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Marketing Optimized Google+ Covers
Marketing Optimized Google+ Covers


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Oh this is cool....nice job +Shawn Terry !
I'd recommend skipping the link and use a personalized domain. I bought as a virtual business card, then is a nice clean redirect that I'll always control.
Google Plus Business Card Template
Adobe Illustrator CS3+

This is a template I built for myself about 6 months ago and had them printed on glossy stock with cut rounded corners at (Tried to get them to give me a discount for all of you but that was a no-go. But I bet if you go in their chat and ask nicely they'll give you a 10% discount.)  The cards are a really great quality.  I get a lot of compliments on them.

Instructions are in the file but if you need help let me know.


I also suggest shortening your G+ URL by going to

Buy cards:
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New samples up
I updated my "gallery" of Pro version covers to include the latest designs for LifeJournal, +Carlos Batara and +Online Marketing Giant . If you'd like a professionally-designed cover photo head to
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Excellent points about integrating your cover photo into your overall profile optimization on Google+. 

Is your Google+ Profile Optimized? I mean, really optimized?
► If you're a believer in the idea that Google+ is more than just a social network, that its ultimate goal is to help Google deliver a richer experience to us when we're searching the web, then this article is for you.

► If you are here to build up a footprint of content centered around your area of expertise, then you need to read this.

► If you are struggling with the fact you can use Google+ to reach your target audience, even if they aren't on Google+ itself, then this article will help drive that point home. And it's an important one, if you care about marketing for yourself or your brand page.

Optimizing Your Google Plus Profile - Featuring cameos by +Michael Bennett and +David Amerland

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#googleplustips #pinoftheday 

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Another example of why it's so important to have an awesome cover image...check out how +Michlin Metals Inc (and +Michael Bennett) are incorporating an #autoawesome  cover image into the new Google+ badges. This is fantastic! 
What? New Badges Can use an Autoawesome Image???
That's Awesome!
Huge pun intended but seriously folks after reading
+Mike Allton 's post on these very dynamic new badges I decided to try something interesting.

Would my autoawesome cover image for +Michlin Metals Inc work as the background of the badge and still be animated???

The answer is a resounding YES!

 Now you have to read the rest to find out how...

Thank you to +Mike Allton and +Stephan Hovnanian for helping me w/this post and adding value wherever they go. Also, just want to mention +Denise Wakeman for that Spinpod referral. 

#autoawesome   #badges   #googleplus   #Google   #SEO   #SMM   #SocialBusiness   #SmallBusiness   #SMB   #Blogging  
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Really cool new feature (via +Mike Allton) for your Google+ badges, that showcase your Google Plus cover. Post any links to sites that are already implementing the new look, I'd love to see them! 
Happy Birthday to Us! New Google+ Badges

Friday was Google+'s second birthday, but Google developers decided to give us a gift instead: all new Badges and Buttons. And they're awesome!

Instead of simple icons or counters, website and Google+ Page owners can now put gorgeous, dynamic badges on their site that can include their Page's cover photo, profile pic and more.

And if you have a personal page or website, you can put a really cool badge on there for your personal Google+ account to attract more followers.

Every business and Page owner needs to take a moment to review these new options and determine if any would be appropriate to embed on your website. Having widgets like this encourage your site's visitors to +1 and Follow your Google+ account, giving you opportunities to engage with them further in the future.

Badges are available for Google+ Pages and Profiles, as well as Communities!

And if you think you need a new Cover Photo before you show it off on your website, talk to +Stephan Hovnanian.

Check out the new badges and let me know what you think!

Please share this and spread the word about these new options to other businesses and people who might want to display a badge. Thanks!

#GooglePlus  #GooglePlusIs2 #GooglePlusUpdate #EvanG+ 
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Great set of Google Plus Cover Templates here for you to download, as well as a list of related links from a hangout today.
Google Plus Cover Photo Templates
Here is an album with full-sized images showing the various ways your cover photo is displayed on desktop & mobile. Feel free to download them and use them to guide you when designing your own cover photo.

Dark blue indicates what is displayed for that particular version, and the white profile pic is, well, a profile pic :)

Dimensions: 2120x1192

Today's hangoutHave you optimized your cover photo for SEO? With tips from Stephan Hovnanian
Downloadable PSD template
SEO Tips for your Google+ Cover
Your Google+ Hovercard as a digital business card
Google Plus Cover Photo Template - Variant Screenshots
14 Photos - View album
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excellent tips here from +Stephan Hovnanian on SEO for your Google+ Cover.
Are you optimizing your Google Plus Cover for SEO?
I've compiled some tips and examples of how to take advantage of Google Image Search and the images you post to Google Plus. 

A cover photo links to your Google Plus profile, while a Photo post links to the post itself. Chew on that as you think of ways to utilize your cover for SEO and marketing. Oh, and what about an #autoawesome  cover? I reveal a clever little nugget of an idea for you in the article. Enjoy!
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Google Plus Covers + #autoawesome ? Heck yeah!
Check out this Google Plus cover we helped out with for +Michlin Metals Inc. +Michael Bennett provided the photos (using a tripod...very important) and we cropped & overlaid the text, then compiled it automatically in Google+.
Originally shared by ****
Sparks are Flying
Here is Michlin's new cover image. I shot this on a tripod and +Stephan Hovnanian helped my w/the text overlay. 

What do you guys think about how these types of images can be used for business??? More importantly (don't try this at home!) 
#autoawesome   #metal   #metalsaw   #Steel   #SmallBusiness   #SMM   #MFG  
Animated Photo
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Google Plus Search Tips
How to find conversations, create recaps, monitor brand keywords

In this post, I'll show you how to:
- Find conversations between you and another user
- Look up the last time you posted about something
- Time-based search (e.g. "last week")
- Competitor monitoring
- Brand listening

...and more

Even though Google basically wrote the book on search, it can be difficult to search within its own social network when you're looking for something very specific. Hopefully this post will give you some tools to find exactly what you're looking for!

(Cameos by +Karen Peck +Jesse Wojdylo +Sprout Social and +Mike Allton...thanks for being in my screenshots!)
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In case you missed it from my personal profile, here's the latest Google Plus Cover Template from me (+Stephan Hovnanian).

I kicked it up a few notches, with static images of all the variants across desktop, mobile and hovercard, along with a downloadable template. Also, read the entire post below because there's a link to a photo album right here on G+.
Complete Google Plus Cover Template
Mobile apps, responsive desktop, hovercard, all taken into account

I’ve been "covering" the changes to the Google+ cover photo, specifically how it is handled by Google’s mobile apps and desktop site, since they announced in March that they changed the cover dimensions to 2120×1192.

Today I'm excited to announce a complete set of images that show you where the "sweet spots" are for your cover photo, so the roving profile image doesn't cut off a key piece of text or graphic. For branding and marketing, this is critical to get right.

Related: Why your Google+ hovercard is the most important part of your profile -

There's also a template (opt-in) you can download to Photoshop that separates all the versions, so you can lay them over your own cover design and see what gets cut off, if anything.

Focus on the hovercard for maximum branding and message impact. Tweak for everything else.

More Resources:
I have a Google Plus photo album with all the pics shown in the blog post, you can download them if you wish:

There's an offer to have me design a professional cover for you at the bottom of the post, or you can go to for details.

#googlepluscover   #googleplusupdate  
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