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Defend the indefensible  - 
Christopher Spackman is a total cock. That is all.
The do gooders A Saudi national heads to Afghanistan with his family and with a fake Belgian passport is handed over to the US and detained on US soil. … - Christopher Spackman - Google+
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I keep reading this as Bring Home Shaker Maker
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They have come from a hell that Britain helped create. We should all be pleased to welcome them.
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+Elaine Solley bingo. Screenshot to the police. Thanks.
Oh yes indeedy.
Seven Welsh locations in Lonely Planet top 500 list! (and 3 of them are on our very beautiful coastline!) ‪#‎walescoast‬

Saith o leoliadau o Gymru ymhlith rhestr Lonely Planet o'r 500 gorau! (ac mae 3 ohonyn nhw ar ein harfordir bendigedig!) ‪#‎arfordircymru‬
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Seven Welsh locations are named in a Lonely Planet list of the 500 all-time best places to visit in the world.
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BASTARDS If these devious fuckers think that they can lure me into some fetted consumer frenzy......Just because they stock a vast range of kit for a shed load of the coolest outdoor activities including bike hobo jaunts. Who cares that it seems bloody good value because the make, design and distribute themselves (in the UK). I'm not the kinda guy that is buying into all the fascinating blogs etc that they write and extensive product testing that they do. 

<shakes fist @> +Alpkit 
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Had to.
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Children is the word you're looking for +Metro​
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The U.S. has prioritized anything that increases capitalism-based progress over anything human. We uphold the law rather than protect and serve. We value profits over kindness, respect, dignity, truth, or justice.  Profits trump sustainability. Wealth trumps honesty. Poor people are scorned by the people who set up systems that make them poor. It's all screwed up.

If we would start considering the well-being of the inhabitants of this planet over the profitability of the oligarchy, we would embrace greatness. But the job of the hierarchy is to maintain the hierarchy. They've been doing it for hundreds of years and they'll continue to do it as long as they can.

I don't know the solution but historically, the only way Empires end is through trauma. I hope it doesn't come to that but unless we do something, that's what's going to happen again. When are we going to choose to evolve as a culture? I hope I live to see it but consider me a hopeful skeptic.

The real irony to me is that every Caucasian in North America is here because their family immigrated here. To get away from intolerance, hunger, violence, and disease in their home country, a lot of the time. Are we really so short sighted that we can't take that into consideration when judging everybody for wanting to do better by their families?

I wish positive intentions could accomplish as much as hate and violence. But that's not the trend.
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So maybe today is a great day to help show a kickass guy, who's doing a kickass ride for a kickass cause, that you also kickass!!! C'mon let's see some wallet love :-D
It's the end of the month and as promised, I am revisiting the fund raising topic. Next week September 9th, I will be heading to St. Louis, MO to participate in Miles for Myeloma, a ride of approximately 300 miles over 3 days with a goal of raising awareness and funds for Myeloma research. It's payday, and before you spend your hard earned money on other important initiatives like a giant Lionel Richie head (
or a pirate pancake griddle (
or the incredibly important job of putting A TARDIS IN SPACE (,
please consider adding your support to help fund these dedicated researchers attempting to find a cure for the Cancer called Myeloma. Great strides have been made, and life spans are much longer now than even 5 years ago, but so much more needs to be done.
THANK YOU for helping!
Myeloma cut short my time with my Grandfather when I was barely old enough to remember him. Help me fund research to prevent this from happening to someo...
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Have him in circles
5,136 people
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+Stuart Bates​ remember our discussion regarding my local paper....this week.
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Seb K
I honestly though it was going to say 'cat- mixed race'  !!!
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PLEASE sign the petition. The link is at the bottom of this article. 
The pictures show a small boy lying face down in the sand on a Turkish beach as an official stands over him.
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+anthony smith GOD told me you would say these things ........he also told me to ignore you because you are very unwell.

It is also written in the Gospel According to Wayne -
" ......and though much disturbed , those sick of mind will talk unbidden to decent folks with "Caps Lock" on . To them pay no heed as they are clearly deranged.

And then He looked kindly upon those who would save refugees , and he spake kindly to them and promised them new bikes for putting up with idiots. "

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Thank God I don't use my brain these day. #passTheHobnobs
Consuming refined sugar can impact mood, decision-making, and memory. Heres how good it can be to give it up.
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the throat, was my decision :-)  
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Evening fuckers.
I'm putting a trade order in with a Vaude distributor again in the next week or so. I'm thinking of doing more with them and I'm looking for feedback on their kit in the real world. I think they have a lot to offer to the cycling fraternity and like their design work and quality. I think their panier bags are slick and their bar bags etc are clever. I'm also keen to play with the MTB stuff.

If any of you want to try their shizzle and get a decent discount in return for some considered feedback hit me up.

I've not got a decent link that puts all their bike stuff in one kink, but have a cruise around the webz and have a gander. If you find something you like the look of, I'll price it for you and you can decide whether it works for you.

Don't mention to the wider community yet as I'm still considering what I'm up for stocking and promoting.
VAUDE – Your environmentally friendly Outdoor Dealer. Select your Country. Germany. Choose your Language. German. Austria. Choose your Language. German. Switzerland. Choose your Language. German · French. France. Choose your Language. French. Finland. Choose your Language ...
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I know lots of useless shit that I'm happy to share as I regularly do it you see my posts.
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H/T +Karen Peck
Our media choose their words carefully....
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So does NPR.
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Have him in circles
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Good place with nice food. Perfectly reasonable prices. Unlike the Pizza place in Aberaeron, they always get your order right. Nice and clean. The food is cooked in front of you. The staff are helpful and pleasant.
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