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Running while wearing a mask... no, I'm not robbing a bank!
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K Gilmore

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For a limited time, you can get a free Annual Filter Kit with the purchase of an Amaircare HEPA air purifier. This means HEPA filtration of pollen and spring allergens plus not filters to buy for two years!
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Writer/Blogger on Health & Environmental issues with a slant towards allergies and asthma
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Just want to state right off the bat, this is mainly a review of the integrity and honesty of the staff, which when compared to AAMCO, saved me about $4500. After an oil change and air filter change, at a local shop in Douglasville, the car began acting up. I first had the diagnostic codes run at AutoZone then took it to AAMCO for further diagnosis. After a couple hours the verdict was, the transmission needed to be replaced, the catalytic converter and Mass Airflow sensor also needed to be replaced. Yeah, no. I called a couple places, getting prices on the worst case - the training actually needing to be replaced. I called Joe's b/c honestly, they were one of only two places I found in the areas I was looking that had decent online reviews. Over the phone, Jim (from Transmissions by Joe) told me that mechanical problems could be causing the training issues, and to really find out what's wrong, I'd have to take it in. After calling a couple other places, I took the car in to Joe. They checked several things, ran some diagnostics, then promptly reconnected the hose to the air filter box, and bam! Fixed. When changing the air filter, the oil change shop had knocked the hose off, and like a lot of mechanical issues with newer vehicles, it had a cascade effect. The catalytic converter will need to be replaced soon, but it wasn't effecting the performance. Joe's doesn't do handle catalytic converter replacements, but directed me to a good local shop who does. If these guys hadn't been as thorough and knowledgeable or had the integrity and honesty that they do, they could have easily fixed the hose AND ended up getting me to replace the training. They did not. They didn't even charge me to find and correct the hose issue. And THAT is something that I rarely find anymore when it comes to any type of service.
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Sitting on the cobblestones street, kinda neat. The table wobbling the whole time, not so much. The guacamole was great! And truthfully, I don't often guac, mainly b/c most places, it's awful, looks terrible and tastes worse. Here? Great stuff. Little pricey but given the location, understandable. Service was good, and our entrees were tasty.
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So glad that my friend picked this place to get our cheesesteaks. I loved it! The portion size is really big for the price (LOADED with steak), one of the best values I come across. I got the hot peppers and onions on mine, perfect! It's a hole in the wall, but the guys behind the counter are great.
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This was a pretty neat experience. The burgers were certainly unique! There were four of us in our group, so we all got something different then quartered the burgers and shared with everyone. My favorite was probably the Guloso. The service was great, and the server was probably the nicest person we come across in five days in NYC. Had a piece of the pave (Brazilian Tiramissu). I did pick off the fruit (don't know if it was apricot or peach, but I preferred it better without), and I have to say, really good! Overall, no problem recommending this place, esp. if you're looking for a slightly different take on the burger and friendly service.
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Great dogs, cool location! Only downside, you might occasionally get a surly staffer.
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I'll start with the downside first. This actually is very similar to a couple other reviewers experience. It's small, you will spend some time waiting for your meal, and being small with a wait, could have done with more water. BUT, with that being said, you'll be glad that you waited. The food was really good, and the portions were large for the price. Our group had a few different souvlaki platters, a gyro (meat was tender but had some great crunch to it), with falafel and seftalia for an appetizer with the profiterole for dessert. Their take on the cream puff includes chocolate pudding, and all together from apps to dessert it was great meal.
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Great experience. I don't have the same sort of apprehension about the dentist as other people, but the staff was very friendly and accommodating in getting me in to see the Dr. You gotta be careful getting there though. I drove by it b/c I was expected it to be a stand alone building (it's not, second floor of the Wellstar facility). They were able to see me very quickly, both in terms of the date of the appointment and the wait time. Dr. Patrick has a very good bedside manner, personable and friendly. Neither he nor the staff were preachy about some of my bad habits that may effect my teeth later on, and both they all were very willing to work with me in terms of what I needed done and my short time frame (trying to get all of this taken care of prior to Christmas). They were also willing to work with me in terms of payment. Plus, for me, they're very close to the house, so I was able to get in and see them before work without having to miss very much of my workday. Overall, I can't really ask for much more. Well, I guess I could ask for a lollipop or something, but I think I'm getting a little old for that sorta thing.
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