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I'm a writer, a gamer, a tech junky, and a bottle of sauce. Deal.
I'm a writer, a gamer, a tech junky, and a bottle of sauce. Deal.

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Alright so I need a shiny skidoo for my girlfriend for valentines day. She's already got a lot planned for me but I want to surprise her with a shiny of her favorite type.

If you have one I have a keldeo with your name on it. Or some other rare legendary. It's important I get one :).


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Got an Apple TV from someone today. It's such an awesome device. Do recommend! 

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I saw this at Hot Topic with a buddy of mine

App store continuously opening itself after jailbreak? Here's a fix.

So, after installing some tweaks to your device you may have come to realize that the App Store likes to open itself continuously every couple of seconds to a different free app for you to download. While this is slightly common for non jailbroken phones to occasionally open the AppStore from Safari as a type of advertisement from websites, you may find your web browser of choice unusable with the App Store opening up all the time after the jailbreak. This is a big problem.

This is caused by sneaky developers who put certain advertisement based apps on your phone as part of a package in cydia. One of the biggest offenders is an app called "applist." This is not something that you just download (though I'm sure you can), but rather a package that just comes with certain tweaks that the developer insists is "required" for the app to function. What it really does is scan installed apps on your phone and "recommend" you new ones as a form of advertisement, hence the AppStore always opening.

To find if you have the applist app, go to cydia/manage/packages and click "simple" in the top right corner to show you the advanced menu with all cydia apps installed. They're alphabetical so it should be easy locating applist. If it's installed, click on it and then click modify then uninstall. Be warned that it will list all of the apps that will also be uninstalled along with applist (it's built into many free cydia apps). Unfortunately you can't just remove applist and keep the apps that "rely" on it. After uninstalling applist (and automatically everything associated with it) your phone will ask to respring. Click to do so and be rid of the demon!

Now, if your phone doesn't have applist but the AppStore keeps opening every 5 seconds then you most likely have another tweak that's using malicious advertising. The easiest way to remove this is to start uninstalling cydia apps until the problem stops so that you can figure out the problematic app and avoid it next time.

It's a bit of a hassle and it's inconvenient, but since developers have more control over your device with cydia, they can hide much more shady things in the apps you download, though thankfully nothing too dangerous or privacy-invading.

I had a hard time finding information on this issue but after some testing I've figured that this information could be helpful to select few others who may be facing this problem and aren't sure what to do. I hope I helped!

Also if anyone is aware of a tweak that prevents the AppStore being opened on account of advertisement, please feel free to speak up. That would be very valuable info and I personally don't know of any tweak that does that.

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Wow. This is so spot on. We could all learn to be more tolerant for the new year.

So for whatever reason on my new nexus 5 all vibration has stopped. It won't work. Its on all things too, even while booting up it doesn't do the little vibration. I've tried to flash a different ROM which hasn't worked either.

Funny thing is it came back briefly right before I flashed this ROM (I was on stock, moved to cataclysm). I don't know what the problem is but it needs to be fixed or the phone is going back. I don't think it's a hardware problem though. 

How is CM 11 on the nexus 5? Mine gets here tomorrow and I'm partially considering just setting it up with CM right out of the box, but I was wondering what you guys thought of it first.

Recently I've been pretty satisfied with stock ROMs and xposed modules to get what I want without worry of stability or battery issues. Is CM pretty stable? I found its last iteration to be kind of shitty on my Note 2, but I have fond memories of it years ago on my Gnex.

Thoughts appreciated!

After one of the worst phone buying experiences in my life with +Motorola Mobility (which resulted in me receiving a broken device in the mail anyways) I've since returned the GSM Dev Edition for a full refund and ordered a black 32gb Nexus 5 from google play.

An email said it shipped today (plus two day shipping woo) so I figured I'd go online and see about getting a case for it. Any recommendations? I'm looking for something kind of cheap. I've found many cases for many phones that are inexpensive and are great at what they do.

I'm also curious to see if there's any decent battery cases for the Nexus 5. The quick amazon search only revealed a single one by I-Bison (or something) and I've never heard of them nor am I sure it's any good. I'm always willing to spend a little extra on a decent battery case.

Any thoughts or experiences with some decent cases?
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