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Dan Allen

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Every now and then, I get asked the question, “Is it possible to convert AsciiDoc to a Google Doc (or the like) so people can edit it?”

At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I think this is the wrong question to ask. Here are my thoughts.

> Not everyone knows AsciiDoc

I recognize that there will be a transition period as people become accustomed to AsciiDoc, as with any new technology. AsciiDoc is catching on quickly, though, so I expect this issue to subside proportionally.

Often times, I'm able to get over that hump by saying, "it's similar in spirit to Markdown". That helps them understand what type of tool they should use to read it (i.e., a text editor).  Keep in mind we continue to improve the live preview tools like the add-on for Atom (see

> AsciiDoc can be hard to "read" in its non output form when reviewing

The whole idea of AsciiDoc is that it is easy to read in raw form. Admittedly, there are times when it is not. I think we need to work from both ends to solve the problem. One one end, we need to write simpler documents. Cutting out excessive formatting is better for everyone (including the reader). On the other end, we continue to work to make the syntax simpler (either by modifying core or adding extensions). AsciiDoc isn't perfect, and experience will tell us where and how we can simplify it.

> I don't really want people adding comments to AsciiDoc file itself even if they could read AsciiDoc as they probably will mess up syntax somewhere.

Again, I'd argue this is actually the point of AsciiDoc. People add inline or block comments to communicate back and forth. As they are addressed, those comments can be removed. This is how I collaborate on AsciiDoc and I've found it to be very effective. If the reviewer understands a few rules, they can avoid breaking the document rather easily in my experience.

> Ideally, there would be some nice PDF viewer that we could share a document and everyone would see everyone's feedback as its added to a document.

This goes against our philosophy in Asciidoctor. Our philosophy is that docs should be treated like code. They should be committed to a revision control system and that revision control system should be used to manage the collaboration (edits, additions, deletions and comments). When you go to PDF, you put up a huge barrier to collaboration and ownership.

> if I send them an AsciiDoc to review won't really know what to do with it....

They are smart people. I'm confident they'll figure it out :) Most of the time, people are just resisting change. We need to nudge them ;) The benefits of AsciiDoc far outweigh the inconvenience and a little training.
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It's about repetition and consistency.

Keep showing folks the right way to work with the technology. Keep supporting and enabling them everyday.

Atom and ALP is the fast-track to acceptance for many I've introduced AsciiDoc to. And once RedPen AsciiDoc validation support is added into the Atom package, that will be another barrier removed.
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Dan Allen

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A very entertaining talk by +Hubert SABLONNIERE about how we can make better use of all these screens thanks to the web.

You'll also discover the technology behind DZSlides, which Hubert uses for the visuals in his talk.
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Dan Allen

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Here's an easy thing to learn about Vim that will save you lots of time. You don't just get access to a calculator, but rather all the registers (where you yank stuff).
Using #vim as a calculator
In insert mode, press Ctrl + R, then =, input your operation and press Enter.


Ctrl + R = 3 + 3 Enter, will print 6 in the current document.
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Dan Allen

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All those books written in AsciiDoc.
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Dan Allen

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A brilliant explanation about why the phrase "to keep people safe" is such a load of crap. If the US truly cared about keeping people safe, shit like this ($subject) wouldn't be tolerated in the slightest.
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Dan Allen

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“Pair document” with professional technical writers from Red Hat to learn a good bit about AsciiDoc and Asciidoctor.

Thanks +Jared Morgan and +Russell Dickenson! is the home I've decided upon for the Asciidoctor presentation I delivered with my colleague +Russell Dickenson last night.

Open and forkable, just like it should be. Don't know whether I should pick a license for it or not. If you think I should, suggest a good one in the comments.

It was a great night giving some background on AsciiDoc, and demonstrating some great examples of Asciidoctor projects. Technology like AsciiDoc and Asciidoctor promotes action. Some folks have gone off and created their own fork of +Anthonny Querouil 's project to get blogging and practicing AsciiDoc.
Asciidoctor_Presentation - Files relating to the AsciiDoc presentation showcasing HubPress and Asciidoctor technologies
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Dan Allen

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Tonight we're wearing orange.
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Dan Allen

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Incredibly lustrous pink sky at night over the Colorado Rockies.
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Dan Allen

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We want people to use open source not only because it’s the best software, but because it’s the best documented software.

