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I wish I could type as fast :D

But seriously, I didn't know pianos can be played that way.

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Seihnyura Resort & Leisure Park

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Horaaay.. Tesla!

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Really job well done with Cycles and Blender as a whole! Thanks Brecht!

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biking shots
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Will Tesla really open their patents on electric vehicles? That would be nice if they do!

Now let's hope battery technology also catches up.

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My first ever app! :D

It's a simple app for toddlers to help them learn colors, shapes, and vehicles (yeah.. vehicles.. my kid loves them when he was one year old, and he still do till this day). ..and has a cute voice (ehem.. that's my son).

The app is free, but has ads, thus requires the internet and coarse location access.

Comments, suggestions, well wishes, encouragements, donations, ideas, and anything you may want to say are very much welcome..

Read more from the blog, and share (if you want to.. please want it.. come ooooon.. click shaaare.. ok, i'll stop).

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I'm liking this song more and more..

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Tryin somethin new ,brother. Anyone who shares my posts will be added to my circle brother HH
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