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By the same "logic" this woman uses, since she doesn't have male genitalia, then she has no right to tell this young man what he is allowed to protest. She is, naturally, blissfully unaware of the incoherence.

People have sexes. Arguments do not. If this were a young woman instead of a young man, everything she said would have made no sense.

(Warning: Copious profanity, unworthy of Burger King.)
Pro-life activist Seth Drayer was physically attacked today while leading a group of pro-life students in sharing the pro-life message in downtown Columbus, Ohi
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One from the annals of terrible reporting:

"Listen to the track below, and decide for yourself whether this is a warm-up or the real deal."

Wha? How does Huffingpaint expect me to "decide for myself"? I wasn't there, and the only fact in evidence is the recording itself. On what basis can I decide whether a fact of history happened as reported or not?

Thank you, Internet, for continuing to blur the lines between fact and opinion.

P.S. The song, the vocals, and Britney Spears herself, are unlistenable.
This might not be the first time we've heard a Britney Spears track without any Auto-Tune enhancement, but it doesn't mean it makes us cringe any less this time around. On July 2, the unedited vocal version of Spears' track "Alien," off ...
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Ashlee Simpson, on the other hand, was in a performance and had no excuse, apart from possessing not a single atom of talent.
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Canada's "unoffical national anthem": "Northwest Passage," by the redoubtable Stan Rogers.
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Thanks for sharing this one, Scott!
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"Isspresso machine makes espresso, tea, consommé"

Great, a space-age vending machine that probably still makes your coffee taste like soup.
Talk about a cosmic caffeine jolt. The International Space Station is getting a real Italian espresso machine.
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Friday in the Wild: June 27, 2014
It's been a few weeks since the last Friday in the Wild, so why don't we save some time and get right to the links? Apropos to my previous post, Amy at Stand to Reason also chimed in on that idiotic Slate piece : Remember when I said that we should expect m...
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And now . . . this - Jun. 26/14
Dante Williams, 19, and his accomplice Jawan Craig walked into the Waffle House restaurant and "terrorized" the customers in 2012 intent on robbing it at gun point. Upon being approached by Williams, gun in hand, one of the patrons, Justin Harrison—who also...
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What? Another one? I thought Sean Penn personally confirmed that Iraq had no WMDs.
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"When the American Atheists first filed their lawsuit in state court seeking to have the cross torn down and removed from the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, they actually asserted in their complaint that their members were experiencing 'dyspepsia [upset stomach], symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish' as a 'direct and proximate result of the unconstitutional existence of the cross.'"

Ladies and gentlemen: David Silverman suffers from a terrible condition known as "staurophobia." This debilitating condition affects tens, even dozens, of Americans who are part of the atheist community. They cannot look upon, or even hear about, crosses or crucifixes without suffering great physical discomfort, curling into the fetal position, and repeatedly mumbling "separation of church and state."

Please remember that these poor atheists suffer from a mental illness. They deserve sympathy, not scorn. With your help, we can stamp out staurophobia in our lifetime. Please consider a donation to Staurophobia Understanding, Care, and Kindness, so we can continue to supply the milk, cookies, and sympathetic hugs these poor staurophobes so desperately need. Mr. Silverman and his friends thank you for your support.
From day one, angry atheists have made outlandish claims about the Ground Zero Cross – the two...
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"No other direct mention of a divine authority has been made this year..."

Well, that's a relief. I can't imagine that it's a pleasant job for public works to clean up all the exploded brains from outraged vampire atheists. Seriously, that's gotta be a biohazard of some kind.
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Canada Day 2014
Happy 147th birthday, Canada! We're definitely on the home stretch to our sesquicentennial celebration (150 years) in 2017. Absolutely true to tradition, this Canada Day is a muggy scorcher, threatening later in the day to break into thunderstorms. (In fac...
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Finally! Aug. 23!

(Useless trailer tho.)
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Blurred lines
The cover story of the June 9, 2014 issue of Time was titled "The Transgender Tipping Point," arguing that transgenderism is the next social movement, after same-sex marriage, that will push for full social legitimacy. Certainly the media (in addition to T...
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