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why am i still here?
why am i still here?
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Xfinty Comcast Cable/Internet in Tuscaloosa, but most likely everywhere, is just a shit company. I think they have been the leader in shit customer service for the past few years, talk about award winning. Grrrrr! 

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Wow!  So when is Bill going to serve time?

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if you are helping a non-tech family member this is a life saver

She has been here.

She might be gone now but she was here.
I can still feel her right next to me.
Touching me, playing in my hair, 
Feeling my shoulders, cradling my face in her small hands.
She might be gone now but she was here.
I can still taste her mouth from each kiss
The softness of her lips, gentle kisses, 
Feeling her smile as I smile each time they touch.
She might be gone now but she was here.
I can smell her everywhere.
My skin smells like her skin
The sheets how they contain her scent,
As I ball them up and hug them tight 
Breathing deeply, growing aroused by her marked territory.
She might be gone now but she was here.
My mind won’t let her go
There are too many signs that she is here
With me still as I drift into that happy sleep
Contented from being in the arms of one I cherish
She appears in my dreams.
She is here, because she is never truly gone.
She is still here.

Joshua Akins

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a bit racey!  possibly really racey.  not for work watching.  but i love the music and the black and white filming.  it is seductive without loosing the fact that it is artfully shot.  the woman are beautiful, but aren't woman always.  Enjoy.

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Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe (Official Music Video):

Sorry have missed many days of music shares. This is a great one by a beautiful snd awesome singer/songwriter. Enjoy


Why does longing for girl make sleeping soo difficult? 

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Less the power poles, the sky looks amazing. 

always watching from the tree line
hiding in the shadows
hoping and dreaming that you will enter these woods
but until that day
when you lose your way
i will watch from the tree line

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