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Where will you sing?
Where will you sing?

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Join us on Google Hangouts FAILED!

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We continue to GLTI.CH KARAOKE at THE WHITE BUILDING ( with nothin' but BALLADS!

So come and unleash your inner Frankie, Ella, Billie, Julio, Whitney, Patti... onto bleeding hearts around the world at THE WHITE BUILDING and/or live online at you'll be able to link up with us via Google Hangouts!

It's our first ever GLTI.CH Karaoke THEMED session, so more than ever, we are curious: What ballad will YOU sing?

p.s. Don't forget to translate our start time of 7:30BST to your timezone!

p.p.s. This event will be preceded by The Digital Subconscious I - a forum looking at Art, Technology and Global Society:

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DJs and turntable tweakers, WE WANT YOU TO BREAK WITH US!

On May 24th GLTI.CH Karaoke returns for an event that has nothing to do with Karaoke! 

We are looking for an eclectic DJ turntabler type person to connect up with us LIVE through the Internetz. If you're interested in squeezing tunes through bandwidth streams, to mix and match breaks with a DJ based in London and another based in Los Angeles, and to have distant webcam revellers bop their heads to your tunes, let us know.

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We love Latency Canons, lovely Lustig, and we'd like to sing with you

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Our next event is on Aug 30th in Manchester, as part of +ANDFestival. We'd love to know WHAT you want to sing & WHY...

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Join GLTI.CH Karaoke, July 9th at Goldsmiths University!

Intra-Institutional critique for the Lady Gaga generation

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We (+Daniel Rourke and +Kyoung Kim) be at +transmediale in Berlin this Thursday (2nd) and Friday (3rd). No official Karaoke at the festival, but… we’re easily manipulated

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Christmas Karaoke! Watch and sing with us online at

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Be there...
Fancy singing a song with a bunch of strangers in a room in London using only your laptop and webcam? Well today's your lucky day... Log on here from about 12.30 and wait for the fun

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Gltich Karaoke hung out with 3 people.Kyoung Kim, Glitchard Nixon, and Anthony Antonellis
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