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Becky F
I exist. I am me somewhere hidden inside.
I exist. I am me somewhere hidden inside.
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Work to attempt the very long list of to do starting, errands, house work....lists, paperwork, ordering, fun and to factor some sleep in there.....just keep swimming.....zzzzz

Bingo tonight will either heal or kill me off! #feelingbleh

Tired of inhaling ice....

Lost....very lost. 

Looking forward to lunch and a natter :)

If you piss in the wind don't be shocked if you end up getting wet.

You make your own choices..... sometimes the bigger picture isn't what it seems. 

Ready for a night out with sal for early birthday celebrations tomorrow. Can't believe I am going to be the big 30.... hope Clee isn't too busy!

Hiding in the studio because coping with people is something I just do not want to do right now. 

Weekend is's to wishing the next 5 days away.....#moretolife #timeforchange 

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