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Phyllis Coletta
Ride hard, die free...
Ride hard, die free...

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Remember that
scene from the original Rocky when emotionally
stunted Sylvester Stallone invites his equally stunted potential gal Adrienne
up the aged steps of his South Philly row home?   She’s down on the sidewalk, kind of toeing at the ground trying to

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How Lawyers Can Screw Up The Way You Die
When I was a practicing attorney, my colleagues and I would often sit around at lunch, arguing about whose sandwich was better. As a beleaguered single soccer mom, I sometimes welcomed the opportunity to fight about anything. It was habitual, and sort of a ...

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MEN ON PAUSE: Big Bellies, Big Wisdon
I can’t even tell
you how fabulous it is to watch my sexual energy ebb. Glory be, I have time again – to think, to breathe, to
drink my morning coffee unmolested.   All
those years, worrying about looking good while being sweaty and pleasing
somebody else –...

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I Am an 800 lb Gorilla
I don’t believe in hitting kids but as the single mom of three boys it’s not like the thought didn’t cross my mind. Children are so adorable and nerve-wracking – like heaven and hell in the same package. Yet despite what I thought was restraint on my part -...

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like The Donald?
There’s this fleshy old Russian guy
who uses the sauna at my gym.   I’ve never
seen him work out, only sit in the sauna, where he reigns supreme.   In addition to squirting the sauna rocks from
across the little room (anyone else be damned), when someone at...

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DENTURES AND THE PRIMITIVE BRAIN: How a Guy With White Teeth Reminded Me to be Kind
I met a colleague for coffee
yesterday.   Mike’s a handsome affable
60-something with salt and pepper hair and a big bright smile.   A smart and friendly salesman, I just assumed
he had his teeth capped or professionally buffed – they were brilliantly white...

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              I have three brothers, three sons,
and three ex-husbands.   There’s a nice
symmetry about that, right? The first group of guys basically made my six-year
old life miserable, and tortured and cajoled me for a decade or so until their
friends be...

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There's No Such Thing as "Self-Help"
I moved to a new neighborhood in
September, across from the middle school football field and on a street filled
with modest ranchers built in the 70s.  I
didn’t know anyone and I live alone.  The
first Saturday I was there I heard really loud singing coming...

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We're Burning Daylight
I worked on a ranch in The Middle of Nowhere Colorado the cowboys taught me
lots worth knowing:   they taught me to
watch the sky all the time, because mountain storms in the summer are biblical
and the wind and hail come over the ridge like a big glee...

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A BODY IN MOTION: Confessions of a 60 year-old Athlete
Sixty is sixty.   A third grader can tell you that sixty is not
forty.   Think we could just honor that
reality?   At sixty I can tell you I’m
still the kid I was at six – climbing trees, rolling around in the grass and
dying to play basketball in the drive...
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