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Thank you so much, we're very lucky in Botswana to have such diversity. Waiting for the first summer rains to fall...
The first summer rains have arrived.....
The expectation - in fact - desperation for rain has dominated all discussions - the residents and the animals all seek an end to the dryness and dust. Temperatures remain high both day and night and game viewing is excellent. The first rains have come a little early this year. The animals disperse to eat on new vegetation and drink from the seasonal pans. The birthing season begins with the tsessebe, followed by impala and lechwe. The predators seek out the vulnerable young and kill many times a day to get their fill. It is a time of action, great visibility and colour with big clusters of cloud, new sprouting grass and trees bursting into life - a wonderful time for the photographer.
Added to my bucket list!
Beautiful photos. I especially love the lion and zebra. You should tag them for #WildlifeWednesday
Thanks Cathy, I will do... I have better ones though, I must just download them.
Hello I was in Botswana in April.
It was an amazing time taking so much photos and looking a the animals and the marvelous landscapes. Your photos make me want to pack again and take the first flight.
I love southern Africa !
So glad you had a great time! (",)
All this Planet... is a Celestial Garden ! Indeed...
I heard Botswana is a special one !
True - it really is stunning!
In a contest to find the most beautiful places in the Planet... probably, Botswana could go very far... !
Hei... Tara... WHY NOT... you create an Album from those landscapes ?
Two-ways benefit: advertising (for some...) and, let the others "travel" to Botswana (in your photos) !
Hi there, I will do so.. I have many more photos to post - so will put something together this weekend!
Hi there, Botswana is in Africa bordered by Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia.. have you been to africa before?
Yes, there actually are! The government are looking for science teachers
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