According to FPL, a 3 ton 15 SEER air conditioning system should cost you $710 per year in cooling costs
 - If this system receives an incorrect installation, the operating costs can range from $155 to $399 higher per year
 - Over the life of this air conditioning system (assuming 10 years), the cooling costs are $1,550 to $3,990 more than advertised
 - An improper installation also creates more wear and tear on parts and components, which creates added repair cost
 - The life expectancy of the air conditioning system is reduced

Unique Air is dedicated to following best practices in our industry, which result in quality installations. We recruit the best talent and focus on constant training in order to stay up to date and current on all of the new and innovative products. Call Unique today and have a Comfort Advisor scheduled for a free survey of your home and heating/cooling system. During this visit they will discuss any possible issues you are having (constant repairs, high utility costs, comfort issues, indoor air quality, etc), calculate the proper size air conditioning system for your home, inspect the duct system, inspect the electrical wiring dedicated for your heating and cooling system, ensure your heating and cooling system meets all safety code requirements, and review your utility costs. After the Comfort Advisor has gathered this information, they will review their findings. You will receive several replacement options for your heating and cooling system and discuss any other solutions that would benefit you. For your convenience, we have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available. Call in and ask to schedule a Comfort Advisor out to your home, or click 'Contact Us' on the website menu bar and fill out your information!

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How Will I Know If My AC Needs just a Repair or if it is time to Replace?
Everyone should be aware of the signs indicating that their air conditioning system is likely to fail. By watching for the following warning signs, you'll know when to call a professional to assist you with this decision:

     -Your air conditioner does not turn on.

     -Even though your air conditioner is running, it is not cooling your home or office.

     -The temperatures throughout your home or office are uneven, with certain areas being warmer or cooler than others.

     -You notice increased dust or pollen in your home or business.

     -Your utility bills are increasing without an explanation (such as increased usage).

     -Your air conditioner turns on and off frequently.



However, by referring to the graph above, you are able to clearly see when the benefit and the cost of replacing your old and inefficient AC system out weighs repairing.   Remember, Unique Air is always available to review all your options with you.

Unique Air now offers Surge Protection for your home.  Protect your home before lightning strikes.  Call today to take advantage of our special going on now! 

Call Unique Today to take Advantage of Huge Rebates on new Tankless or Regular Water Heaters

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Call Unique to take advantage of our Quality Services!
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July 9, 2013
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Call for an EcoClean today!

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