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I might just have to go to DC to put my hands around the neck of +Alexander Angelides who has challenged me to a weight loss duel. Little did I know that I would have to give up the things I love most for 5-7 days. That's right vegetables. People, I had to give up vegetables!!!! He's turned me into a carnivore overnight and as I'm sure most men would find that attractive in a woman, it's really not a cute look on me. I found myself lusting over the bf's salad at lunch.

Today is crap! I have never in my life craved chocolate until today! To top it off my stream has been trolling me all day with news of the memes. Say it ain't so!!!!

Oh well tomorrow's a new day and I'm sure I'll be thanking Alex in the end.

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MARRIAGE-Phenomenal article to keep your marriage alive, healthy and dynamic!!!

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Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO 14,255' early morning photos. The most challenging 17 mile hike I have experienced
Longs Peak (19 photos)
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Album Theme: Mountains

I have arranged the images in my album so that first 15-20 photographs in my album features Mountainscapes. While going through my album I realized that my most commented and recognizable photographs is also the least share (because I had disabled sharing). So here it is...

Mountains have ability to create dramatic light, but they are tough to shoot because of the dynamic range and uneven terrain (use of GND filters is a challenge). Here is a short tutorial on how to deal with dynamic range:

Enjoy and Share.
Landscape Photography (129 photos)
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First 12 photographs of my Project 366

#Project366 #366Project
Project 366 (12 photos)
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Things I try to do DAILY to say thank you to my social network:

1. Give out my daily +Ks on Klout
2. +1 articles I read and like
3. FB Like articles
4. Thank people for RTs on Twitter
5. Seek out my biggest sharers and try to find something of theirs to share
6. Give to my network insightful quotes about life
7. Comment on and 'like' articles shared by connections on LinkedIn
8. Thank people for sharing/commenting as part of my shares/comments

All of this is underscored by a consciousness of gratitude that I try to maintain throughout any given day. Be grateful for waking and seeing such a glorious sunrise. Be grateful for the aroma and taste of a satisfying cup of coffee. Be grateful to have such life-affirming children through whose eyes I am blessed to see life. Be grateful to have people in my network who are willing to engage and offer me meaningful feedback.

I mean, what's not to be grateful for? Are there other ways you've found to be grateful that I can add to my daily routine?

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