In this post, I explain how we plan to use BountySource's new funding platform, Salt, to sustain the pace of innovation in Asciidoctor and build the hacker-friendly publishing toolchain authors like you have always wanted!
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You also need to remember that many so called markdown implementations are not. The spec is terrible and shortsighted and every markdown implementation is different in some way.
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Dan Allen

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Asciidoctor is on a mission to shape the future of writing & publishing. To make it happen, we need your support!
Asciidoctor Needs Our Help
I've had a wild ride in my journey in open source thanks to +Asciidoctor and the wider community like +Anthonny Querouil and +John Ericksen 

Now is the time for us as a Tech Comms community to put our money where our mouths are and rustle up some serious funding for this organization. Even if you can't donate personally, I'm sure that you could use your skills of persuasion to convince your organization to commit to supporting such a vital Tech Comms standard.

I'm going to do whatever I can to get things moving in the right direction. Up towards the funding goal.

What will you do?
Shaping the future of writing and publishing, primarily in the field of technical documentation.
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Dan Allen

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I was asked to create a list of prior innovations in Asciidoctor for a contract I'm doing. I'm blown away by the size of the list...and I'm still missing stuff! We've built quite an open source documentation kingdom!

AsciiDoc (
A presentation-agnostic, text-based document format for producing published content that incorporates many plain text markup conventions and maps closely to the DocBook XML schema.

Asciidoctor (aka Asciidoctor core) (, License: MIT)::
An open source text processor and publishing toolchain for converting AsciiDoc content to HTML5, DocBook 5 (or 4.5), man pages and other formats.
Provides an extension mechanism for extending the AsciiDoc language.

Asciidoctor Diagram (, License: MIT)::
A set of extensions for Asciidoctor that allow you to embed diagrams written using, but not limited to, the PlantUML, Graphviz, ditaa or Shaape syntax inside your AsciiDoc documents.
The extension runs the composite diagram processor to generate an SVG, PNG, or TXT file from the input text.
The generated file is then inserted into your converted document.

Asciidoctor.js (, License: MIT)::
A version of Asciidoctor core which has been transpiled to JavaScript using Opal.
Allows Asciidoctor to be used in any JavaScript environment, including, but not limited to, a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera), a text editor based on web technologies (Atom, Brackets), Node.js (via the npm module), and a JVM (via Rhino or Nashorn).
Asciidoctor.js also provides a command line interface that mimics the one in Asciidoctor core.

AsciidoctorJ (, License: Apache)::
AsciidoctorJ is a library for running Asciidoctor on the JVM.
AsciidoctorJ allows you can convert AsciiDoc content or analyze the structure of a parsed AsciiDoc document from Java and other JVM languages.
AsciidoctorJ provides bindings to the Asciidoctor API from Java.
AsciidoctorJ also bundles and distributes additional components, including, but not limited to, Asciidoctor PDF, Asciidoctor EPUB3 and a command line interface that mimics the one in Asciidoctor core.

AsciidoctorJ Groovy DSL (, License: Apache)::
A DSL for Groovy that implements the extension DSL from Asciidoctor core.

Asciidoclet (, License: Apache)::
A Javadoc Doclet based on Asciidoctor that lets you write Javadoc (Java API docs) in the AsciiDoc syntax.

Asciidoctor Maven plugin (, License: Apache)::
A plugin for Maven that configures and runs the Asciidoctor processor as part of your Maven build using the AsciidoctorJ integration library.

Asciidoctor Gradle plugin (, License: Apache)::
A plugin for Gradle that configures and runs the Asciidoctor processor as part of your Gradle build using the AsciidoctorJ integration library.
Exposes the AsciidoctorJ Groovy DSL as a top-level construct to allow Asciidoctor extensions to be written in the Gradle build.

