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Lyn Battersby
Wife, mother, student, writer. Depends on the day.
Wife, mother, student, writer. Depends on the day.

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Lyn Battersby rethinks the 2016 Blues
... Or why my year was better than yours. Hello, Blogness, my old friend. Yes, I Facebook more than is ideal for any one person, so instinct tells me to post this there, and yet, I'm a purist, so I'm doing my 2016 Year in Review here. Hopefully people will ...

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It's now after Christmas, so let's look at what I've done.
1. What did you do in 2016 that you'd never done before?   Travelled to Bali. My brother and his wife visit a lot and have
connections in Bali, so Lee and I packed up the kids and accompanied my brother’s
family on a visit. We had a great time that included...

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Start as you mean to go on
Yesterday, Lee and I attended the Perth Writers Festival. Lee went because he wanted to reignite his passion for writing. I went because I wanted to buy books. We both got what we wanted, plus we got what the other wanted. Laden down with new purchases (tha...

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An exercise in random thoughts
This week's exercise was rather random in tone. Quite simply, I sat down, rested my fingers on the keys and allowed my fingers ride the subconscious-train to freedom. "We
built the snowman in mid-January." Okay, it became immediately apparent that my subcon...

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FightDay, WriteDay Exercise 2
This week's writing exercise comes courtesy of .   List five things you most dislike touching, then find five
adjectives to describe each item (e.g. maggots - slithery, wriggly, writhing).
Do the same for your other senses. Five thing...

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FightDay, WriteDay
As noted in my previous post, I'm finding it hard to get my act together to write. In response to this I've instituted FightDay, WriteDay; that one day of the week in which I fight off the rest of the world in order to fulfill a writing exercise. I did actu...

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2015 - The Year I Take Up Writing. Again.
Well, the year is a week old and so far I've written 500ish words. Not per day. Total. Let's face it, at 500ish words per week, I am not going to write a publishable story any time soon. This needs to be redressed, pronto. So, my writing career is my career...

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It's the final countdown
Saturday is moving day, so we have now reached the point of adding the word 'last' to the things we do around the house. January 1 saw the last dinner date at Glenelg Way, an experience we shared with our McMinns. We ate Beef Obsession with bread rolls. Thi...

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My Big Fat End of Year Meme 1. What did you do in 2014 that you'd never done before?  I am very proud of myself this year. Not only did I continue to do well at uni (studying my BA in English and Creative Writing at Murdoch) but I also undertook several cou...

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Oh, dear. Is that the time?
On May 29 of this year, I posted that I'd be using this site to record recipes. And then, on May 30, despite my better judgment, I went back to Facebook. You know what happened next. So, here I am on December 23, getting ready to record my year in review an...
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