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Stop a dam being built.
Prevents the destruction of a Nation.
Prevent world war 3.
Now too late.

Cure for Cancer
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Introducing myself.
I am the writer of a Oracle in which to prove its authenticity is the cure for +/- 80% of human cancers.
The book primarily, is "Proof" of Creation. However, todate I have been Stonewalled by the Establishment ie Government
(also the religions) and the Media.
Why...? I have my thoughts but I feel that is best left for them to eventually comment.
Now... That cure can be put together by any Bio Chemist with access to a appropriate laboratory . It does take +/- 6 months for the cells to incubate, with the cost (so I have been told) is +/- $60.000.
The cure is N60 of www.revelations. au
But I do suggest that you read the Record first then the Revelations as you will then understand "why" I need the Cure. Also juxtaposed with what I have written are events to happen as a direct result of everyone's reticence to "Think".
Japan: ... As a result of devastating earthquakes they will attempt to find alternate living areas for themselves with some reaching India .
There will be conflict (to the detriment of all involved)
but that said I can also say that it did not have to be.
(also saying that these events are now sooner rather than later).
In ending I can add;
"The Cure" is more than a Cure for Cancer, but a Cure for what also ails nearly all on
this Planet. {fill in your own thoughts here ..........}

Yours Sincerely
Garry Gibson

Oracle V Chronicle.
Oracle... A list of future events but in random order.
Chronicle... Those same events (but) in date order.

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I have always wondered whether there is a abyss that G+ shuffles posts off to whereby they think that the general public should not be aware of?. Or for classified eyes only?

# Cure for Cancer
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Plebiscite v Referendum

The outcome of a Plebiscite is a guide to those in Government of the will of the people.
The outcome of a Referendum is the will of the people and has to be acted upon to their will.
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Revelation #57

Japan - This scenario is now sooner rather than later.
I have been asked to ask those concerned, if a Plebiscite can be called, the reason being to open up areas of Australia eg South East areas of Western Australia and the Hunter Valley NSW.
to resettle some of the victims of the disaster (man made and caused)
I have also been shown victims walking and reaching India.

# I tried Japan.
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So......A recession for Australia, A Depression for the majority of the remainder when Government edicts stipulate that Banks finally become responsible for their unconscionable lending practices . With them (the banks)
having no Recourse to the Public Purse.
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And.......Australia to become a Republic when a Party in opposition runs with A Republic as it's major policy, with the President elected by the People.

Of note will be several Rugby playing Nations to join it (the Republic)
With a Bill of Rights to be implemented for the benefit of the individual.
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Have the Ravens left the tower of London?.
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Donald Trump.
The Cure for Cancer.
Albeit the Cure takes +/- 6 months to bring to fruition.
Your prognosis (when diagnosed ) is +/- 6 months with current treatments unsuccessful.
Good luck.
The cure is N60 of
# donald trump
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The only solution for ending terrorism on this Planet. The Cure for Cancer...
N 60
#isil #google #homeland security #afp

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