Asciidoctor PDF (, License: MIT)::
A native PDF renderer for AsciiDoc that is built using Asciidoctor and Prawn.
Converts AsciiDoc content directly to a PDF structure and writes the result to a file or stream.
Provides a collection of themes and associated theme assets (images, fonts, etc).

Asciidoctor EPUB3 (, License: MIT)::
An EPUB3 converter for AsciiDoc that is built using Asciidoctor and gepub.
Converts AsciiDoc content directly to an EPUB3 layout and writes the result to a file or stream.
Provides a collection of themes and associated theme assets (images, fonts, etc).

Asciidoctor Chrome Extension (, License: MIT)::
An extension for Google Chrome (& Chromium) that converts AsciiDoc files to HTML directly in the browser using Asciidoctor.js.
Allows the Asciidoctor processor to be configured using an option page or by passing attributes through the query string of the URL.

Asciidoctor Firefox Add-on (, License: MIT)::
An add-on for Mozilla Firefox that converts AsciiDoc files to HTML directly in the browser using Asciidoctor.js.
Allows the Asciidoctor processor to be configured using an option page or by passing attributes through the query string of the URL.

Asciidoctor reveal.js, deck.js & dzslides (, Licence: MIT)::
A collection of templates for use with the Asciidoctor template converter that convert AsciiDoc to a reveal.js, deck.js or dzslides presentation.

Asciidoctor LaTeX (, License: MIT)::
Asciidoctor LaTeX defines an extended mathematical syntax for the AsciiDoc markup language that closely parallels LaTeX.
The Asciidoctor LaTeX converter renders documents written in this extended markup language into both HTML and LaTeX.

Atom AsciiDoc Preview (, License: MIT)::
Live preview of AsciiDoc using Asciidoctor.js for the Atom editor.

Atom AsciiDoc Language (, License: MIT)::
AsciiDoc syntax definition for the Atom text editor.

Brackets AsciiDoc Preview (, License: MIT)::
Live preview of AsciiDoc using Asciidoctor.js for the Adobe Brackets editor.

Editions (, Licence MIT)::
A toolchain for publishing periodicals in EPUB3, KF8 & PDF from content stored in GitHub repositories and composed in AsciiDoc.

Docbook Rx (, License: MIT)::
A DocBook to AsciiDoc converter written in Ruby.

Asciidoctor extensions lab (, License: MIT)::
Experimental Asciidoctor extensions for extending the AsciiDoc syntax and the capabilities of the Asciidoctor processor.

Asciidoctor stylesheet factory (, License: MIT)::
A factory for producing stylesheets to theme AsciiDoc HTML5 output.
Assembled using Compass, Sass and Foundation.

DocGist (, License: Apache)::
Renders AsciiDoc documents from Gists, GitHub, DropBox and other remote sources in the browser.

Jekyll AsciiDoc (, License: MIT)::
A Jekyll plugin to convert AsciiDoc files (both pages and posts) in your site source to HTML pages using Asciidoctor.
Also see the “all-in-one” docs site generated based on this plugin called Jekyll AsciiDoc Quickstart (JAQ):

Asciidoctor DocTest (, License: MIT)::
A validation tool for end-to-end testing of Asciidoctor backends based on comparing of textual output.
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Thanks for the correction, John!
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Dan Allen

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Go for it!
Learn how to easily upgrade from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22
Learn how to upgrade your Fedora 21 to the newly released Fedora 22
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Already done 3 days ago. Runs smooth
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As Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Dan leads the Asciidoctor project and contributes to many other open source projects including Arquillian, Awestruct and JBoss Forge. He's the author of Seam in Action (Manning), served as a representative for Red Hat on the JSR-314 Expert Group (JSF 2.0), writes for IBM developerWorks and NFJS magazine and is an internationally recognized speaker. He's presented at major industry conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, NFJS, JAX and Jazoon. In 2009, he was added to the JavaOne Rock Star Hall of Fame for his talk "Conversations and pageflows on the JSF platform" and was named a JBossWorld Top Rated Presenter that same year. He earned another JavaOne Rock Star award in 2010 presenting alongside colleague Andrew Rubinger in the talk "Throwing Complexity over the Wall: Rapid Development for Enterprise Java". He's also recognized as a JAX Hall of Fame speaker.

