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Dan Allen

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We're excited to announce Red Hat's launch of the Women in Open Source Award. It's the first award of its kind, created to shine a spotlight on talented women who are doing great things in open source. Read about the award: 
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At last, I present you #Asciidoctor #EPUB3 (and Kindle KF8/MOBI).

Asciidoctor EPUB3 is a set of Asciidoctor extensions for converting AsciiDoc documents directly to the EPUB3 and KF8/MOBI e-book formats.

But Asciidoctor EPUB3 is not merely a converter from AsciiDoc to EPUB3 and KF8/MOBI. It's a carefully crafted tool to help you break into digital publishing with aesthetic, professional, easy-to-read e-books.

Let’s face it, many of the technical e-books out there—especially those produced from software documentation—are hideous. The Asciidoctor project wants to disrupt the status quo!

We hope you'll say that e-books created by Asciidoctor EPUB3 are the best output you can find in digital publishing today. (If not, let's make it happen!)
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Indeed, math & diagram support are next on the TODO list. For the widest support, we'll probably invoke MathJax at build time (using phantomjs) & weave the MATHML into the content. Though, if a hybrid approach works better, we'll try that too.
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Export and import Google Docs to and from Asciidoc documents
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This should be put in the chrome store as a proper add on.
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Dan Allen

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I'll say it again this year. If you want to read some solid technical articles, you should definitely subscribe to NFJS, the Magazine. If you've been to one of the events, you know that this group knows their stuff, they know how to present and, most important, they know how to write.

By subscribing to the magazine, you'll not only be getting deep dives into a diverse blend of topics rendered with astounding typography and a responsive design, you'll also be supporting AsciiDoc and the Asciidoctor ecosystem. Every word you see in the magazine is sourced from an AsciiDoc document. You'll also be able to use the toolchain that generates the magazine (Asciidoctor Editions) to produce digital publications of your own (as soon as we get it all assembled).

It's just so much win.
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+Jason Porter absolutely correct. In that case you supported the magazine by attending an event, thanks in advance. Now just seize the opportunity to learn from the masters in this great volume of knowledge.

Btw, if you're on Android I recommend reading the MOBI format (really KF8) on Kindle, which is essentially EPUB 3. On iOS, I recommend reading the EPUB 3 on iBooks. Kobo and Gitden are good cross-platform alternatives for reading the EPUB 3 as well. On the desktop, check out Calibre or Readium. Whatever way you go, demand good CSS3 support for the best reading experience.
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In Google+, I don't understand the purpose of the play icon in the middle of an animated gif that's playing already. Is it there to tell me that what I'm seeing is called motion??? I know we're not all Google engineers, but I wasn't born today!
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Its to tease you that somehow you could make it stop.
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Write a little #AsciiDoc, get a little technicolor! #Asciidoctor   #EPUB3

(Screenshots of Amazon Kindle on an Android phone rendering an e-book produced by Asciidoctor EPUB3. From left to right: day, night and sepia mode).
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Slick and sexy! Can't wait to try!
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Dan Allen

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I love Fedora, but I have to say that the docs desperately need an Asciidoctor makeover. They are just painful to look at, and rarely much help anyway (perhaps because I'm on the wrong page).
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Dan Allen

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Another site on the rise using a programmer-friendly documentation & publishing stack. Great work!!
...and we are live at our new website at

Just wish Google Plus actually had an API so could integrate it better beyond manually typing this in :)

Check out and read more about the blog at
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Dan Allen

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Guys!!! I just found out that my first album is nominated for best electronic/dance album for the billboard music awards. Aaaaah! That's pretty good company to be in. #bbmas
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Principal Software Engineer, Author, Open Source Advocate
  • OpenDevise, Inc.
    Vice President, 2013 - present
  • Red Hat, Inc.
    Principal Software Engineer, Author, Open Source Advocate, 2013
  • Benefit Software Inc.
  • TeleCommunication Systems
  • SI International
  • Emergis
  • Fiserv
  • CodeRyte, Inc.
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Denver, CO
Laurel, MD - Lanham, MD - Rockville, MD - Goleta, CA - Laurel, MD - Ithaca, NY
Software geek. Community catalyst. Java Champion. Believes in the freedom to share ideas openly & enjoy life.
Dan firmly believes that open source represents a better way to develop technologies and do business.

As Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Dan leads the Asciidoctor project and contributes to many other open source projects including Arquillian, Awestruct and JBoss Forge. He's the author of Seam in Action (Manning), served as a representative for Red Hat on the JSR-314 Expert Group (JSF 2.0), writes for IBM developerWorks and NFJS magazine and is an internationally recognized speaker. He's presented at major industry conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, NFJS, JAX and Jazoon. In 2009, he was added to the JavaOne Rock Star Hall of Fame for his talk "Conversations and pageflows on the JSF platform" and was named a JBossWorld Top Rated Presenter that same year. He earned another JavaOne Rock Star award in 2010 presenting alongside colleague Andrew Rubinger in the talk "Throwing Complexity over the Wall: Rapid Development for Enterprise Java". He's also recognized as a JAX Hall of Fame speaker.

To colleagues, Dan's known for his hard work and passion for Open Source technologies. His technical expertise includes Java frameworks (Seam, CDI, Weld, JSF, EJB 3, JPA, Hibernate, Spring), testing frameworks (Arquillian, JUnit, TestNG, Selenium), build tools (Maven 2, Gradle, Ant) and web development (Ajax, JavaScript, CSS) and more.

During a short stint at the University of California, Santa Barbara, following his graduation from Cornell University, Dan became captivated by the world of free and Open Source software (FOSS). It was his involvement in FOSS while living in California that helped him transition into the software development industry. He gradually discovered the combination of Linux and the Java EE platform to be the ideal blend on which to build his professional career. In his search for a robust Web framework, Dan discovered Seam, which was quickly granted this most coveted spot in his development toolbox. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dan lives with his wife and pet chinchilla in Laurel, MD, where he can often be found shouting at the TV during sporting events or working out his golf swing at the driving range. When not at home, he's likely traveling to worldwide software conferences and savoring Belgian beer and chocolate.

You can keep up with Dan's discoveries by reading his blogs at and or tracking what he's currently up to by following him on Twitter at
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Registered Linux User #231597, 245 day-long coding streak on GitHub
  • Cornell University
    Materials Science & Engineering, 1996 - 2000
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    Materials Science, 2000 - 2001
  • Col. Zadok Magruder High School
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Truly authentic. Made me love tapas again. Generous portions, beautifully presented. We'll venture off the beaten path to return to this gem again.
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Great, creative food! Definitely more than just a burger joint. For instance, I really enjoyed the yam chips with guacamole. The steak soft tacos were about as good as they get. Everything made in-house. I also enjoyed the music and atmosphere. This is a keeper! Note that closing time is flexible, so you can catch them open past 10PM for a late night meal.
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My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary at Grappa Bistro off a tip from opentable. We're happy to report it lived up to the occasion. We both had chef's specials and agreed they were top notch. The setting couldn't be beat overlooking the stream. The service was the best we've had in as long as we can remember. On the way out, we we're thanked by the owner, who introduced us to the chef. If they keep having nights like these, we'll definitely be back.
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A truly elegant and pleasurable dining experience. You walk in a stranger, but leave as though you finished dinner at a close friend's house. It was the finest in a home cooked meal, if your friend is an amazing chef. The beef was as tender as butter, the chocolate cake divine and the service extremely friendly and attentive, esp Andrea. Treat yourself to a wonderful evening at Augustine.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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9 reviews
I'm giving Metropolis 3/3 stars for being an awesome conference venue. Each year in November it hosts Devoxx, an international conference on Java and related software, to a crowd of 3,500+. The size of the theatres makes every presentation at Devoxx feel like a keynote. At the end of the week, the attendees also get to enjoy the venue as a movie theatre.
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Not just a brew pub, a brew restaurant. Creative beer and creative food makes for an excellent and tasty combo. The building has a nice layout too. Win.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed a year ago
What a treat to experience such unique cuisine in the heart of Annapolis. This place really took us out of Maryland into the heart of Latin America. The food is excellent, hearty and authentic. There are lots of fun drinks to select from and service is friendly. I can't wait to bring back friends!
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reviewed 2 years ago