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Max W
Dreamin in a better world, with peace...
Dreamin in a better world, with peace...


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What is that?

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Team Captain Or Team Iron Man
Who will you choose?

Wallpapers are not from my own.
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Beta is simple the best thing for Cornie Icons.

I'm new at Beta, i recently became a beta tester, because i love Phonograph, and i want to make an amazing app.

Several bugs (not beta)

—Ads doesn't work properly, not all the time, but is hard to close it! Because the exit button don't respond very good.

—Sometimes when i go in of the app, the song automatically, ends and when i press the next button, some songs Can't play, also qeuque has something wrong, the next song is not What it sounds. Please fix that, and thanks for made an amazing job.

I Can't put lyrics and Can't read it! Please add again, or maybe is a bug

When will get a new update? PS. I'm not on BETA

Happy New Year!!!!

Hey guys you're doing an amazing job, i'm here just for request more widgets options, PLEASE PLEASE!!! 

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El verdadero héroe ( erbil capital del kurdistán)...
Wow... Estaba allí en el momento justo y oportuno..
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Check this, i'm playing "Me Voy" By Julieta Venegas and not "Lonely Boy",
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