To colleagues, Dan's known for his hard work and passion for Open Source technologies. His technical expertise includes Java frameworks (Seam, CDI, Weld, JSF, EJB 3, JPA, Hibernate, Spring), testing frameworks (Arquillian, JUnit, TestNG, Selenium), build tools (Maven 2, Gradle, Ant) and web development (Ajax, JavaScript, CSS) and more.

During a short stint at the University of California, Santa Barbara, following his graduation from Cornell University, Dan became captivated by the world of free and Open Source software (FOSS). It was his involvement in FOSS while living in California that helped him transition into the software development industry. He gradually discovered the combination of Linux and the Java EE platform to be the ideal blend on which to build his professional career. In his search for a robust Web framework, Dan discovered Seam, which was quickly granted this most coveted spot in his development toolbox. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dan lives with his wife and pet chinchilla in Laurel, MD, where he can often be found shouting at the TV during sporting events or working out his golf swing at the driving range. When not at home, he's likely traveling to worldwide software conferences and savoring Belgian beer and chocolate.

You can keep up with Dan's discoveries by reading his blogs at and or tracking what he's currently up to by following him on Twitter at
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Jeff knows his stuff and is always responsive and reliable. Before working with Jeff, I really hated having to get insurance because it felt like such a chore and I would always screw something up. Working with Jeff is like bowling with gutter bumpers. You throw the ball down the lane and he keeps it heading all the way towards the pins. I simply let Jeff know the situation and he knows exactly what needs to be done. If there's missing information, he tells me what I need to go look up. If I have a change to make, he's always eager to update it for me. In other words, he does exactly what you hope an agent would do, and then some. And he does it with great enthusiasm. While getting insurance still isn't fun, it sure is easy.
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- Amazing -
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Checkmate does moving *right*. They are professional, motivated, efficient and, most important, take care with each item they handle. I highly recommend them! Prior to the move, Jared came to the house to introduce himself and provide an on-site estimate. He assured me he would be there every step of the way to make sure items were handled correctly and the move would go smoothly, and he was! We were emptying a three-bedroom house into storage. He connected me with a nearby storage facility that he's worked with successfully many times in the past and gave me advice about what size units to reserve. On the day of the move, he showed up with his crew on time and got right to work. We didn't quite have everything ready for him, but he was able to work with the situation without any trouble. His crew had the house cleared out in under 4 hours. They took lunch, then got to work unloading into the storage units. Jared made sure the units were organized and the items safely stacked. I'm so glad we decided to hire Checkmate to move us. They took all the anxiety out of moving. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We'll be using them for all our future moves.
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Truly authentic. Made me love tapas again. Generous portions, beautifully presented. We'll venture off the beaten path to return to this gem again.
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This truly is a great location. It's not your typical Starbucks. There is an abundance of seating both inside & outside, including outdoor couches in the patio area. The inside has a very open floor design. The coffee is standard Starbucks and the food is provided by La Boulange. I enjoyed my afternoon here.
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My wife and I were having a difficult time finding the right place for us to live in the Denver area...that is, until we called Apartment Guyz! We were so lucky to get to work with Athena. She provided us with a wealth of information, advice and recommendations about available properties based on our profile and she stayed in constant communication with us during our search to update those recommendations as we provided her feedback. If it weren't for that information, we would driven right by the place we decided to live! (We choose The Vue at RidgeGate, the last place we looked). I'm so glad I decided to pick up the phone and call the Apartment Guyz when I did. They truly deserve the 5 star ratings. My only regret is that we didn't phone them when we first arrived in Denver 2 years ago!
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Great, creative food! Definitely more than just a burger joint. For instance, I really enjoyed the yam chips with guacamole. The steak soft tacos were about as good as they get. Everything made in-house. I also enjoyed the music and atmosphere. This is a keeper! Note that closing time is flexible, so you can catch them open past 10PM for a late night meal.
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