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From Douglass Miller's Storify listing I ran across "The Starter League: An Intro to UX Design.

What is interesting is the author is taking the class with no background in UX. Her purpose "to fully describe the learning process for a student participating in Starter League and learning UX design from scratch." I like some of the key insights that she recalled from the first class. Good things to remember even for us who have been practicing for awhile.

"Be careful not to assume everyone is a target user; don’t incorporate other people’s feedback without thinking it through first; and don’t let people talk you out of an idea when you haven’t finished baking it yet."

"Don’t take away things that people need or will be looking for. But also know that you don’t need to have every single feature available to users. Simplicity is king. "

Of course knowing what features to keep I guess is the trick, but then that's why we have usability testing.

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